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  1. check out dapperlads.com - they have some cute outfits for ringbearers
  2. this is a great list...I need to find reasonable price travel candles..$4 or $5 seems awfully high..I have already spent so much on the bags if anyone has any recommendations where to buy let me know!
  3. we are having about 20+ people and doing place cards - mainly because we are going to have one long table rather then a few tables and our families do not know each other ..by Saturday i am sure they will but just in case I will put them at each place setting so I don't have to think about it. Either way is fine ...people will figure it out
  4. I was in the boat. I bought a dress I loved and sold the one I wasn't crazy about - it only took about 3 weeks to seel the dress ...good luck!
  5. love all these photo's ...I have less than 3 months and no do yet! I love the curly updo's a little messy so pretty and natural looking. if I find something other than what's posted I will be back to post
  6. I also got my invitiations from Stephita and they came out beautiful!
  7. I have been putting mine first but only because most that I have seen are in that format..anything goes if you ask me!
  8. great thread..I have no idea what I am going to dance with my father to yet.
  9. we are not having an ahr but def not bringing a card box with us to the wedding ...i don't expect to many cards with all the cost involved in traveling ...although i would probably give a card if I was attending one
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