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    Azul Beach 2009 Bride

    We got married December 18th at Azul and it was excellent. I highly recommend this resort if you have guests with kids, and are looking for a smaller and more intimate setting. It is not a mega hotel with pumping music by the pool every afternoon. It is a small and intimate setting that is gearde toward relaxation. The rooms are just ok, but the beach and hotel atmosphere are wonderful. It was a nightmare dealing with Karisma and Lomas Travel (I now hate Karisma and Lomas), and especially Fabio. I do not recommend Karisma, but the staff at Azul came through with flying colors. We met with Priscilla and Francisco the day we arrived and had our wedding planned in under two hours. When we discussed requests, such as the turqoise table runner and bows for chairs, they said they didn't have these items. However they were at our table as a surprise for the private wedding reception dinner and I was pleased. They did a lot of small things like this that made the day turn out perfectly. Send me a message of you would like to know more. It was a great day and your wedding will be beautiful at Azul!!! We would go back here, and have recommended it to other couples for weddings.
  2. I looked in the US and asked at the border coming home - NO duty on wedding dresses was the answer I got!! I ended up buying Canadian as the store here matched the price so good luck!
  3. twotees1218

    bridesmaid has yet to order dress

    Does she know why she needs to order it? i.e. that it takes a lot of time to get dresses in? I was shocked at how many people I speak to who have no clue about the dress order timeframe - literally shocked as these were all smart people. Many people shockingly have the the idea that you just go in, try it, order it, and it's yours in a week or less!!
  4. I'm 5'2 and my petite length Maggie Sottero fits perfectly with 1" flip flops - and they aren't even platforms. Don't let height discourage you from wearing a gown if height is your only concern. Hopefully we only wear it once - lol. But seriously, you should wear the gown of your dreams short, tall, whatever. I'm also wearing a hoop skirt under my mermaid style gown and don't look like a munchkin despite full bottomed dress and my (ahem) shorter stature! I kept a slim style almost all the way down and it fans out at the floor - actually looks very elegant! The good news is that we shorties can wear any shoes and never worry about being too tall!!!! yay.
  5. twotees1218

    After the wedding then............

    I thought about that too but then let it go.....heck, they're all staying at an all inclusive - all inclusive drinks, snacks, beach, a room to go back to - much better than most weddings I've been to locally where there still tends to be a gap in between and we've ended up sitting up in some seedy pub trying to kill time until the reception. All former DW brides have told me to relax - everyone will have a terrific time and look after themselves. They'll all be in vacation mode anyways!!
  6. I thought I would post exactly how to do this since I spent hours going through old posts trying to figure it out. I am of average technical ability and I didn't think it was obvious how to set your playlist with no break between songs - like a DJ. I even asked my professional DJ friend and he didn't know. Here it is: It's called Crossfade. 1. Go to Edit in your itunes 2. Go to Preferences 3. Go to Playback 4. Check the crossfade playback box and change the seconds down to 1 second - this is as close as you can get, ut better than the 6 second factory default which leaves quite a long gap for the dance floor.
  7. twotees1218

    Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow's Trainer

    Marie Claire November 2008. I was shocked at how little she has them eating. I am fit and of average to light weight -but I need to eat more than 1/2 cup of brown rice per day or I get grouchy.
  8. Azul Sensatori - not open yet but due to open very soon. One of the TA's went and has recently posted pics of the beautiful terrace overlookingthe ocean. I woul dbet you can have a reception there as well. If we weren't going to Azul beach (6 weeks today!!), I would definitley look at that resort.
  9. twotees1218


    Oh the recurrent themes make me laugh...... - FI's 8 yr old daughter makes me crazy. Since when is 8 the new 13?!? she's ok after a day with us, but why is everyday starting from scratch with the attitude adjustment program? - I hate FI's ex wife - she causes most of the problem with the 8 yr old problem in the first place - why is she so stupid? -FI's sister IS the most self absorbed person I've ever met -FI's mother is the second most self absorbed person - funny sister and mother don't get along ?!? I dream of being able to tell them all "shut the hell up, put a smile on your face and behave. It's our wedding. You may think we want to hear your stupid opinions and complaining, but we don't give a rat's ass!
  10. twotees1218

    Are you thinking of using Experida or Orbitz?

    Travel agents are also insured in case an airline "goes under" which several have as of late, and it is predicted that several more will. Even if it is slightly more expensive through a TA, I sleep better at night knowing that if something else happens in the airline industry, our TA will get everyone there on time for the big day.
  11. The dress will be fantastic - Maggis is famous for her corset back so there's room "to give" - and you look like the girl in the add -how can it not look great?!?
  12. twotees1218

    Guest trouble.....

    Ahhh the blessed in-laws - my FMIL is being a giant pain in the you know what!!! Same issue. At first they offered to pay for FI's daughter as our wedding gift, but forgot to mention the condition attached - that we have the wedding at their time share in Puerto Vallarta!!! We wanted mayan side. Not to mention that although they stay for free and earn points, EVERYONE else and the wedding costs themselves would be a lot more $$$. After making a giant fuss, they are now coming. But honestly, why can't she just keep quiet and go with the flow....like my lovely family?? At the end of the day I am trying to keep calm and remember that it will all work itself out. So try and be calm
  13. twotees1218

    Did anyone cry at their ceremony?

    I am a total non-cryer - BUT this is one exception. I am so worried about it that I'll be getting eyelash extensions put in before we leave so that I don't have to worry about mascara at all.
  14. twotees1218

    The Canadian dollar

    I am not happy about this rapid drop either - especially upset given that I spoke with my investment advisor two weeks ago when it was at 0.87 and asked what he thought.....he thought for sure it would strengthen given that the state of our economy is stronger than in the U.S. Wrong. Oh well. At least all the guest rooms are paid for and were paid at par. The wedding cost itself (about $5000) and photographer (about $4000 are in USD). We may scale back as a result. This really bites!!
  15. What is on sale is the best bet - I travel a lot and have had Samsonite, Swiss Army, Heys - all the popular brands - and the airlines have destroyed them all over time. I am a fan of my current Heys set. Not the hard side as I can't get as much stuff in as a soft side, but the outside is a tougher vinyl material that is waterproof - it has saved my butt on several rainy tarmacs.