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  1. Ladies we leave in 5 days and this is my last diy project but we need help[!!! Does anyone have a welcome booklet templete they would be willing to share? Thanks so much!!!
  2. You girls really have GREAT IDEAS!!! Thanks so much for the input!!
  3. Oh no!!!! I can't open the file, is it because its a zip?
  4. Does anyone have anyother templates to post? I'm really needing one!!!
  5. Hi everyone!!! We are leaving in exactly 2 weeks and I still have SO MUCH TO DO I am trying to create a template ( I think) for my pashmina tags and also to esign our monogram and print it on stickers!!! I am not computer smart and have been trying to figure out Power Point and something elde (?) for literally 4 hours!!! If anyone could PLEASE help with any suggestions I woul be so greatful!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  6. JenB

    Great Monograms & Great Person!

    I contacted rebecca last week and still have heard nothing in return...........
  7. I will take the 2 bridesmaid bags!! I will PM you now!!
  8. LAdies... after making the tags, do you just buy tags from office max or something and print them? I'm confused!!!
  9. We are using Photsouvenir, but heard great things about the one you selected!! good luck!!