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  1. I agree with the last few posts - standing up does not sound very fun, especially in the sand if its really hot. Also Im sure a lot of the ladies will be wearing heals which will sink in the sand and be very uncomfortable   Â
  2. FX for you Ayita!!! Keep us posted
  3. YAY so happy you had such a great experience with Nathaniel. He did our wedding and TTD as well and I agree with you that he is AMAZING and so incredibly nice!!! Please post pics ASAP!!!!!
  4. Ok i wasnt going to comment but I think i need to. To be honest I think you are taking this way out of proportion and I have to agree with the other married ladies here, like Andi, Rachel, Niki, Ann and Carly. I really doubt it will take away ANYTHING from your wedding. Especially b/c you mentioned that barely any of your guests really know them. So for one minute on the day before your wedding some ppl will congratulate them but this will hardly steal your thunder. I dont mean for this to sound so harsh but in the end - on your wedding day i guarantee it will be all about you and their engagement will have ZERO impact.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd Thanks Lindz! It's almost your turn!!!! Yaaaaaaaaael!! Hey stranger! Thanks for popping in and saying hello. And a great big THANK YOU for all your pre-wedding help. You were absolutely right, AB was fantastic! haha that was like my first post in a few months but I had to check out how your wedding went!! Im glad I was able to help. Just checked out your pics - amazing!! Looked like you had such a great time.
  6. SOOOO happy you had such a great experience at Azul Beach!!!! Im gonna go stalk ur pics now Great review!!
  7. Hi guys - i just started this a few weeks ago. Yesterday was my first day at week 4 - so far so good How is everyone else?? Jill - YAY for week 9 thats great!!!
  8. Yay for twin boys! SOOO exciting!!
  9. Nathaniel - as always those pics are AMAZING!! I still stalk your blog so I saw them last week
  10. Wow!!! You did so much and it all looks so great! Your guests will definitely appreciate all the personal touches. Cant wait to see your pics!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hmmm Erika - that is good to know! Thanks for the links
  12. Ive heard great things about secrets maroma and the beach is suppose to be amazing (actually before swine flu ruined our mex wedding plans last year thats where my husband and I were going to HM) Azul beach is great but they allow kids so it may not be the best place for your HM, but it is a really nice hotel - ive stayed there 2x
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by stacey Mrs Martin, there is a tea called Get Rugular. Its made by Yogi teas, you can find it at Whole Foods. I bet that would help you. I would think that you could drink it since it is a natural tea. there is also another tea called Smooth Move that you might be able to find at the grocery store. I hope that helps! I was going to suggest the same thing! Mrs. Martin - hope you start too feel better soon Andrea - ur new siggy is adorable!!
  14. YaelM

    Rescue Me

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I just finished watching the last season on DVD and cant wait to see what happens....
  15. Im looking forward to the big boobs But wow Kayte!! Oh and i hear Lulu pants - seriously best invention ever!
  16. Have a great time in italy!! Yay u have an excuse to eat all the pizza and gelato u want without feeling guilty
  17. Margie congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is adorable!
  18. Wow this is 100% true (except for maybe missing the planning LOL) but this is great! and very accurate
  19. Congtrats Mrs. Martin!!! Um Kat - that pic of Ashyln is so freakn cute!!!! Andrea - how is Penelope? Do u guys call her penny Stacey - im right there with ya
  20. ooo fun new siggy challenge! So mine isnt st. patty's themed but it does involve drinking...this is from our recent trip to Napa with 3 other lovely BDWers
  21. Wow Twins!! SOOOOO exciting!! I agree with Stacey - try and get all your sleep in now in the next 9 months! Congrats!!!
  22. Im so sorry - i honestly have no words. You and your family are in my thoughts
  23. Congrats Kayte!!!! I take centrum but i need to take it on a full stomach otherwise i do feel nauseas
  24. ive posted some on this thread but here are a few more Chesdin Denali
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