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Copper AND...? I need some suggestions plz

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Hi gals I need some help with brainstorming. My brain apprantly isn't working by itself.


OK so my BM dresses are a copper color (pic provided below). What color do you think would best go with copper? And I need some serious flower suggestions. I see all of yours and they are ALL GORGEOUS! I hope my flowers are just as nice. I'm torn between all white calla lillies, all red roses OR a variety of tiger lillies, astromallas(SP) and roses. I don't know what the tradition is for BM flowers? Do they get a smaller replica of mine? I'm SO CONFUSED.smile41.gif




Also I decided to go with invitations (I know I need to get my butt in gear). So I was going to go with a coffee or copper color but I need another color to add to it so it isn't so blah. Don't you agree? The pic below is the style I'm kinda going for...

Click the image to open in full size.

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With such a bold color, I would keep the complimenting colors simple, just my opinion. I like the idea of cream, but what about black? That and some splashes of red would be very dramatic...I can totally see your invites in black metallic with copper and maybe a little red somewhere- I think this would carry through to your wedding too.


I think it just depends on whether you want soft or dramatic. If you want soft, I'd go for cream & perhaps the baby blue. If you want dramatic, I'd do black with red- you could still have either red bouquets or cream bouquets.

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Thanks this helps, please keep em' comming!


I never even thought just t keep it simple and not take away from the copper as you suggested Sarah. I don't know why I was thinking I needed another color, when cream/white would work perfectly.


I also like the idea of maybe having the red and black in there as this was wha my original houghts were back in January (I've taken so long to revist and only 2 months before the BIG day).


Thanks Shelley for that link. I do like all the options you gals gave me. I could see baby blue being nice as an accent too. I am planning on red flower petals on the tables, would that be wrong if all our flowers are white?


So back to the flower issue, white Calla lillies for them and me? Or do you think the bride shoudl be different? thanks again

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