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    Lots of Questions!

    We didn't have a wedding coordinator. It is helpful though to have someone help you out. The day can be very hectic, otherwise we did everything on our own.
  2. BayBug

    Jenna Bush wedding-updated with photos

    I love her dress. I think it is so classy and simple. Everything else was just okay.
  3. BayBug

    Hello from Paris

    Welcome to the forum!!!! I am going to Paris for the first time this year!!!
  4. Those were beautiful Heidi!
  5. Congrats!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  6. My dress was $2800 plus $60 for alterations. I bought mine at a sample sale. The dress retailed for $10k. There is no way I could have afforded that! That would almost cost as much as the wedding!!!!
  7. BayBug

    Costa Rica DW Review

    Sorry! I am so late on responding. I am not sure if you are doing your flowers through Costa Verde, but I would strongly advise on not asking for roses. I would just go with the tropical flowers, plus they are cheaper! The picture below shows the two bouquets I ordered. The one with the roses was supposed to be mine, but I thought it was just too small and it was way more expensive!!!!
  8. Very nice! She did a great job!
  9. Congrats Heidi!!!! You looked amazing. I really like the jumping photo!
  10. BayBug

    Hello everyone!

  11. We registerd for classic Spode (Blue and White). I just love it.
  12. BayBug

    Peep Show!

    I love Peeps. I am eating them right now at my desk. YUM! Those pictures are really cute.
  13. I have always wanted to do spinning classes, but never got around to looking for a gym that offers them. I am going to go that right now.......