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  1. Hi Ladies - I'm not sure how to link my review up with my profile but if you want to take a look the review can be searched by: CourtShan Secrets Maroma Beach Wedding Review Feel free to PM me if you are looking for any additional info. Good Luck!
  2. Yes very sad, everyone who attended keeps going back to the pics becuase we cannot get over how fun it was. I was really anxious towards the end to be done planning but it was well worth because it was a wedding/trip to remember
  3. We were married at Secrets Maroma and stayed there for 5 nights with our group and it was AMAZING, I cannot say enough great things about everything about the resort, staff and our wedding was fantastic. We went to the Excellence Riveria Cancun for our honeymoon and it did not compare, it was nice dont get me wrong but Secrets is by far one of the nicest resorts I have ever stayed at and would suggest it to anyone.
  4. We just used Fernando & his pros on Jan 8th 2010 and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them ... they did a fabulous job and were so much fun to have. I will put together a review under Secrets Maroma which is the resort we got married at but if you have any questions about them feel free to private message me.
  5. Hi Ladies - I just worked with Makeup Pros on Jan 8th and I have to tell you we all loved Fernando and his crew. We had a total of 7 people getting their hair done and 4 getting makeup and he came with himself and 3 others and they were great to deal with.
  6. Hi Ladies- I just got married there on Sat, Jan 8th and I have to tell you it was AMAZINGG!!!! I was very concerned esp because the communication wasnt always the best with Cecilia and I will do my best to write up a review over the weekend but honestly it was the best time of our lives. We went with a group of 45 ( friends/family) and everyone raved about the resort, food, staff and wedding. Overall, I would highly recommend this resort becuase the whole event was great! If after you read the review if you have any questions please feel free to private message me.
  7. I dont have enough pts to download the docs.. would anyone be able to message them to me? I am getting married in 3 weeks and requested one of the docs from the original contributor but she never got back to me.. any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks!
  8. Would anyone be able to message that document to me? For some reason I dont have the access to look at it ( I did before the revamped the website). I'm getting married in 8 weeks and starting to get crazy haha
  9. No worries. Good Luck with your STD's. We sent ours out a few months back, a little bit aggressive I know but I wanted to make sure everyone had enough time to plan. One thing too, we provided individual pricing for our guests, we didnt go with the group rate as we would have to put down deposits for up to 50 guests, however secrets is running a promotion if you book with a group ( book 5 rooms get the 6th free). I'm a little bit ticked about this seeing that we are essentially booking up to 25 rooms and getting nothing in return. I'm going to email my TA to see if there is anything she can do here.
  10. Melly, We just went through the same thing. My FI and I are both from Boston and we have 40-50 of our guest trying to book. I sent emails to the VP and Dir of sales for secrets because I begged for pricing which I can imagine happens all too often. We finally got pricing this week. For 5 days/4 nights out of Boston it is looking around $1430, which is what most of our friends and family were looking for. MY FI and I live in RI now so we are flying out of Providence. If I knew I was going to have so many issues with this resort I would have most likely gone somewhere else so I'm hoping the worst is now over. We are getting married Jan 8th, 2011 and we have a family friend who says this is usually one of the quietest weeks due to the holiday season coming to an end. I can certainly get you in touch with our TA, shes been very helpful and I've been all over about these issues since Jan.
  11. We are going with the gold dinner menu, but please let us know what you thought of the food. Also - did you use an outside WC or Cecilia?
  12. Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can make a recommendation for a WC for our wedding next Jan 2011. We've had a lot of trouble with our wedding coordinator and also has anyone worked with Cecilia Dumas? If so, if you can let me know your feedback that would be great. Many Thanks! CourtShan
  13. This is a review of:

    Secrets Maroma Beach Resort

    CourtShan Secrets Maroma Beach Wedding Review

    Pros: Location, Beach, Top Shelf Food/Booze, Staff
    Cons: N/A
    Overall - Highly Recommend this resort - loved everything out it.  Our guests had the time of their lives and we want nothing more then to go back ASAP :)   Arrival: We traveled with a group of 45 people from mostly the Northeast and it was great to escape the cold.  Once we arrived on site you were greeted with champagne & a nice hot towel.   Because we were getting married there we were taken to Preferred Club ( private bar/check-in/computer access) very nice!   Once w
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