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  1. dshayes, I think your FI must be my FI's twin. When we fight it takes a loooong time for him to get over it too. Just give him his space and he will get over it. As far as the wedding goes, um my FI must have cancelled my about a billion times (privately of course) and once the fight is over he wants to know what was accomplished during the fight. They just know that saying that totally destroys us. Stay strong!! keep us posted
  2. I did it cold turkey. I just woke up one morning and I decided that I would quit. Kristina, how are you doing?
  3. I actually ended up finding a nice white dress at white house black market. I really wanted a nice dress but not too expensive. I happened to walk by it in the mall and i found a couple of nice dresses in the clearance rack. So if you ladies have one by you check it out!
  4. Have you heard of the kodak printer? My sister and her bf bought one right after the birth of my nephew and it prints really good pictures. He is a photo-fanatic person and he is raved about the picture quality. The ink is sooooo cheap $15 for color and $10 for black and it lasts a long time. Its also a copier/scanner.
  5. Hey everyone! I havent been around much, its been soooo crazy at work! Erick love the pics!!! I am looking foward to changing my last name. Its going to be a lot shorter so it works!!!
  6. Hey ladies!! Just wanted to share with everyone that i havent smoked in 4 days. I had the urge really bad today but i made a point to keep myself busy and its working. Wish me luck! How is everyone else doing?
  7. Technology : Always changing
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