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  1. Thanks ladies for your very kind comments. CND redhead - no I purchashed the braclet from a local shop. Wemkulat - I booked the royal wedding package and had a semi private reception upstairs in Shadows and there was only us upstairs so actually very private. The menu was great and every one enjoyed their meal and the wedding cake. Happy to answer any other questions you may have.
  2. congrat's & thanks for sharig your beautiful pics.
  3. I agree with Loveisintheair, we had 24 guests and there was plenty of cake left over and everybody had some and enjoyed it.
  4. Hi, review still not complete, but had a really perfect day & would not have changed a thing. Everything fab, the hotel, beach location, flowers and reception dinner. Link to some pics Pictures by bevj58 - Photobucket
  5. Hi Ladies, Back after my perfect wedding, will post review & pics soon, so glad every one else had a perfect day too.
  6. I agree you look stunning the dress is beautiful and you are going to look beautiful on your big day, trust me.
  7. Hi, I have just returned from my wedding in Negril, also went with Thomsons, got a flight case from TJ Huges and packed my wedding dress into this with lots of tissue paper, hung it up in the bathroom and let the shower run to get the few creases out the day of the wedding. Some bridal shops will pack the wedding dress for you. Good luck
  8. Hi Ladies, well the wait is nearly over for me. leave tomorrow, everythig finally packed, checked and checked that I have not forgot anything. msmoodyr - hope everything is going well, I return 16/03/10 so think I arrive back just before you leave. kerrij - hope you were pleased with the final alterations and your garter arrived loveisintheair - hope you got your veil and found your something blue. Good luck with the rest of your planning ladies and I hope you all have a perfect wedding day. Will post pics & review when I get back.
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    congrat's & welcome to the forum
  10. congrat's & welcome to the forum
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    Newbie here!

    congrat's & welcome to the forum
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    congrat's & welcome to the forum
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    congrat's & welcome to the forum
  14. congrat's & welcome to the forum
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    congrat's & welcome to the forum
  16. congrat's & welcome to the forum
  17. Hi ladies, well only 10 more days for me and 6 until we travel, some of H2b's family travel on Thursday so will be there a few days before us. Finish work on Thursday so intend to pack Friday, nails arranged for Saturday and a relaxing day on Sunday before we leave on Monday. Dental appointment tomorrow filling came out last night, just my luck. Not long for every body now ladies
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