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He proposed Twice and I said Yes again!!!

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I am getting married on March 6th. I know really soon and really just getting excited!


I know what do you mean by he proposed twice welll here it goes.


My FI and I had been dating for three years almost three and half and honestly I was about to walk. I told myself that I would not be a long term girlfriend with anyone and I told him. It was like this for me if he didn't ask by Dec 2008 then I was going to start the New Year a "Single Lady".


So oneday we weren't doing too hot and he said he already got the ring. And I said keep it. LOL. It was one of those days. I know somebody else has had one. But I was surprised. That night he propsed in his dirty house and me half mad. He kept the ring and gave it to me when we exchanged gifts for Christmas 2008. It wasn't exactly a memorable and loving story to share so I usually just tell people he had wrapped as one of my gifts and I opened it.


Fast forward to Christmas 2009.

We went out to one of my fave restaurants. McCOrmick and Schimdt (maybe misspelled). I got all dolled up because we haven't been going out much saving for the wedding. So we exchanged gifts as usual. Then he left to go to the restroom. When he came back, a lady came to our booth with a violin playing a Sade song. He began to tell me that he is still in love with me and is looking forward to day I become his wife. With some other mushy stuff :-). He got down on one knee and he proposed again. Then she began to play rudolf the rednose reindeer. My favorite Christmas song!!!! I cried and was overwhelmed.


That is how a man can propose twice and I said yes all over again!

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