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  1. Here is the link for the dress I'm probably going to be buying! Its part of their destination collection! SD3008 - by Maggie Sottero
  2. FutureMrsBane

    Lynn has def been busy.. here is mine!!

    I can't wait to order ours from her!!
  3. FutureMrsBane

    Which CP's do you like better?

    I LOVE the square but the round would be better if the candles were more like the square one!
  4. FutureMrsBane

    Can you post pictures of candle centerpieces?

    Here is one that my wedding coordinator created. It has hydrengas and candles! I'm considering doing it for my AHR!
  5. FutureMrsBane


    I have no idea about costs but here is a couple I got from my wedding planner and I'm trying to decide!!
  6. I found a couple more cakes that I LOVE and think are adorable!!
  7. I love both the strapless dresses!! They are gorgeous!!
  8. So I'm not a Maggie Bride...Yet! Everyone else having Maggie dresses peaked my interest so I went to the website and I found one I LOVE!!! Let me know what you think! If I buy a Maggie dress it will be my third dress I have bought! We were originally planning a local wedding and then changed our minds so I have a huge princess ballgown (for the ceremony) and then a classic empire a-line that is pink (for the reception)! I don't want to wear the pink dress at the actual ceremony and the ballgown is too big for a destination wedding so I'm looking at buying a third! The Ballgown The Pink Dress
  9. They will be in tan tuxes, black shirts, and funky ties. Brandon will most likely be in the same but he may have a white tux instead of tan.
  10. FutureMrsBane

    Show off your shoes....

    So I will be going barefoot at the ceremony and I really want to buy these for the reception!
  11. Here is the make-up look I want to re-create (I will do moer neutral colors): This is the look I want for my hair:
  12. I used to dream of a BIG elaborate wedding when I was younger and even before planning the wedding; we started to plan a local wedding and I started to realize that this is what I really want. Yeah, it would be great to be surrounded by people when we get married but I don't want a ton of people I don't even know at the wedding!!! Plus money is a BIG issue right now; well we postponed the wedding until 2011 (it was in April 2010) and put everything on hold. I have talked to my mom, I have talked to my FH and they are unsure of the whole destination wedding thing. One minute they are ok with it and then the next they don't like the idea!! Its so frustrating!! My mom is worried I will regret it because I have always stated that I have wanted a BIG wedding (and I used to) and she wants to show off because she never got a wedding. My FH doesn't care but he is worried that his family won't be able to come!! Family is really important to both of us and we really want to have a wedding and have our families be able to be there. If everyone in our family and our close friends were able to come we would have around 130 guests (with 26 months until the wedding they have time to save)! 130 guests seems like the perfect wedding for us (compared to the 250 we would have at a local wedding). I know we can have an at home reception and we plan on it but what am I suppose to do about their worries!?! How can I stop myself from having a major meltdown? How has everyone gotten through the rough times?
  13. I found this bouquet as well and I LOVE it!! I'm not sure I would have the ribbon though and I would make my bouquet bigger!