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  1. thats odd because I printed out the exact same pictures of everything I emailed to Amber and showed them to the WC at the site. If you look at my bouquette there is nothing similiar to it in the catalogue! I was in no way trying to stir up anything espically with Amber, I have been fully supportive of her and loved her. The WC at the resort called the florist while i was in her office and explained what I wanted and followed up by giving her the picture. The bouquette was very unique. The same with the bouts and the MOH bouquet and aisle flowers. Since I sent the same exact pictu
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by kun09 I have tried searching for different excursions for guests and am probably thinking of Mayfield Falls or YS Falls because it seemed the most kid friendly. Out of 33 people we have 4 kids (11,9,8,2). My FI and I would like to go snorkeling and head to Rick's Cafe. Is Rick's Cafe approriate for children or should we do the Falls? We will be staying an extra 5 nights after all guests leave so we can do that on our own but thought others would enjoy it. Also my FI wants to take his daughter snorkeling. I think I'm trying to plan too much but that's the way I
  3. so here are some more answers to questions.... keep them coming I was so happy with everything!! kg! [/color] Quote: Originally Posted by bosi Okay, now I have several questions ( can you tell I've been just dying to ask these questions?) 1. Where did you have your rehearsal dinner and what was the set up? Just tables set in a circle? What was the food you asked for? It looked scrumptious. **we had the rehersal dinner on the beach it was beautiful!! the food was in a buffet style and was awesome! everyone was super happy w the food, they had a chicken, meat, fi
  4. Hey ladies..... I had some answers to some questions that I wanted to post.... Its so hard to sit and write this review!! The arch on the beach did you have to pay for it? that was included with the palm trees too. you can buy flowers for the top of the arch and also pedestals of flowers to replace the palms but i thought that looked nice enough..... What reception did you do? Free one? or did you upgrade? I might confuse you with this so just ask if you don't understand...... Since we booked 12 rooms we were entitled to the free cocktail reception (includes cold o'rderves,
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by hockeymom97 Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for posting I can't wait to read your review! Just one question so far...what time was your ceremony? our cermony was supposed to be @ 3pm. I originally wanted the 5:30 sunset but then canceled and booked the 3pm slot. BUT..... we were there the time of year that it rains in the afternoon SO I got really lucky and was able to have my wedding @ 5:30, and didnt pay the $3800!! it was great. And if you guys have questions feel free to email me.... I have 2 kid
  6. hey everyone. I am back and have a minute to post some pictures from our wedding. I know the pictures been a huge duscussion on here! so i am going to post 2 things 1. the resort photogs site. in all fairness about them, they are decent. They knew upfront that I wasnt going to be buying any pictures from them because I told them i had a photog/friend w me. The WC just asked that our photog be respectful of the resorts photog and that we take some time to take pictures with him. The 2 actually worked well together and there were no problems what so ever. In the long run it benefited the reso
  7. Maureen, I will be getting married @ Beaches Negril on Oct 3 @ 3pm..... COme visit us if you can and want some pictures of a wedding while you are there. I am more than happy to let you take pixs etc so to help future Beaches Negril birdes, espically since there isnt a lot of info/ pixs for that resort.... hope to see you there!!! ps we are doing an after party @Ricks Cafe on Saturday night (probably 7:30- 8ish), we rented the 2 cabana's join us for that also.... the more the merrier!!!
  8. i will let you brides know how mine goes. i am leaving next wednesday and my guest/ photog who is going to be doing a lot of shots will be there thursday thru sunday. i spoke w the wc @ the resort and she pretty much said it was ok but did say that the photog @ the resort will want to take some pictures also(not obligated to buy any) but my person can do whatever.... i will be back 10/09 so i will post something as soon as i can....
  9. getting married 10.03.09 yikes next saturday, we leave next wednesday.... this time next week i will be in sunny (hopefully) jamaica!! getting stressed by thats great cause i cant eat and im losing those last couple of lbs!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 Angel - Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static mp3 download Angel Mp3 Download, Free Jack Johnson Angel Download – EZ-Tracks DOWNLOAD Sleep Through The Static - By Jack Johnson There are a few for you to start with and the last one has amazon listed. I just search download Jack Johnson Angel thats def the song, wow i love it. but I am trying to see if i can find an instrumental version only to walk to. anyone have suggestions on where to find a version like that??
  11. I really want this to be my entrance / walking down the isle aisle song but I would rather the acoustic version. I have been searching and searching for it but to no luck. Anyone have any suggestions We are getting married Oct 3 so Im in a freanzy with this.... Anyone out there that can Help
  12. i am an october bride!! 10.03!! yikes! we have made some major changes over the past couple of weeks due to a large number of people not being able to make the trip, we actually downsized everything so i am was less stressed. ps. isnt that why i wanted a DW in the first place congrats to all the upcoming weddings!!!
  13. great idea. we are also doing this but we are doubling them as the place cards also, I am adding a tag they can take off w their names and table #. Also i am just writing "Jamacia 10.3.09" not adding my name. what a great thing for your guests to take home and use on the christmas tree to remember the trip. good luck!
  14. This is a beautiful $215.00 dress from J Crew! Brand new with tags. Ava halter, 100% silk tricotine, fully lined. Size: 8, color: ivory. Measurements: Length: 49", Waist (only fitted part of dress): 30.5", All the typical details that make J Crew unique & worth the money! The tags are still attched. I was going to wear this after my wedding but we have changed some of the plans for the evening so I am going to wear something simplier.... its really pretty and very flattering on!! $100.00 or make me an offer / new from jcrew its $215 you can pm me or email me
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