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  1. Michelle, I've been waiting for this review for a month and must have just missed it earlier. I'm SO happy for the two of you, and your review was great! You look so happy!!! HOORAY!
  2. JEN!!! I've been waiting for your review! I cannot wait to see pictures and hear more about it. So glad it went so well, you both deserved it!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan there is something about animals with bad grammar that is too funny. BTW, who was your photographer? Your siggy pic is great. I'm sure there is a review somewhere. Agreed, I thought it was completely stupid at first, but I am addicted now! Love looking at those pics, imagining those silly cats talking with some weird accent! Thanks! My photographer was Ginger Russell, from Santa Fe, NM.
  4. OMG! My husband introduced me to Lolcats and I'm addicted! There's even a WebApp for my iPhone so I can just touch it and off I go to see hilariously random pictures. There's also a Dog one, think it's ihasahotdog.com LOVE IT!
  5. Oh Corey, I cannot believe your wedding is finally here, I've been waiting for it! LOVE the shoes, they are FABULOUS. Can't wait to see pictures when you come back! Best wishes and have a BLAST!
  6. Jill, I cannot reply to your PM...your settings are set to not accept PMs. If you still want info on the band we used, PM me your email address and I'll give you what I know!
  7. Vari, that is great information for future brides, or anyone having a party! Thanks for contributing such great insight.
  8. I can't send you a PM to respond...it says you have chosen not to receive them! If you want, PM me your email address and I'll send my response there! Jill
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by addisonreed1113 Hi Jill! I love your pics! We are using the same Cabo WC and just curious...who did they use for your flowers? I really like them! Hi Addison, Tara used her flower contact for the flowers (you can see we didn't use a lot, flowers weren't terribly important to me!). So I'm not sure who she actually used, since I never met the vendor. I just let Tara make the call and they turned out wonderfully!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege I would just like to say that Jill, your wedding was BEAUTIFUL so it was TOTALLY worth the 10% set up fee! Oh stop. You're too nice! That set up fee really was high, but those poor guys did have to bring like 15 huge benches to the beach, and set up the rest of the event, so they deserved it!
  11. Edith's is our favorite place to dine, I highly recommend the Filet Res. Yum. I did experience terrible service last time we visited Edith's in November, but I'm convinced it was a fluke and would absolutely try again. I do remember contacting them about a rehearsal dinner, and they take parties up to 60 people and only at 6:30 and 8pm I believe. Yum, can't wait to go back though. They have the best flan and Tortilla Soup!
  12. UPDATE I thought it only fair for me to update my review regarding Mi Casa and the deposit we had to put down, again. As I indicated, when we were paying for the Rehearsal Dinner, Mauricio had no record of us putting down a $1,000 USD deposit (which we did, back in April, in order to hold the space). Since I didn't even think of this, I didn't have the proof paperwork with me (I had a few other things to worry about!) After 2.5 months, we finally received the $1,000USD back that Mi Casa owed us. Maurcio was difficult and useless, kept giving us the run around saying it had already been debited from their account in Mexico and that their California bank must have made a mistake...we got that for 2 months. I finally decided to get Tara Null with Fiestas Los Cabos involved. She actually knows one of the owners. After getting the same run around from Mauricio, she went to the owner, who did his research, realized the problem, and decided to make it right out of his own personal account. I just wanted to make sure to reflect the accuracy of Mi Casa's actions. I was thrilled with the owner, and yet again, it proves the point of how imperative it is to have someone in Los Cabos working locally...without Tara we would not have been paid. So I give Mi Casa an A now that this is all cleared up!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ajncooter okay thanks.. hopefully I will hear back from her soon.. When you were at the warehouse do you remember anything orange or hot pink? thanks I think I definitely remember seeing some hot pink linens...they really have a nice selection of fabric and overlays as well. I'm sure there's something that will work! Pink & orange are such fun colors together, too!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by ajncooter thanks so much.. do you remember how much your delivery and set up fee was? Yes, I remember it was really high...maybe 10%! But it was a lot of furniture, in their defense.
  15. Ok, sorry ladies it took me a few extra days to upload this stuff. I can't find the official quote I received, so I only have what I imported into Excel (and I can't confirm that's the pricing we went with, since I can't tell if it was the first round or second) but it'll give you an idea of general pricing. Obviously the pictures are more geared to what we used, but you can see the lounge furniture they have, some accessories, etc. Please keep in mind that we had 85 guests and a ballroom to fill, so we did spend more money than I would like to admit. Don't think any less of me! I am just going to post the pricing as an Excel spreadsheet, but I don't remember exactly how many couches we had, ottomans, etc. If you need that info per piece, I can look at our pictures and guess probably. I will also add that I was less than impressed with the woman who works at the warehouse. We met with her and it was like Tara had never mentioned our wedding before. Tara has told me that she has to repeatedly check in on the rentals, harass for quotes, etc and micromanage quite a bit. So it might take some patience to work with them if you don't have a local planner. But in the end the people were wonderful and the pieces were perfect! Here are some pics of the warehouse. You can see what other things they offer by looking in the background of a lot of the pictures, like glassware, linens, etc. Enjoy! Rental Breakdown BDW.xls
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyV Umm, ok the picture where you and your dad have pulled out the tissues and are wiping away the tears, right before you walk down the aisle; ya, I got a little misty-eyed! lol Those are two of my favorites!! Every time I look at them I get teary! I don't even remember Ginger being around, but my dad and I were definitely laughing and then crying all the way to the ceremony site. Love it! Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyV And did you post your OOT bag list in that one OOT bag thread?? Yours are completely stuffed full! Ok, you're just too kind. But great idea, no I haven't posted what was in our bags. Here goes: Cooler Pash Mini tequila (La Europea) Mini margarita (La Europea) Pacifico (La Europea) Water (Costco) Trail mix (Costco) Mini bag of Tostitos (Costco) Sudoku book (from OTC) Custom Cabo Map which I'm totally obsessed with (Couture Maps) Travel Pepto, Immodium, Advil, Purel J&J 1st Aid Kit Koozie Aftersun packet Chaser packet Ms. Manicure purse size Avon chapstick Crystal light On the Go tubes Herban Essentials hand wipes (lemon & peppermint) Gosh, that was a lot of stuff. I had the most fun with the OOT bags though!
  17. I recently used FLC (Tara Null) for my wedding. She was amazing. Here is a link to my review, and another post regarding FLC as well. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t12260 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t13318
  18. Welcome! You will love it here! Lots of Cabo brides!
  19. Welcome to the forum! You will love it here!
  20. My husband has been trying to get us to go to Roatan for a while since he loves to dive and apparently it's supposed to be amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Jtds2713 You and your husband had the best exit of all! Jess Thanks! We had so much fun doing the "fake departure" with sparklers that after we ran through once, we turned around and did it again...I'm sure that had nothing to do with the tequila!
  22. So I have been a very patient girl and finally my pictures are ready...all of them! I thought I would post since I already posted the teaser pics as well. There are over 1,000 pictures, so just warning you in case you are really bored at work or are really busy! The pics are broken into four categories: Welcome, Mi Casa, Big Day, and Sand/Surf. I love them all!!! Enjoy! Sorry I can't link directly, you have to log on to view them (but you don't have to sign in or anything!) Ginger Russell Client Log In Jill & Ryan Password: cabo2007 Enter the Gallery!
  23. I didn't use Mazarte but we did work initially with them to receive a quote. I don't remember if we ever received a quote, or I would post for you. But I was very impressed with Martha's communications (especially since Elena Damy wouldn't even reply to us or call us back), and I thought their portfolio was very nice. Be sure to post review and pictures if you go with Mazarte as brides are always looking for new vendors around here!
  24. We had our Rehearsal Dinner with 85 people at Mi Casa and the food and service was great. I am, however, still in a dispute with management regarding $1,000 that they owe us for our deposit and we've basically been given the run around. I would suggest Mi Casa without hesitation, but make sure and bring documentation of your contract, any deposits and prepayments made to the actual event. It will save you a headache! But love Mi Casa, their carne asada is fabulous!
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