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What's a good luggage brand

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doug (who used to be a baggage handler for alaska airlines when we met!) says that his favorite bags to load used to be ricardo, samsonite, and swiss army. they had good features and were easy to handle :)

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I was going to say Samsonite. Abbie said Swiss Army and I remember seeing that when I was looking and they looked nice.


Matt has Tommy HIlfiger and it is nice and was reasonable. I have Nine West (cuz I fell in love with the purple color) and the big bag held up nice, but the shoulder strap no the duffle broke the first time we put stuff in it and picked it up.


One thing I would pay attention to is the sales. I switched my luggage a few times before my shower, cuz when I registered, it was originally on sale. Then it wasn't and it was crazy expensive. So I switched to another. I dont know how often they switch, but it's something to be aware of.


Oh and the ones with the swivel wheels are always nice too. That's what I originally registered for (Samsonite Swivel in RED, i love red), but when it wsn't on sale, it was way too much money to ask someone to spend.

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What is on sale is the best bet - I travel a lot and have had Samsonite, Swiss Army, Heys - all the popular brands - and the airlines have destroyed them all over time. I am a fan of my current Heys set. Not the hard side as I can't get as much stuff in as a soft side, but the outside is a tougher vinyl material that is waterproof - it has saved my butt on several rainy tarmacs.

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