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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the Midnight Sun that I can print out? I have the link from the website but I can't print it so I can snuggle up and read it in bed! I'll love you forever if someone can PM it to me!!!
  2. So I just started getting into the books. I'm on the last one now. I'm so addicted. I find myself laughing out loud actually and yelling at the books all the time. Oh and Jacob is a pompous ass! Once I'm done this book, I'll go back and read through the whole thread. I don't want to be upset on how it ends!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by becks I had both of my parents walk me down too. I was totally opposed to the "giving away" notion, and was going to go solo, but actually it was my step-mom who suggested that I have mom and dad do it together. I LOVED it! I had both of my parents walk me down the isle. I can't agree with Becks more with the "giving away". The hubby already knows what he was getting, we've been together 11 years before we where married!
  4. Thanks Jenn, I'll check it out.
  5. Thanks Seaprincess for clarifying who I actually "borrowed" it from. Everyone LOVED it! Even though the minister screwed it up a few times, it turned out beautiful!
  6. Danielle that's a riot you dressed up for everything. I actually wore jeans and a tshirt since I have NO CLUE! Apparently I was going to my godson's choir performance at a Marine Corp function.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by carly Canceled: - 'Without a Trace'Damn, without a trace. I thought this was one of those ones Like L&O that would be around forever! Awaiting Likely Pick-up/On the Bubble: - 'Cold Case' - 'Criminal Minds'OMG, if they don't pick this show up, I will freak. It's probably my #1 favorite. I love Morgan, he's so smoking hot. But I like the whole cast and the show is like a little mini movie every week! I'm shocked about Without a Trace also. I don't DVR it, but I do catch the re-runs. Criminal Minds, thank god they decided to keep it. I am in love with Reid! He's such a dork he's adorable!! And of course I have to agree with you Carly, Morgan is smokin!! And who can't love Garcia?! She's awesome!!
  8. Hey girls, The husband and I decided for our anniversary next year we want to do an AI. We've never done one before so we're not sure where we even want to go! He has stated he doesn't want to go to Mexico or DR. I would love to do Cuba, obviously that's out of the question! I'm leaning towards Puerto Rico or St. Lucia. Could anyone give us names of a few different resorts they would suggest? I want to start researching now, this way towards the end of summer we can figure it out and put a deposit down. TIA!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek yay i can see them too! the piece of cake pic is making me hungry, that looked good. You look beautiful. I like the pic of you and your hubby kissing on the dock (or whatever its called). that was cool. did you guys stay in one of those huts on the water? Wow your flowers pop in the pictures, the colors were so beautiful. We actually took a cruise. The resort we used was called 9 Beaches. It's the old military base in Bermuda. They are trying to do the whole eco friendly thing with this resort. It was amazing. We want to go back and stay there, but it's like super expensive!
  10. Ok I think I got it now. I shared the folder, and copied the link. http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...AZN3Ddy5atWTkA If not I'm apparently an idiot!
  11. abbie here, i edited this post with the correct link OMG I can't believe they came in already!! http://share.shutterfly.com/share/re...AZN3Ddy5atWTkA I hope that works! There's 245 and I don't want to choose what I post!!
  12. I ended up having a head cold. It sucked, but it ended up ok!
  13. Lisa, they called for rain the on our wedding day also. We actually managed to get the whole ceremony in, plus pictures around the resort before it decided to downpour! You will be fine!! They say it's lucky if it rains on your wedding day!
  14. Happy that it's over, but sad to get back to the real world!
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