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  1. I've found one!!! He's located in St. Catherine but he works Island wide! Ever Ready Video Production & Digital Service! er_everready@yahoo.com Cell: 389-9033 That what's written on my invoice but I've only done business with him face to face, so let me know if either of those do not work for you. He was referred to me by my cousin who keeps events a few times a year and she has been using his service for a quiet a few years now. He gave me a DVD copy of his work and I was pleased.
  2. Hello boardies! It's been ages since I've been on here and I figured we'd pay you all a visit and catch up with the board! For those who do not know -- we are of Jamaican heritage. Both of our families are originally from Jamaica and myself and our 2 children are the only ones born here. Since his family cannot travel, we decided to go "home" for our union. We are getting married at a local church in Runaway Bay and our reception will be at Coyaba Garden in Ochi. We wanted to do as much as we could on our own to minimize extra costs. I will admit, I was late with just about all my milestones for more reasons than one, but the best reason of all was the birth of our 2nd daughter this past July. Fast forward to today. We sent STD's in Sept, but everyone knows I was still on Maternity leave so people were booking and offering their assistance -- I've got the best fam and friends ever! I'm still sending out formal invitations as we speak! I say hey better late than never -- altho the RSVP date is 1 MARCH! We recently went to JA on a planning trip. WE GOT LUCKY!!...like I stated before, we were planning to try to do this on our own from the States but we were introduced to a wonderful pair of ladies who are going above AND beyond for us! The initial lady who we contacted, Norma Jarrett works at the party rental place we are renting from in St Ann's Bay. She put us in contact with her good friend, a florist/planner named Charmaine (she works at the floral shop located at half moon) ABSOLUTELY a pleasure working with these two women! They keep us on point and help us cut costs. They are great. Norma's taken our wedding on as if it were her own! I'm super excited and can't wait to marry my best friend again (we had a civil union early last year when I was preggo with our youngest ladybug). So how's it going folks?? Aren't these exciting time????? -CHAKLIT
  3. Can you send me the link as well?? I need to contact him and find out what the price for the gold package is! Â Thanks Â
  4. I can send you info on a non-profit org who specializes in immigration...PM me if you're interested. Â


    To any TA specializing in Jamaica, do you know if Air Jamaica has cut service from Baltimore? I want to book a flight out, but don't see any outbound flights from BWI. Â Thanks
  6. Was this inteded for me?? If it was, sorry I missed it! Â
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by snow88 Michele of The Wedding Planner Plus Maybe if I kept on reading I'd find my answer!! Are you pleased so far??
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by snow88 I received a quote from her as well but found a more affordable wedding planner so I went with her. The thing I really liked about TWJ is that I found her to be very prompt with her replies. My wedding planner wasn't as prompt at first but after our initial contact, she was very prompt. I haven't seen any bad reviews about TWJ. I'm at the Coyaba too...who did you use, if you don't mind me asking?? You can PM me your response, if you like! Thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tennyt1 I wish we could share but we are getting married on the same day. Wow...we sure are! Where are you getting married??
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Helen G Events Hi Everyone, Just wanted to find out what location you are going with for your wedding in Jamaica, to see what venues or locations are really popular with brides to Jamaica and it will also help other brides identify locations quickly. You can also state why you selected your location. Thanks much. Church wedding ...TBD - Runaway Bay is #1 Coyaba Garden - Ochi for our reception. We chose an off-site venue b/c we are locals and we need to be able to do our own thing and not have hotel limitations. Also, the day pass issue that's with most of the hotels..and since we're on a budget, we have to be able to do our own catering.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by blckrevpower Okay I got over the fact that amazing photography costs a lot and just researched and researched and researched! I finally found a photographer out of Virginia Beach, Keith Cephus Photography. Keith's work is breathtaking! I found someone that we were willing to pay and who we connected with over the phone. I knew Keith was our photographer when I went to his blog and saw Mesita's (a fellow BDW bride) wedding pics. My breath was literally taken away! So we hired him! Keith Cephus Photography "Your Choice for Photographic Excellence" His prices are up there, but he will negotiate. His calendar fills up quickly so if you want to book him, contact him now. Nice work!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Helen G Events Hi Everyone, I think when giving statements persons or people in general tend to leave out some factual information. I was not going to respond to this post but felt I needed to. Unlike other vendors who charge a package cost where you have no idea what their fee or mark up is or what the actual vendor cost is I state upfront what my fee is. Further what this person neglected to state was what services they requested and for how many people and also that this venue required staying on property to have your wedding there and that the requirement was waived. This quote was for 50 people for a private beach location for full sit down dinner with a bar and a cocktail menu with the following: Details Equipment and Furniture Rental- Tents, Chairs and Tables Rental of tent Rental of white plastic chairs to be covered for ceremony and reception area Linens - Tablecloth, Overlays, Skirting, Napkins and Ties Cover torch bases Chair covers and ties Catering and Bar Service Reception food Wedding Cake PA System, DJ, Entertainment, Photography and Videography Photographer (photographer would have also provided high res cd of wedding) Videographer (for entire evening) DJ for 3 hours and PA system for ceremony and reception Flowers Brides Bouquet Maid/Matron of Honor Bouquet Give Away Father, Bestman and Grooms Boutonniers Skirting with lights for cake table Decorated aisle with flower petals Pew Ends Centerpieces for guest tables (low arrangements) Arrangements for head table 2 Large Floral arrangements for ceremony and reception area Décor, Lighting and Accessories Tiki Torches (for around tent, bar area, and perimeter) Decorate ceremony signing table (decorated with flowers, foliage ) Decorate guest signing table ( floral and table cover) Draping and decorating of headtables Palm trees for ceremony and reception area Fichus trees with lights Miscellaneous (telephone, delivery of flowers, glassware etc. accomm, labour :this was US$551 and this covers delivery and set up of all rentals including the tent, delivery of flowers etc Paperwork, Invites, Programs, Tags etc. Location Cost Pastor and documents processing and marriage certificates I know the quality of my work and the service I offer speak for itself and I do offer references to all clients and I do ask that persons state the facts when giving their opinions. I say this not only for myself but also when you are reviewing any other vendors. Thanks much and have a great day. Is this particular package $9800??
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