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  1. She's had her wedding and I bet she didn't let anyone interfere with that - stick to your guns and tell her to poke off you're going to mexico lol
  2. I don't agree that you have to forgive no matter what - i'm sorry I don't mean to offend but that has bugger all to do with religion in my own opinion. You need to support FI and just be there for him thats the end of it really. The girls are right people handle things in different ways. He maybe doesn't want to get back in with his family because they will bully him into seeing his mother and he's probably right. Look what a meeting has done to him. I wish my DH would just cut off his lot because of the same reasons, I used to like MIL until I've heard some of the things she allowed to happen to her kids and now I despise her but for some reason he still loves her, although he has cut the strings a lot more. If there is no room for his family then that's it just leave it alone chick and let him deal with it his way
  3. Ok, now this may sound harsh lol its NOT their wedding! I'm sure my cow of a FMIL wanted a AHR 2 she got told to shove it I wasn't paying for a bunch of people I don't know or don't give a shit about so that she can act the "queen" lol In the end hardly anyone came to our wedding as it got moved v last minute (like 5 days!) but you know what i'm still not having one. If you don't want one say NO you aren't having one - end of conversation its sod all to do with them even if they are going to pay for it.
  4. I don't live in london but I can give you some info. Camden is very arty i love it but not sure i'd want to live there lol We have orange, 3, O2 vodaphone and T mobile. I use 02 as its cheaper for me but it depends what you want - have a look at the carphone warehouse website it'll give you some ideas No idea about communiting but a weekend is always bloody expensive and yes oyster card all the way
  5. I don't live in london but I can give you some info. Camden is very arty i love it but not sure i'd want to live there lol We have orange, 3, O2 vodaphone and T mobile. I use 02 as its cheaper for me but it depends what you want - have a look at the carphone warehouse website it'll give you some ideas No idea about communiting but a weekend is always bloody expensive and yes oyster card all the way
  6. Not having been to the states I would think everything you can get there you could get here lol Peanut butter is in the supermarkets and now and loads of stuff is selling for £1 up here, not sure about london tho. Clothes probably are more expensive but when I went to Canada by the time you add the tax on it was about the same. If you really need anything special you can get it on the net and delivered. There are so many versions of milk these days you are bound to find one she'll drink. If you need anything pm me as I don't get on much these days.
  7. If the groom had dared ask me to clean up after all the crap i'd just put up with I'd have punched him in the mouth and told him to fuck right off lol I hope you give her total frigging hell with your wedding lol My MOH turned up, got herself ready, did her make up and I had to wait for her! lol She was supposed to do my make up but I gave up on that when she was still pissing about an hour later so got myself sorted lol The co-ordinator came to get me and she is outside on the balcony having a tab! I swear i nearly choked her lol so I think you were an angel lol
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR Oh I know there are bad places everywhere, but since I get to pick where we live - I'd love to pick one that wasn't bad! lol Per Google Maps (Street View) it looks pretty industrial right around the apt. building, but if you go a few blocks in either direction, it gets better. We may send our co-worker over there to check it out in person. I'll feel better if someoen I trust gives it the thumbs up first! Good idea lol Always best to get someone to go and take pics for you - don't rely on google isn't not always right lol If i look at google earth at my house my old car is on the drive - i've had this one nearly 3 years lol
  9. Yeah mine does it too when he's home or he puts on star trek or some other sci fi crap and thinks because i'm not physically looking at the screen i won't mind lol i can still hear the frigging thing!! But sorry girls I have the best one of all - FI goes to Afghanistan tomorrow and says oh well we've got life cover haven't we! I said errr noooo it won't apply if you haven't told them beforehand! So i've spent 3 hours searching the net and being told sorry we won't cover! I mean ffs !! how frigging stupid is the arse that I married - NO INSURANCE!!
  10. I hear wimbledon is ok - there are good and bad places where ever you live in the world. You will like it tho - I like London but its a lot busier than where i am and if you ever get that cheesed off contact me and i'll try and get down there lol If you get time off tho try and explore especially scotland its amazing.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR I was hoping you'd see this! Do you know the Battersea area, or the area where our apt. is at all? I'm afraid it looks so industrial and not very "neighborhoody" ... per Google maps, that is. I don't really know london very well but I think battersea is ok but i think london is industrial and it isn't "neighborhoody" what I know of anyway. There will be some places like that tho. London is great saying that its a total mix of cultures and you will like it and its certainly a lot warmer than where i am lol If you are going to work in Manchester that is much more friendly but colder lol
  12. Yeah it's been and gone lol here's the review http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t43258 Let's just say i can't seem to quite get over it which isn't me lol
  13. You'll love it honestly lol we talk funny but once you get over that you'll be fine lol London is a real mix of cultures and a lot of americans there. If you get a chance head north it gets better and better lol I am biased tho :-)
  14. No you aren't being selfish and he needs to cut the apron strings with his bloody mother! She won't frigging melt or turn to stone if she travels on her own lol I've just had 2 and a bit weeks with my aunt and I want to rip her frigging head off because we didn't have ONE day by ourselves! Therefore no you aren't selfish you just want some time together
  15. I'd give her a bloody bill for what you've paid for her lol Or say i've knocked the x $ off what you owe us lol Families are shite no question lol Enjoy Cabo
  16. I know that song was total pish lol mind you I did think it funny that when simon started to slag it off she was laughing saying yeah i know lol
  17. I like it 2 - its only a little thing lol
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Amarillis Oh Marie... I didn't mean to giggle the entire time... but your review is too cute. Congratuations... Mrs. I can't wait to see the photos... I am sure you looked stunning - not as you'd been pulled backwards through a hedge! Thanks lol if I hadn't been so shocked I'd have said at least my arse will go through the hedge lol
  19. Cheers Tracy I need it lol nearly finished uploading the pics so i'll put some on soon lol
  20. Thanks lol oh don't worry I didn't escape MIL crap lol my aunt took up her position rather nicely lol in fact i think it was when she tapped me on the back on my wedding night and told me not to stay up too late that tipped me over the edge lol my mate had to drag me away lol nah the drinks weren't that great either lol trust me I tried to drink myself into a stupur but I just couldn't do it lmao one of the funniest things was when my friend's friend tried to chat me up with the line "I'd shag you anytime" oh and she's female lmao I tell you if we can survive all the shit we've just had we'll be fine lol We got back to London with messages flying all over demanding he ring home immediately. We knew then that his sister had died! but christ why couldn't she fucking wait until we got back and actually spoke to him the heartless bitch! To make matters worse she said they hadn't held back the funeral but they frigging had until today so he came home dumped his bags (no sleep for 36 hours) had 2 hours sleep because I told him I would take his car keys off him if he didn't lol. he had something to eat and then drove 6 1/2 hours back to work as he had to go to the funeral in his uniform!! then grab another couple of hours and head out there this morning! She had the frigging cheek to say he should be staying there because he was tired. She does this kind of thing every time we go away! So poor bugger has had no sleep. I checked my phone and there is a nasty message about why haven't we rang - I wanted to ring her and say "because we were in barbados you needy bitch" lmao Oh yeah and FI could be sent to Afghan on Monday so really this wasn't the parting we wanted as not sure if or when i'll see him again I need a holiday lmfao I'm uploading pics so any luck i'll get some on soon lol
  21. Honestly I had to turn that down lol All DH kept saying was this wouldn't happen in Mexico the ignorant twats lol I think if one more person had made a hand gesture at me instead of speaking I was going to punch them in the head lol
  22. Ok here is my review for what it's worth - you might gather i'm not too happy lol Flights - 2 different carriers Our first flights down to London were ok our bags were way over the limit and they let us through anyway just told us to be careful when we came back as we might get charged. Flight was only short but ok. The airport was a nightmare and it took us a while to get to the hotel for overnight but that was ok. While we were at the airport (and we got there at about 3pm) we thought we'd go and get the tickets for our flight the next day as we were told they would be there waiting for us. The desk was closed lol and were not so nicely told to get lost and come back in the morning lol So next airline is Virgin! what a croc of shite!! lmao We get to the ticket desk and she tells me they don't have tickets! I said oh you better check again so she does and funny that she finds all the tickets. Others are getting offered upgrades except us because we are "late" bookers!! I mean WTF lol anyway we thought that's fine we're on the plane it'll be cool. We get on only to find we have the last 4 seats on the aircraft if we'd been any further back we'd have been on the frigging tail itself and no-where to put our hand luggage! So I said to one of the stewardess can you help me please? I'm told no I can't leave the door! lol luckily DH finds a spot and moves some other people's stuff about and we get the case in. We start to get the meals served and I asked about the diabetic meal for my aunt and am told one wasn't ordered! lol so she gets mine and I get nothing" When we landed the virgin rep couldn't find our names on the list and then said "oh you're a mexico one!" by this point I was tired, hungry and pissed off lol so did say yeah well did you think i'd go through you if I had no frigging choice love lol They take our suitcases off us and DH has to hand them up to the bloke on the van for onward transmission to the hotel. We think fine we're on our way lol The way back was even worse - they'd checked everyone in except us and wouldn't put us on to our connecting flights because they weren't in their system! I mean what shit is that ffs! So after a fight with the girl she finally books us in and takes our cases to say "enjoy!" lol I nearly launched for her it was only DH that stopped me lol We asked her to contact the airline as we were going to be late or miss the flight as our main airline was running late. She basically said no so DH had a go at her and we got she'll try (ie meaning I'm not going to bother my arse) gets to the airport and they said they'd try and sort it but we were going to miss it! Great!! So plane makes up some time but then the police get on and arrest the 2 in front of us - did I say we were right on the back again! lol we gets off gets our bags runs to check in and i pushed into upper class and begged them to help. Their version of help was to make me take stuff out of my case! so i'm carrying my wedding album and stuff and running round the airport to get through lol we managed to get on to the plane and then waited for DH and my aunt to catch up they made it with seconds to spare lol. We started to get the safety briefing and then they stopped us and threw us off because they had a puncture so we were delayed for 4 hours!! Hotel - Almond Causarina Place at first looked lovely and were asked to wait in the garden while they got us a drink and gave us our rooms. It was so nice to finally sit down but then after about 2 hours it got a bit tedious lol DH said right i'm going to find out what's going on as they have put everyone else in their rooms and not us lol He goes away is gone 5 mins comes back and is furious one of our cases is smashed to bits and i mean a solid case cracked and open right across the top - it hadn't been like that when he'd put it on the van so now he's really full of hell. Did they do anything ? Nope the said speak to the rep tomorrow and we'll put you in your room now. We should have had an ocean view room and we did kind of - we could see all of the pool and trees and about one inch of the sea lol the others were in nice rooms but far away from us lol The food was horrible mostly lol we had 3 restaurants we could chose from but we had to book them in advance and sometimes you couldn't get the half decent one and you ended up at the really crap one lol needless to say for 2 weeks i've eaten crap and chocolate lol I am really picky with food so asked the others what they thought and they all agreed so it really wasn't just me lol The virgin rep Was totally and utterly useless! We went straight to see her on our first morning. We told her about the case and she told me to take it up with Johnston Tours. I told her she would be taking it up as we hadn't booked them they had! She agreed and said she'd come back to us about it. I asked about the wedding and she didn't know what the hell I was talking about! So I rang my TA and said you better sort this shit out now lol He said I'll ring you back and said go to the hotel itself they knew about it. They denied it at first but then caved in when they realised I wasn't moving from their desk lol We still didn't hear anything about the wedding or the case and we kept missing her at the hotel (she was quick as lightening I tell ya!). When we did catch up with her she got me to complete a blank form then was pissed when I deleted the sentence that said i'd accept what they said lol Finally she said they weren't admitting they had damaged the case but that she believed us as did her manager. We went and got the case and showed her it lol she nearly died and agreed she'd keep it for us but that we would have to "sue" virgin for the money!! So they day she was supposed to meet us she called in mysteriously sick lol I got hold of the other rep and told her in no uncertain terms to sort it lol So completed another useless form and had to go and buy a bag for DH's clothes! The wedding Co-ordinators We had 2 as the main one has an assistant and she was amazing lol We didn't like her at first because she was really rude (i've worked out most of those we met were lol) but after that she was really funny and so helpful. I was going to have my hair down but she said it was so windy that I should have it up and she was right lol There was a load of back and forward which kind of killed our first 4 days there but after that it wasn't too bad once we said we no we aren't playing to your tune you play to ours lol I would recommend Dawn and Carla to anyone but the hotel they could shove lol The wedding arrangements We asked for a beach wedding I mean whats the point of getting married in the garden in Barbados!! I'm pleased I did but when I took a walk over before the wedding I nearly cried it was crap - really small hidden away so as not to spoil the holiday makers on the beach! and to walk over there was bloody interesting I nearly fell over at least twice lol I was joking saying to my friend god it feels like i'm running a marathon lol The photographer was lovely but it was all really annoying we had to pay a fortune (which we hadn't budgeted for!) to get photographs. If I could have got away with it i'd have said stick them lol We arranged our reception ourselves and said we'd go up to the other hotel on the shuttle as it had a better restaurant and we had to book that ourselves lol I tell you I'm still not sure what they co-ordinated really lol We reminded them about the civil ceremony and were told that we didn't have one!! I mean WTF! They hadn't been told that and it was too late to book it and so we had to try and convince a minister that we weren't the devil incarnate lol I had to ask DH to let me do the talking or we'd have been screwed lol The wedding The wedding went ok (apart from the sand trashed my shoes lol) It was a really nice service even though I was trying to hold it together and not start laughing hard as I got the giggles and DH was making me worse lol We cut the cake for the pics and as DH was warning me not to shove it in his face so I did lmao the photographer took a great pic of me doing it to DH but missed the one of him shoving it up my nose lmao After the pics we went to catch the shuttle bus and got to the restaurant had our meal which was nice but they had given us the wrong time for the shuttle back and therefore by 11pm that night we ended up getting a taxi - bit of a bummer but hey The guests - most were lovely but my aunt I wanted to murder over and over again lol I have never met such a needy person in all my life It sounds like we had a crap time and mostly it was crap but our wedding day was the best again apart from the aunt who said i looked like i'd been dragged through a hedge backwards on my wedding day!! lol
  23. Well I got back yesterday woke up at 2am and started watching the 4 episodes I missed lol Adam was robbed I just don't get Kris lol I suppose he's "nice" but thats it lol I love Kiss and thought Adam was amazing with them and once "part" of queen were on I realised why I had instantly like Adam - he reminds me of Freddie so much i have to admit I fast forwarded some of the stuff because it wasn't my thing but my god that Kara can sing I hadn't realised. She's not that well known over here
  24. Well I've packed it took me 30 mins and FI 3 hours lmao So now i'm just going to play on laptop and charge up ipod lol
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