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  1. Ill take the milk shack and candy hand towls they will be great shower prizes!
  2. I don't know...But I think knowing my rank would really give me some extra inspiration where I feel like I'm just trying to get it over with now! And the great thing about pming is that only the people who think it would do them some good can look...people know themselves If you need the inspiration have Ann send it to you if you feel like your good on your own or would leave you uninspired then simply don't have it sent to you...It's really not a big deal and I defiantly don't want any one to get off track but I hope we can decide soon because the possibility of knowing is making me giddy So
  3. 1. Only wedding that day 2. A wedding package that we would use everything in 3. Affordable for our guests 4. outdoor reception 5. Allow outside vendors
  4. Congrats Jill!!!!! I've got to admit I've been dying to see how well I'm doing! I would love to see it.
  5. Toronto girl you have me on pins and needles where are your pictures!!!!
  6. Adlergray


    Congrats and welcome! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
  7. Welcome and congrats! Your getting married a month before me! I you have any questions at all feel free to pm me-J
  8. Autjo let me know how the suits come out we are still looking for the FI
  9. I'm preety sure they have one on preowenedweddingdresses.com I was just there today
  10. Adlergray


    Congrats and welcome! that's coming up quick! Good luck with all your planning and if you have any questions feel free to pm me! -Jill
  11. Adlergray


    HI! welcome to BDW!!!
  12. Congrats! and welcome.... If you need any help at all pm me! good luck with all your planning you have come to the right place
  13. I just ordered something from sephora online and got a free trial of urban decay primer so I will give my report when I get it!!! If any one is ordering the code for the freebie is URBANLAB
  14. We are going down at the end of July the 23 to 28th I think
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