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on the edge of a breakdown

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I need to unload somewhere, please forgive me for how whiney this message will probably sound. I am not really looking for sympathy or someone to say "oh you poor thing"- I need hope. I need someone to tell me this WILL all be ok, because right now I feel like I am one pulled thread away from being unraveled.


Let's start in 2004. I was engaged and living with my fiance in a house we bought together (but was in his name.) We had dated for 9 years and were highschool sweethearts. We were engaged for 2 years and I could not get him to commit to a date. Plus he treated me like crap. I left him, moved back home with my parents. I lost everything I invested in that house.


While living with them I met a guy online. After 2 weeks of dating we got engaged (which I later found out he thought was a joke) and he expressed to me he wanted nothing more in this world than to start a family with me. I knew I had problems with fertility because of PCOS, so I suggested I go off the pill so we'd have time to try before we got married. We didn't tell anyone about our engagement (I was such an idiot back then) because we hadn't been dating long. We moved in together and in 3 months I went of my Pill and got pregnant the first month. We planned to go ahead and get married, though we weren't quite ready. I ended up miscarrying in the midst of wedding planning, and I didn't want to get married anymore. I saw what type of man he really was, but I was scared and hated living at home with my parents, so I married him anyway. (again with the stupidity thing)


A year and a half later after all those months of mental abuse, neglect, and heartache I filed for divorce. (he was addicted to online gaming and was controlling and manipulative) He tried to commit suicide a few times and was fired from his job for not getting help and then commited to a mental institution. He left the state and moved 1000 miles away. Thankfully I don't have to deal with him anymore.


I moved back in with my parents in the house I grew up in. A house that has always meant a great deal to me. A few months after I moved in my mother decided she wanted to downgrade to a townhome...And while I was welcome to move with them, my childhood home was going to be sold. I was devastated. So we moved, and my father's help began to decline. He had COPD and congestive heart failure. I nursed him every day before and after work until he died in January of 2008. I was a daddy's girl, I miss him very much.


Mama and I moved back to the old house because it hadn't sold yet, and she was homesick. We sold the townhouse immediately and had the other house paid off immediately as well. All we had to worry about were utilities and food. I paid some bills in return for her letting me stay there.


Mom and I were getting along seemingly well, though she was trying to control who I dated to the point that (even though I was 27) I had to sneak around to see anyone. I became close to a guy I met during that time and we saw each other as friends for 9 months. Then I met FI online. We were both making videos for a weight loss community on youtube. I saw him and immediately knew he was meant to be a big part of my life. I actively pursued him and finally, after 3 months of courting blush2.gif I got him to agree to meet me. We met halfway (from KY to SC) and really hit it off. We continued our relationship online and also with monthly trips to see each other (an 8 hour drive.) In February, after about 9 months of dating, he proposed. I couldn't have been happier!


But my happiness was clouded with sorrow for my mother who found out a few months before that she had late-stage lung cancer. As her health declined and she became bedridden, I, along with my 2 sisters and aunt and cousin, started sharing daily care for her. She was bedridden, very sick and weak, and in hospice care. I was her evening and weekend caregiver, and the other shared the daytime duty til I got home. It was a very stressful time for me. I was a prisoner in my own home, and felt helpless wishing my other didn't have to suffer. She died 3 weeks ago.


Now that my mom is gone, she was going to leave the house I adored so much to me- but instead decided to leave it to my sister so she can make sure i don't lose the house due to financial reasons, but I am still welcome to live here as long as I want. FI was going to move here to be with me, but now he wants me to move there. And I am scared and sad I will have to leave my childhood home. It feels like the only thing I have left in my life that is stable.


So-In the last 5 years I have had a failed engagement, failed marriage, moved 5 times, watched my father deteriorate and die, watched my mother deteriorate and die, and now I have to choose my future, save for a wedding, plan a wedding, and likely move 500 miles away, find a new job, and start a new life within the next year. Oh, and lose 90 lbs.


I don't know how much more stress I can take. I've gained 20 lbs since may because all I want to do is stress eat. All of this eating out has cause a strain in my finances...and even more strain is coming as I take on the other household expenses I once shared with mom.


I don't know what to do. I am the type that bottles everything up until I explode, and I have done a lot of bottling over the last 5 years. I don't want to have a meltdown. I can't afford to end up in the looney bin or lose my job because of it.


thanks for letting me vent. Even just a smile03.gif would make me feel better. I need some renewed faith, bad!

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Okay, it's good that you've realized that having a melt down would be bad. And I think it's important that you realize that it's ok to grieve. You've lost some people who are very important to you, and no one in their right mind would expect you to bounce back immediately from that.


In addition to allowing yourself time to grieve, I think you should form a game plan. Do you have a good job currently that you want to stay for or is it just a way to pay the bills? Do you have family and friends in your area that you rely on heavily for emotional support or have many of them moved elsewhere? Can you afford the taxes/bills for the house you're in? Do you want to move to where FI is?


I would recommend that you take some time to formulate your future before you marry again and/or move. It seems as though you've got a lot going on that you should sort through before you remarry, because you can't be the best wife you can be until you're the best YOU that you can be. I also think it would be beneficial for you to live on your own for a bit, because I think you need to know that with or without a man or your parents you can be self-sufficient and happy.


Overall, you should keep in touch with someone to sort this out on a regular basis. If not friends or a professional, then you can always lean on us.

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Thank you both!


LeAnne- that was some really good advice and just what I plan to do. While I can afford the taxes and all on the house, I don't know if being here is worth it. Luckily since the wedding is a year away I'll have all this time to live alone before I remarry. i am not terribly close to my family, and my job is, essentially, just a way to pay the bills. Moving on won't be hard for me, but I do need to be the best ME I can be before I try to be a wife again. I hope the next several month will serve as a way to do that.


thanks again, y'all are great!

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Mandy, my FH has always said to me that everything will work out in the end. It's the simplest thing to believe in, and it always happens to be true. Don't be afraid of what's ahead of you. It's definitely tough to give up your childhood home, especially after losing your parents, but it's good that you've got some time to say goodbye.

I'm wishing you the best!


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The only part I can re-late to is having an ex husband who mentally abused me and cheated on me. It still carries with me and tends to get in the way of my realationship with my FI. When I feel I am going to have a break down I step back and breath. I know things will get better but time will tell. You have had a great deal of things go on in your life and just bouncing back like nothing happened is impossiable. Just stay strong find yourself and try to enjoy life. Remember the memories in the home you dont need to be their to experiance them just dream of them :) Big *HUGS*

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    • The two people who matters the most in this situation? You and your partner. It is nice to get an outside opinion but if you have too much of it? It will get messy! I am replying you my response after that has happened to me with my wedding. Although it is quite hard, do not think of the negative opinions. The people who will turn up to your wedding? You will always cherish them even more! That is what has happened with me because my friendship with the people who attended my wedding has improved so much more that I know I can rely on them and they can rely on me. It is disappointing that people will not attend your wedding but it is their loss, not yours. At the end of the day, when they see pictures and videos of your big day they will definitely regret missing out on such event. I am waiting to deal with the aftermath of my wedding from my so called friends, if they say anything they will get an earful! Happy planning, your big day will be worth it! Keep us up to date!
    • Wow, I cannot believe it's been over a year since I last posted! Better keep everyone up to date as everything ended up positive in the end! So, let's start with the situation with W. From my previous post, I have serious consideration removing him from the groomsmen because of the hurtful things he has said to me. Not too after my second post, I asked him once again whether he wants to be part of the groomsmen. The response was around the lines of "I need more solid information". This was before the restriction were lifted. Then he said it was down to finances yet again, even though he said he could have made it but because of what A said, W didn't commit no more. As W was being difficult, I decided to drop him as a groomsmen altogether and replaced him with someone else. Plan B was already in motion and tbh, I wish I did this first to avoid any hassle. Everyone who got invited in plan B all committed themselves to the wedding!  The situation with A is this. I was feeling sad that I was losing this friendship and that spark with him was gone. By the time it was gone, A was "ready" to meet up with me to discuss life and the wedding. When I said I lost spark with him, I really did. I knew that he was ready to meet up with me because it was convenient for him. For example, he wanted to meet up with me because he was driving past my house or was in the area visiting his relative. If he was not doing those things he would not want to meet up with me. Needless to say, every time he kept asking, I just said I was busy. I think deep down something was not right between me and A but he does not want to acknowledge it. I know that W had FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) because that's what he is like. Around the end of last year, rather than messaging me about the DW he went behind my back and asked my SO. He was scared of asking me because he knows if he asked me, I would literally get angry at him. He's nosey and was happy enough to be part of the groomsmen but he listened to A. W didn't asked once but twice to mg SO. My SO just said that she was busy and should ask me about the wedding, not her. W did messagee but not about the wedding plans. I felt this was a sly move by his part. If anything not having A and W there was a blessing in disguise. I met up with the other 4 groomsmen over one weekend and it turns out it was the most fun we all have had for a while. It was as if we continued from the previous conversations in the past as if nothing has changed. I am so glad and proud of this group of groomsmen and glad the other 2 dropped out. The suit fitting went really well and we hung out again to see whether the suits altered fitted or not.  Unfortunately my SO UK group, 5 out of 6 declined the invite. Only 1 accepted it. The other 5 had reasons ranging from good ones to poorer ones 😅 As long one of them turned up then it was good enough for us. My SO's bridesmaids also were amazing. No problems caused whatsoever and they were really excited that our wedding was abroad too! To make things work out before our DW, myself and SO planned out 2 weekends for both groomsmen and bridesmaids to hang out before the DW. We did this so we would not encounter any awkwardness for the first time in DW. Lo and behold, everyone got to know each other and we really are happy that the wedding party weekend went smoothly. I will keep this ambiguous because I do not want A and his group finding out. I got married to my SO this year. What time and month? I will leave this intentionally blank. The wedding itself was everything we have expected. The wedding planner was amazing. The photographer was also amazing too, so glad we went for him. The sneak peak photos are absolutely great, couldn't imagine that the photos turned out like that. The good itself was okay could be better but could be worse. The first dance went relatively well although my SO managed to cock up s move which only I know hahahaha. The wedding ceremony itself went really quickly. I was a bag of nerves to which one of the groomsmen bought the groomsmen a shot each to calm everyone down. It did calm me down for a little bit but the nerves started again with the speeches. I got emotional throughout the speeches. I was not expecting the tear up with the best man speech at all. My speech was meant for my SO but for some reason everyone in the room also cried as well 😂 The all night dancing and fun was the best bit. When every serious part was done, I was able to stop being nervous! The fun went through the whole night and I can see everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was as if myself and SO correctly guess that lockdown restrictions would end. Everyone was thankful that they managed to take part in the DW because they all have been stranded in the country for 3 years! Do I regret having a DW? Hell no! Although it was a smaller party everything was all under control. Everyone had a great time!  More information about my UK group. Some of them congratulated us which was nice to hear. Those congratulated us, I can keep contact. They knew it was difficult coming to DW. At least they are mature enough to say something about it and they did not get the invite. On the other hand, A and W kept constantly monitoring my account for updates along with my SO. It got to the point that W really FOMO that he I followed our stories/posts. A on the other hand is completely out of order. He was invited to DW but made it really uncomfortable to me that he was not happy with DW. During that week, he went on holiday to Spain. I get that Spain is much more cheaper than my DW but it still is annoying. A also said before that he has a few weddings to attend during our DW month. He has not attended any weddings which makes me think that he has lied to me. A and W has lied to me saying it was costly for them to come to my DW. They have both bought PlayStation 5 and went to many designer outlets. If they are so stumped on money why go and buy things? It just shows that they are not good friends at all. Overall good DW. I do not regret it one bit because I know if I did it in the UK, the experience will be a lot different. The UK definitely not as scenic as my DW! 🤣    
    • Hi ! Myself and partner got engaged 7 months ago and we quite quickly asked our friends who we wanted in our wedding party (e.g bridesmaids, MOH and best men etc) who all agreed. After searching many English venues we have decided that we want to marry abroad, our dream is Mexico. We have been and priced this up today and we are incredibly happy. So we have put this forward to our friends and family who we really want there and now we are facing issues. My MOH and my partners Best man are together with a child, they now will not come unless we change to Spain or Greece. My brother, his wife and nephew can only come in one set week which isn't the time we want to marry and also will not come to Mexico. And both our Grandmother's won't come to Mexico.   What do we do? Do we carry on and go to Mexico with the people who will come or do we change our dreams and go to Spain or Greece?  Thoughts please, I'm getting to the point where I don't even want to marry as I'm fed up of friends and family ruining our ideas and dreams with their opinions. 
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