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something weird happened with the resort...(long)

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Great news lisa, glad you were able to sort it out.


I emailed earlier in the year because I was not given any confirmed time just a date, although I had requested a 4.00pm slot. Anyway after a few emails and waiting 2 days for a reply, we were lucky enough that they changed my date to the day after to accommodate this. So I can really relate to how you went into panic mode and the relief you feel when you have the confimation that it is all sorted.

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Originally Posted by lisaloo79 View Post
ladies, it's confirmed. WE HAVE THE 4PM TIME SLOT! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smile29.gif bunny_4.gif smile123.gif

We are so happy right now! It means I don't have to get ready as early in the day, the sun won't be as hot and our guest's won't have to wait forever between the wedding and dinner!!

Congrats on getting the time slot you wanted!! I think the timing will work out perfect with just enough time in between the ceremony and dinner to allow time for pictures to be taken and cocktails - you should be able to get some great sunset pics too!

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