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Got my e-pics!!!! :) Link to photos...

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After a few weeks of waiting, I finally got my e-pics! I was too lazy to copy, crop and save just a few so I figured I'd share the entire album with you all.


To see them, go to:

Click Photography- capturing life

click on will you & i dos

click on proofing

enter password - steveandnickie (random story behind that!! )


I am so happy with the way most of them turned out. I think our photographer is amazing!!! :)



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Oh, ANGELA!!! You look phenomenal, but I guess that's pretty easy since you're such a beautiful girl! (And your hunky FI's not too shabby either!) wink.gif


CONGRATULATIONS, and I thought maybe you had some freshly-finished pics when I saw that new amazing pic in your siggy -- I dig that it's an action shot, capturing just how absolutely adorable you two are together in a very "unstaged" way! Just fantastic...


You must be thrilled!!!

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Originally Posted by Sandra&Mario View Post
beautiful pics! her photography is amazing! will she be shooting your wedding also?
Yep! She is coming to Mexico with us! I think I am most excited about the TTD shoot!

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