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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Maura i ate a hostess cupcake for breakfast with my coffee today. it made me feel a little happier! Cupcake Breakfast is AWESOME!!!!!! My friends call me Cupcake, so I appreciate your bit 'o joy Today I am stoked because tomorrow we're getting a washer/dryer delivered and hooked up, a. I haven't had my own washer and dryer since I was 13. I think I'm gonna cry when the first load comes out!! Also I'm happy because DH has the weekend off, and it's been about 2 months since that happened! Plus, he's getting a shave and a haircut later today, and hopeful
  2. Congrats! The last 3 months really do fly by. Also I remember feeling like there was still so much to do, and it would never get done... then at the end I felt like I was forgetting something, lol! Hope it's not too intense so you can enjoy every minute of it!!
  3. There used to be such great places in Kapa'a... on my last visit, I noticed a few places that had gone out of business that I had been to in the past. I wish I had more info for you, Hads. I'll ask my cousin and see if they found any nice places on their last visit. They were out more than we were! Good luck
  4. Thanks for all the comments! Like I said before, I really can't take credit for that much of it, our wc Diana Gardner did an amazing freaking job! That woman knows her flowers, and she did the tent poles, the altar, and the centerpieces w/ just herself and a couple helpers. I really wish she could've done our bouquets, too, because her taste and style are phenomenal! I can't wait to see the future Hawaii weddings!!
  5. That sounds awesome! Are you staying at Shangri-la too? We love-love-loved it there. If you see a little scrawny black cat there, we named it Pickles, and it's always hungry. Tell him we said hi =D If you have any other ?s about the place, just pm me!
  6. that's awesome hads. It's so funny that 3 get to visit the island beforehand, because my wc was saying it's rare... I can't wait to go back. Was thinking about a trip this summer, but then again there's a big world out there and tons of other places to visit... but then again, there's Kauai...
  7. What a D-bag!! You are darn right though, some people don't understand DW's and beach ceremonies. It's not just about the sky, or the waves, or the sand. It's about the two people in the picture, and the happiness they're sharing. You could have been married in a parking lot and you're pics still would be beautiful
  8. Good luck and be strong on this long and sometimes difficult path. You've got a big bunch of people who support you here!
  9. Yeah, DVM, I would ask Ryan Fox about how much it'd cost to supply the booze. They should only charge you based on what you use, so you know you won't have too much. Also you'll be surprised how fast the week before your wedding goes by, with friends and family all coming together, and taking time to do some things before the wedding, then all the necessary things that you have to do before the wedding, like getting your license... you'll want as much free time as possible. Honestly, I thought if I had one more thing on my "must do" list for before the wedding, I would've totally cracked. lol!
  10. LMAO @ put down the Cookies!!! It's so hard, especially in the cold northeastern winter months. I've gained 20# in the last year, mostly since the wedding, so I am looking to get that weight off, too. I was thinking about getting a Wii and Wii-Fit... A membership at the Y is around $80/month, and I'd have to take the subway to get there (riding the train in sweats is NOT appealing, LOL!) Now that the weather is better, I've started taking longer walks... although they seem to end at a restaurant... I really need to get my butt in the right gear, too!!!!!!
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