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  1. Nathaniel sent out preview slideshows. I started tearing up again looking at the wedding photos. We LOVE them! Hope you guys like them: Wedding Slideshow by Nathaniel Thompson Photography Trash the Dress Slideshow by Nathaniel Thompson Photography
  2. Nathaniel is a photographer from Santa Barbara, CA that we flew into Grand Cayman for our wedding. Nathaniel was great! From the beginning, I knew that the photography would be the area I was very picky about. From the moment I saw his pictures, I knew that I’d have to have him! We didn’t give him much guidance, but because of the beautiful work he does, we knew that we would be fine. Nathaniel and his wife/second shooter, Jenny, met us a few days before the wedding. From that instant, you could tell they were great people…and I would have to say that Jenny is about the nicest person you could ever meet! They talked to us about their plan and told us that the next day they were going to drive around the island looking for spots to take pictures for the trash the dress session. The day of our wedding, they came to where we were getting ready and were very professional and friendly the whole time. They were very good at getting all the shots we wanted –we didn’t have to worry about a thing! At the reception, we had them sit with our guests to eat and everyone loved them! They were always there to take all the pictures, even when the boys jumped in the pool at the end of the reception. We really got to know them the next day with the trash the dress session. They drove us around and we took pictures all day! They are really sweet and accommodating people. We thought they worked really well together, bouncing ideas off of each other of what would look nice. The session ended up going for 6 hours, but the pictures we’ll get from that session is going to be well worth it. We haven’t seen any pictures yet, but we know they’ll be beautiful. I’ve seen many beautiful brides on Nathaniel’s site, but they made me feel like the most beautiful bride on my wedding day –and you can tell that they make every single bride feel that way on their special day.
  3. Hi Kates2425 -Congrats! I'm excited to see another bride getting married in the Caymans! Let us know how planning goes!
  4. I did a search for 'Demetrios' & your thread came up. I got that same style (in ivory with nude underneath). It looks beautiful on you! Are you going to do a TTD in it? Anyway, all the details you have are great! -Natasha
  5. Lisa, Thanks for the tip about the rum cakes! That was something I was thinking about giving as a favor. I also looked on Amazon & they have the Tortuga Rum Cakes on there. I'm so excited to see more people going to the Caymans to get married! -Natasha
  6. Kelly, I'm getting married in Grand Cayman on May 8, 2010. There isn't much info here (and I haven't been there), so I was just picking a place at random. I have seen & heard about weddings at the Grand Old House (GOH). It looks beautiful on the deck overlooking the ocean. If you google "Wedding Grand Cayman Nichols", it's a photographer that shot a wedding in Grand Cayman at the GOH. That was my first choice until we decided that we'd like a place that's at a hotel. That said, we decided on The Reef Resort. It's on the East End, away from Seven Mile Beach (we wanted not to have to worry about too much people). And they have an All-inclusive option. So far, working with Linda (our wedding coordinator from The Reef) has been great. She's very responsive & informative. Vendors fill up fast, since it's a small island. I know that photographers filled up fast, so if you want to use someone on Grand Cayman, book soon. I contacted Rebecca Davidson -I didn't get a response via email, but once I called I got a quick response. That being said, I love my photographer, Nathaniel Thompson -we're flying him in...I know it's going to be worth it, his pics are amazing! Whew, that was long. Let me know if you need any other info (I can try to help with what I know). Congratulations!!! Natasha
  7. Nathaniel, I love your pictures, I love your photographic style & you were so great in working with us when we were looking for a photographer. I'm so excited for you to shoot our wedding in the Cayman Islands in May! -Natasha
  8. Natasha & Vinny (capeach31) - May 8, 2010 - The Reef Resort, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  9. I would probably do the cruise because I'd be worried that I would plan everything around it & the cruise would be booked at that point. But, I've never looked at cruises, so I'm not sure how many are available to Grand Cayman. I'm getting married in Grand Cayman and the one thing that my WC always mentions is how small they are and there aren't as many vendors, so to try to book things early. I nailed down the date about 1 month ago and things were booking up (hotels, photographers, etc.). So if you use vendors on the island, your first or second choice may be booked. So I would probably contact the WC and make sure they're free. But I'm not sure which one to actually book first... I think it can also depend on guests. If you have a good amount, you may want to start to look into tickets because I believe people plan out vacations a while in advance. Good luck and let me know if you need any info on Grand Cayman vendors!
  10. We just received our large magnets yesterday and the A2 envelopes fit perfectly. We ordered ours from Action Envelope. They were fast and responded quickly to emails. And you can't see through the envelopes, which I was worried about. A2 Envelopes (4 3/8 x 5 3/4) - Natural - 100% Recycled Envelopes - ActionEnvelope.com
  11. I'm getting married at the Reef Resort, but it was between the Reef and the Grand Old House. I have seen some beautiful pictures of weddings at the GOH! I think that your wedding will be beautiful!
  12. Oh the Grand Old House is beautiful! I was debating between that & the Reef, but FI made sense in saying that we should have it where we were staying. Congrats to you too! Yes, let's stick together! I found 1 other Cayman bride on another site -I'm glad to find another! I'm really excited to go! Have you ever been before? How long are you guys staying in port?
  13. I haven't found a lot of Cayman Island brides on this forum (I know there are some). I'm getting married at the Reef Resort on May 8, 2010. Any other Cayman Island brides around?
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. My college best friend (and roommate) and FI were like that. I was in the middle and it stressed me out and made me SO miserable -I cried a lot too. Things are fine now, but it took us graduating, living in different places, and a LONG letter venting my feelings to her. I can understand not wanting to make the situation worse. And I can understand what people say about not having your best friend there. The truth of it is that they both should be trying to make an effort. In my situation, my best friend started saying bad things about him. I think that she started acting up when I got close to someone -maybe she felt she would lose me/our friendship? Is there a reason why they don't get along? I don't know if either of them would admit it, but maybe it's something deeper. Good luck & keep us updated!
  15. I can't believe I just found this thread! I'm in Fairfax. I'm behind on everything -still haven't sent out the STDs and still trying to book vendors. Only thing settled is location & date! I haven't started dress shopping yet! I was thinking around early Dec (have to fly mom in from Cali). Does that seem too late for a May wedding?
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