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My Ex Is A Freak!!!


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Yup..my ex is a freak and for some reason thinks it's appropriate to put a restraining order against me! LOSER!


So..the long & short of it all is that I have an ex. I was with him for 10 years and we have 2 children together.


He has access to the children every other weekend - his choice I might add - and is getting married next Friday.


When I first found out of his plans last month I was cool with everything. No biggie..I'm getting married too..happy that he's happy etc. etc.


The jerk decides to go behind my back to talk with my father. The friday he is getting married is his scheduled weekend for visitation. He asks my father to pick up the children from his wedding and keep them for the weekend.


I spoke with my ex and told him that was not necessary and inconsiderate of him to get my father involved. I told him that I can pick up the children at whatever time and they will come home for the weekend.


He flips out on me calls me all sorts of nasty names (including the c word) and tells me NO. He proceeds by having another meeting with my father yesterday and serves me with court papers today.


He is requesting access according to his wedding schedule and a restraining order because he fears I intend to "crash" his wedding. WHAT A JOKE! It thinks I still want him..NOT..I left him 4 years ago..jerk!


So, I'm now not speaking to my father after all of this. I simply don't understand why my father would even get involved in this mess. And now I have to get a lawyer (which I don't have money for) and miss a days work in order to go to court this friday.


I can't believe the nerve of this guy! This is the same guy who lives 10 minutes away and only sees his children 4 days a month. The same guy who pays next to nothing in support and refuses to pay for anything else.


I am beyond hurt!

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Dang Girlie - you're right...he IS a freak!


I wouldn't be mad at your dad. He probably got caught in the middle and didn't know what to do. Your ex just dragged him into it.


I'm sure once the judge hears your last paragraph and all that he isn't doing - they will see both sides of the story.


I'm sorry you are going through this. What a jerk!

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I'm so sorry! There are some crazy people out there.


I'd try to talk calmly with your dad about what happened. I agree with Celina that he probably thought he was doing the right thing and got stuck in the middle. Now if he thinks you would crash your ex's wedding, then you can be mad at him. LOL

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My ex has gone to him twice now about the situation. Because all of his family & friends are going to be at his wedding he thought my dad was the next best option...hello...I'm their mother!


I am surprised at my dad because he has never got involved or never wanted to be involved with issues between my ex and I.


Also, my dad makes very little money and my step mom isn't working. So my ex now expects my dad to pay for gas to pick up the children and feed and entertain them for a weekend in his small 2 bedroom house. Totally unacceptable in my opinion to ask anyone to do such especially considering my dad's financial situation.


I won't be calling my dad anytime soon as I am still very upset! I'm sure i'll be talking to him soon though!

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That's crazy he didn't come to you first. I guess I can understand him not wanting you to be the one to come to his wedding to pick the kids up, maybe his new wife isn't comfortable or something, but there's no reason your dad has to have the kids for the weekend. What a crappy situation for all of you. As for him thinking you would crash his wedding and getting a restraining order~ What a NUTCASE! Hopefully things with your dad work themselves out soon. I understand you being upset and your dad should be upset with your ex as well, but he probably thought he was doing the best thing for the kids given the situation (I hope). Good luck!

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oh what a shame, im sorry your going through this bs.


the thing that stuck out to me in this story was about you not talking to your dad :o( are you two normally close? is there any way you can talk to your dad and tell him you felt betrayed and try to work it out with him if anythig at all??

and also the kids- i hope the kids arent seeing your ex's craziness, that does nothing but hurt them in long run.


is ex's new bride to be a nut, do u think shes the one who wanted him to do that or has he acted a fool before?

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