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  1. Hello ladies...I am back.. My review will be up in a little bit lol couple of days.... I have been really busy... Beach Question: The beach by the gazebo is huge but private.... When I was there the only part that was semi packed was by the water and well you have a long way from there.... The beach by the gazebo seems like there is a lot more space.... I think i saw a set up for a beach party in the smaller beach. The smaller beach seems a lot more packed then the bigger one.... I hope this helps any more questions I'll be happy to answer.... Time question: I told my quests that reception was at 3:30pm but it was really 4pm.... Remeber people dont carry watches on vacation and well people always say weddign do not start in time so they dont arrive on the exact time so i gave them a 30 minute lag time.... The lobby with the bar is right near the gazebo so if people get there early they get to go get a drink and stay out of the sun until the WC tells them to to get there seats... any questions ladies im here to help?
  2. Ladies you guys have a MAC artist thats already out there?
  3. Maybe I should get to Practicing too.. LOL I have turned into a lightweight recently.. My freinds kidnapped me on Sat. It was interesting they took me to the Sex Museum in NYC and out to eat and then dancing... Fun times LOl But I do know that I can't drink like the college years LOL...
  4. I just spoke to Cecilia and they are at this moment putting up the DOME. she should be sending me pictures by Friday or So.. I will try to put these up as well as soon as I get them.
  5. My fiance and I are still debating writing our own vows...LOL its just so hard LOL... Our Dj has it all down.. We are bringing him down....
  6. Hey Ladies does anyone have the name and email of the supervisor over there at Dreams?
  7. WOW KItten heart this planning thread is amazing. your wedding will be great wow...
  8. Kitten Heart you are not heartless... I will be hyphenating so that I still have my last name and still be part of his family. I guess to me the best of both worlds..LOL...
  9. LOL... Kitten heart you are funny... I am wondering now what I'm Missing I dont think i have 5 bags lol
  10. WOW great review congrats... Eveything looked great.
  11. WOW so many luggage. I cannot wait to read your planning thread... I doubt it will be overwhelming. The best ones are the long ones that show everything... I to have to do laundry and pack to move and for the wedding... So much to do.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 YAY!! thats great news - looks like you'll be in the clear for a perfect wedding!!!! Thanks... Yeah I will see when I get there... I am still very upset about the gazebo. I perfer the old one but we will see what happens.
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