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  1. hmmm ... that is strange ... they let us pick 2. I think it hard to pick just 1 entree for a group of people. We picked the fish and the beef. All they required is that we have visible markers for the wait staff to know who gets which entree. We did pay extra to have another side dish with our dinner. The cake was a waste because everyone was full after dinner and nobody ate any cake. My parents took the cake back to their room. BIG MISTAKE. Ants everywhere!! Just want to give everyone a heads up
  2. The standard centerpeices are included free of charge but there is not a table number included. You would need to bring that. And yes, they will set up the tables for your. Also, if you are having multiple entrees, the waitstaff will want you to have something indicated who gets which entree. We had beef and fish. For those who ordered fish, we gave a strip of ribbon for them to tie to their water glass. This worked out great. We brought our own flowers. It was a pain but worth it because the hotel is so expensive. Also, fresh products, including flowers, can't be transported back to the States. Our package came with a bridal bouquet so we used it as extra decoration.
  3. Just returned from a week in Cancun. We felt very safe. The hotel areas have lots of security. We walked to shopping malls, bars, etc & took the public buses without hesitation. I wouldn't hesitate to return. I am not aware of much (if any) random tourist attacks. Most of the violence is in border towns and has to do with those involved in drug dealings. It is a shame that people are freaking out over visiting Mexico
  4. We were impressed with the sound system. It is a Bose system and has great sound quality. We used it during the ceremony, which was on the beach and also in the banquet room for the reception. I have an MP3 player (not Ipod) & was concerned about some of my songs that had poorer sound quality. However, all of the songs played perfectly through the system. Using the MP3 player versus hiring a DJ worked perfect for us. We did get the microphone for the extra $80. We used it for announcements, toasts, etc. Some of the guests even used it for karaoke (while the songs were playing in the background), which added to the fun. Definitely worth it in my opinion. This is our new favorite resort. It is beautiful. I will post the pics as soon as we get them!
  5. We had our wedding on 11/22. Check out our review under the review section and let me know if questions! We loved the Grand Caribe Real and were not disappointed. Happy planning to all!
  6. We had our wedding there on 11/22. LOVED the resort and wedding package. See my review and let me know if questions!
  7. I did a search and didn't come up with anything so I apologize if there is already a thread on this. What is the etiquette for tipping or giving a gift to the wedding coordinator at a destination wedding? If indicated, when should it be given? Our wedding will be at the Gran Caribe Real Cancun. Thanks for your help!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by 2mckee Is anyone having trouble with this situation??: I used to have Kimberly (before she quit) and she and I agreed on several things IN WRITING over email. Now, even with the proof of the email convo, I am being told she was wrong and they cant do anything. How is that a way to do business? Soooooooo frustrating. I know they may be overloaded with all of us, etc, but that, to be frank, isn't our issue. We have a contract that they accepted and expect certain things and as a business, they shouldn't be able to renege on already decided options. Grrrrrr. Sorry to vent. I am just so irritated. Haven't had that problem yet. In fact, our group coordinator (Denisse C) quoted us the wrong rate for teens/children - she got the columns mixed up. She tried to tell us that we would have to pay the revised rate (people had already made their downpayment). We compromised that they would honor their original contract for the guests who had already put money down & that any guests who are added from now on will pay the revised rates. I felt this was very fair. I am keeping copies of our correspondences. Pretty much, everything has been self explanatory so I don't see how we can go too wrong. Could you give some examples of the problems you have experienced - promises made but now broken? It would be a learning experience for us all!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by bridetobe1515 What if we already paid in full? Can we change the package then? It will probably benefit me financially more than them. Since you are so close to your wedding date, not sure what they will do. If it will not impact them financially, I don't see why they wouldn't work with you or maybe charge a reasonable change fee (ie if you reserved the terrace and they had to turn down lots of other guests for this location, I can see there being some sort of penalty). Please let us know how it goes so we know what to expect!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Daily2011 You all rock! Thank you so much for the information. It is all becoming clearer now. When do you have to select the package? I mean I won't know if I have the free + a la carte option until much later. And once you select the package can you change your choice? Also, several of you have said you are very frustrated with the pre-planning service. As I am just beginning to make this choice, would you change if you could? Is it that bad? Everyone has loved their wedding, but I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous entering into it with those complaints out there. I do have to say that we are not looking for micro control over things. As a matter of fact I am planning a DW because I don't want to plan it all. You can change/upgrade your package at anytime (within reason). At first I thought we were "locked in" to our package when we made our deposit, but were reassured we can change packages later. Heck, it usually is just more money for them!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by taapple I am trying to do something similar but I am wondering how you figure the upgrade to the 15 guests already incl. in the package for a semi-private to a private is $15 and not the full $25?? Ugg, so confusing.Also, can I ask who you are using for a photog or can u PM me? I have yet to come across one yet that has offered to split the vendor fee which would be really nice. Thanks!! Yes, to upgrade from the semi-private to private reception, there is an "upgrade" rate of $15pp for the 15 guests already included in the Classic package. For each additional person it is $25. I will PM you about the photographers!
  12. Yeah, if it wasn't for us going over the 30 person limit, we would have just done the semi-private dinner (which is included). Unfortunately, once we hit 31 guests, we can no longer do the semi-private so stuck with the private reception. Oh well, we'll make the most of it!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Daily2011 So, I am confused...which is not hard these days! For those of you that were larger wedding groups, you don't need to pick the package that matches the size of your wedding most closely? And if that is the case, do you pay the fee listed for the pp above and beyond your package number and THEN pay the 1700 or 1900 for the private reception? Am I getting this right? I am thinking that we could be as large as 75 and just want to try and get the estimated costs locked down as best as we can. Thanks you guys you have been invaluable on the planning here! Our wedding is at the Gran Caribe Cancun, but the basics are still the same for all REAL Resorts. First, if you are going to have 75 guests, you might qualify for the "free" wedding, then you can add on the amenities you want. I think you need 30 rooms to get the "free" wedding. If you pick a package, then you pay the package fee + minister/priest/etc + any add ons. Depending on what you want, you don't necessarily need to pick the package that more closely matches your guest count. For example, we will have approx 35 guests but we are doing the Classic. So, we will pay 950 + 400 (minister) for the ceremony. Since we have more than 30 guests, we cannot do the semi-private reception - that is the kicker. So, we need to upgrade the 15 guests to a private reception ($15pp) then pay $25 for the other 20 guests. However, that is still $400 cheaper for us than the Eternal for 30 people. I know there are some neat ammenities in the Eternity, but we would rather spend our $400 elsewhere. As for the photographer, we are using an outside vendor. Most of the local photographers will split the vendor fee and their packages are much better than the resort's. The main thing I don't like about the resort photographer is that you have to pick a certain amount of pictures. Most outside vendors give you all the pics and you can take them and do what you like with the pics. Huge benefit for us!
  14. Cute idea! Our AHR is a couple weeks after the DW so we could use all different pics from the wedding.
  15. Do you think these would work for guys as well or should I get different bags for the male guests? These turned out great!!!
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