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Unique way to incorporate my 2 year old into ceremony

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#1 ~St.T Bride~

~St.T Bride~
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    Posted 30 January 2009 - 10:18 AM

    I have a feeling that my 23 month old may not be old enough for the true flowergirl responsibilities. I'd love to hear some ideas from those of you who have incorporated children of a similar age into your wedding ceremony.

    I've thought of the MOH walking down with her but that's all I can really think of.

    Also any ideas for a way to maybe incorporate a little bit of a vow to her into the traditional vows?


    #2 FutureMrsBane

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      Posted 19 March 2009 - 04:21 PM

      My FH has a daughter that will be 3 at the wedding and we are having her be the flower girl. I'm really not worried about it though!
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      #3 YoursTruly

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        Posted 19 March 2009 - 04:24 PM

        there are tons of links on te net and planning boards for incorporating your child into a ceremony including the vows. That will be special....

        #4 missdanelle

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          Posted 19 March 2009 - 04:46 PM

          my son is going to be 3 at the time of our wedding & he will definately be the ring bearer! I have also seen the little one walking you down the isle alongside your father or whomever that may be & its super cute as well!

          #5 Ayita

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            Posted 19 March 2009 - 06:23 PM

            23 is a bit young but there has been younger flower girls in history Instead of a basket with petals give her a kissing ball ; she will walk just before you so you can encourage her with your voice if she hesitates. Otherwise, you can walk down the aisle without your bouquet and have her come to you and give you your bouquet...

            #6 ~St.T Bride~

            ~St.T Bride~
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              Posted 16 July 2009 - 12:32 AM

              Thanks Ayita, great idea. I think that I'll have to do more searching about incorporating her into the vows...

              #7 DGG

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                Posted 16 July 2009 - 12:38 AM

                We had a 21 month old as our ring bearer - He did carry the pillow but he wouldn't walk down the aisle by himself so we had his dad (who was one of our ushers) walk him down the aisle.. If you have someone that could walk with her that might work well. If she will carry a basket I'm sure that would be adorable :)..

                #8 Jacilynda

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                  Posted 16 July 2009 - 10:53 AM

                  My daughter is our flower girl. She will be 15 months old. I don't know about saying too young, it depends on your child and their maturity level. Cattie definitely wouldn't understand throwing petals so we are just having petals cover the aisle and Cattie will have a pomander and her cousin & my FSIL will walk her down. She will walk in between them.

                  She has seen the pomander and ran off w/ it once, and she LOVES it!!! She had a temper tantrum when we took it away!

                  I don't know about vows, great idea though! Good luck!

                  #9 Stina4242

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                    Posted 03 November 2009 - 11:06 AM

                    Little kids "messing up" make a wedding!
                    Someone else on the forum was going to have her son give her away. Even if you have her walk down with you and your dad (if he is giving you away) and then have her go off with him....

                    #10 bearbunny

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                      Posted 07 November 2009 - 11:32 PM

                      I am having a 19 month old as the ring bearer..he will be too darn cute..i think the best part ..besides the bride of course :)

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