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I love the sombrero background! Very cute welcome letter!

I agree with Autumn, if you could make the background a little muted it'd be a bit easier to read the timeline.

And I saw 2 teeny typos - Bienvenidos doesn't have an "i" after the d (I think you have it "bienvenidios"?) And in the 3rd sentence - "we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts" not "your". Does that make sense?

Other than that I think it's great!

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Looks great Nat!!! Do you have the final copy done yet?? I like Autumn's idea of washing out the background a bit - or making the schedule text white. I don't mean to be too picky, but I think you should add a period. "....during this special occasion. It means the world...." But if you already have them printed don't worry about it - it's just my opinion!! wink.gif

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