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  1. I'm still in!!! I will be talking to Jeff this week about it. I'm stumped too on what to do. I personally think ordering something is a better idea..who wants to cook etc on a Saturday night. I can definetly stay..what do I need to bring? What type of drinks should I be bringing?!?! Call me Sunday on my celly...I'll PM you the new #
  2. I agree that he must of been having a bad day. I choose my initial package according to what I thought we would want and of course brought extra cash just in case because you don't know until you see the pics. Michael does do the photography for RMB as well. I was able to view the pics on a laptop the day after and received my disc a day later. I guess it just really depends on the time of year and how busy they are. He was very personable and great to work with..must woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by chika Tanya: Yep, I'm in Guelph! Shoot me an email and we can chat. I haven't updated my website in awhile - been uber-busy with editing the last batch of boudoir photos - but I plan to update it this week. *sigh* Email sent
  4. Shelley...where are you located? Guelph? I was thinking about talking to you about the possibility of family pics in the spring...whatcha think?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by chika Sorry I've been MIA ladies, but we had a busy weekend re-doing our kitchen! It will be finished this weekend, so I guess that is how we'll spend our Valentine's Day. We booked our vacation for 2009 too! We will be visiting Vancouver Island at the end of April and then we are going to Costa Rica for our honeymoon/first anniversary in November. I'm already excited! Do any of you have vacation plans for 2009, or are you laying low since many of you just got back? We will be taking a trip in November - anniversary. The thing that sucks is that the weather isn't that great in November but realistically I can't get time off otherwise..and the same applies for Jeff. So November it is! We haven't decided where to go yet..we will decide on whatever is cheapest last minute Costa Rica sounds nice...ohh I need some sun!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride Listen missy...I've been up for 4.5 hrs!! I'm just busy!! sorry...couldn't get through that with a straight face!! Of course...I always make time for my BDW girls! But nobody was chatty so I wasn't going to talk to myself!! How is the new job going?? Are you getting all settled in? Any word on when Jeff's going to be moving?? You must be finding it hard by yourself during the week. I hope you don't have to do it much longer. HEHEHE!! Ok I get it..sorry Things are ok here..I'm definetly doing better this week but it's only Tuesday! I'm getting unpacked..slowly..I'm not as motivated during the week but when Jeff is here I get a lot done. Job is good..I will be off the 5-1 shift starting next week and I'll be working 7am-3pm. I'm in the midst of interviewing for child care...so far so good. Jeff has applied for a store in Stratford but hasn't heard much yet. He did get a reply from the DM and I personally think he will get an interview..when I don't know. I've adjusted well to being a married single mom..how awful is that LOL
  7. WAKE UP!!!! I've been up for 6 hours..where is everyone?!?!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet Do you remember me asking you who the designer was?? I thought it looked similar but your designer I think may have been different .. mine was Maggie Sottero. Anyhow, kudos cause I absolutely loved my dress. It did well too ..I didn't need to seam it at all and the poor thing is now black at the bottom...*lol* I do recall you asking but then totally forgot all about it! I was surprised how well it held up too. I too have some dirt at the bottom..time to get it cleaned!! Good Morning Ladies...guess everyone had a busy weekend..I spent my time unpacking & cuddling with Jeff (it's about time). Now on to another crazy work week...HAPPY MONDAY
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride YAY TANYA!!! That's it girl!! Get your priorities straight!! A night with the girls is what you need!!! Cheer up...T minus 15 sleeps until SWO BDW night!!! Oh & is your cell with Bell?? If so, you can change it online...thats what I did!! My cell is with rogers but it's in his name. I can access the account but not authorized to do anything with it..silly! I think a night out is what I need!!
  10. Hmm maybe I will...I sooo need a break..I'll talk to Jeff..he doesn't really have a say..since he's still staying in Hamilton we don't see eachother much but hey if he can have a few days in Montreal I can have a night in KW HEHEHE Cell will be changed this weekend..apparently Jeff has to do it..talk about stupid!
  11. I'm IN!! I will let Jeff know this weekend..the week I've been having has not been great and I really need the break. Amanda ~ Give me a call sometime over the weekend..I'll need directions too. If not just PM me your address. Anyone need a ride from the London area? I won't be able to spend the night but I am willing to drive
  12. Congratulations & Great Review! I'll have to look at the pics from home..no facebook @ work
  13. Congrats! Beautiful choice for her name!!
  14. YAY!! Great review Angela!! I didn't realize we had the same dress..you never mentiond it when you saw my pics...you look great!!
  15. Great review! I agree that you have to have "no problem" type of attitude..some things are beyond our control. Love the pics..you make a gorgeous bride..love the colours you chose too!! P.S. We have the same dress...it's gorgeous!!
  16. Changing Your Name - Passport Unfortunately, you have to re-apply for your passport. Pay the fee all over again!! Here is a link Passport Info - Changing Your Name Because I personally will not be changing my birth certificate I have read that I will need to provide my updated i.d. (with married last name) and a copy of my marriage certificate. It's too bad..I don't want to do the passport sh*t again!!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by chika Welcome to the group! Hope you can keep up! I find if I miss a couple of days it is ridiculous to catch up. But the ladies here are awesome, so I'm sure you'll fit right in. I live in Guelph, so not too far from you. Oh, and I won't be hot-tubbing with you gals on the 21st unfortuntely as that's DH's birthday. I'm sure I'd be in the doghouse if I decided to ditch him that night... but I AM tempted... How about this...set up a guys night for his birthday and you can come hot tubbing with us..he'll appreciate the fact that he needs some guy time LOL
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet Here is my tune..."don't worry bout a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright" *lol* been singing that sucker since i got home!!! For your license you need the one with the seal on it (i asked yesterday about that). I think the simple stuff...banking, bills and stuff like that you can use the paper they gave you at the ceremony. Hope this helps Reading your post reminds me of my children. When we were on our way to the airport for our wedding Jeff made a Bob Marley CD. Well the kids love listening to it. One day (around christmas time) we were in the van and that song came on..all 4 kids broke out in song and now it's our "family song"
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by christenew Welcome noobie! You don't know what you have gotten yourself into. It is still not to late to run! These ladies are crazy (except me, of course) I would like to change the subject. Have any of you ladies tried to change your name yet? Do I need to wait for the real one? Someone please figure it out and then tell me how to do it. Change of Name Process If you are only changing your last name on DL, HC, SIN, Banking, CC etc. follow these instructions: 1. You MUST wait for your marriage certificate. (The bank may be willing to change your name with your register but most won't) 2. Change your DL first!! You will need this done first so you can use it at OHIP to change your HC. 3. Change your HC and then SIN. 4. Banking, CC etc. come next. The most important document to change first is your DL. I have already changed mine and had no issues as I had my Marriage Certificate with me. I attempted to do my HC first and they said I needed to change my DL first. If you are wanting to legally change your name on your Birth Certificate (I do not recommend this as because in the event you need to "resume your maiden name" it is a b*tch to change back) THEREFORE you need to contact Service Ontario to get the documentation to do a Legal Change of Name. It's a long process and would avoid it. Otherwise, once your marriage license comes in do your DL and you are set to get everything else done. HTH (Back to work for me)
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by BrideToBe2010 Hi ladies! I'm kinda sneaking in here ....sorry! I checked out the link at the bottom of BachataBride's siggy. I live just outside both Kitchener and Waterloo in the puny town of Wellesley. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello to fellow SW brides! Angela Hi & Welcome Angela What's with all the Angela's?!?! We need another Tanya LOL
  21. I used Michael for my wedding in November. He was great to work with and they were accomodating. I have pics on photobucket if you are interested.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Sloan Tanya -- if we never move again, it'll be too soon. I hate moving. Im definately a creature of habit. Amanda -- I keep forgetting about my own birthday. LOL. Craig and I arent doing a bloody thing for either of our bdays this year b/c of the wedding. Maybe that's why I keep forgetting about it -- and maybe its b/c its my 31st. Ugh. So elderly. Ang -- forget work and come out. Work is overrated! Geez you're making me feel old!!!!!!!!! I'm 32 and will be 33 soon..this sucks LOL I agree..work is definetly overrated!! I am exhausted today...I got into bed at 8:48 last night and I can honestly say that I was asleep by 8:49. This is a great shift but at the same time it sucks for sleep! I can't wait until I start working 7-3. Angela ~ Where are your pics & review?!?!?! I'll hop over to the Jamaica board just in case
  23. Oh and I've only played Rockband once and loved it!!! Potluck..does that include pre-made food? I don't have time to put something together lol
  24. I'm definetly IN! Yes, shorts & a t-shirt it will be!! Not sure if I will stay but that's only because I won't see Jeff for a while. He leaves on the 27th to go to Montreal for 5 days..so that will really be my last weekend for 2 weeks. I'm still in though because I deserve a life too Amanda...I will PM you my new phone number and then we can go from there Kayte ~ You're not too far from me now..wanna come over and help me unpack LOL
  25. Sorry I've missed so much. The move went well, the kids behaved and other than a shit load of boxes to unpack the house looks good. We are renting right now and there have been a few issues - crappy fridge, upstairs shower isn't working and no side door key (which will be used as our main entrance) - and to top it all off I am now a single lady with Jeff back in Hamilton. I am also working a 5am-1pm shift which is going to screw me over for child care starting next week. Anyone know of someone looking to babysit in the mornings lol!! Jeff doesn't have a store in London yet. So, he is staying with my old boss and coming back to London on the weekends. He did apply for a new store opening in Stratford and although it's not in London it's still a heck of alot closer!! I'm still on for the 21st..not sure I can do the hot tub though..I don't look good in any type of swimwear lol I'll do my best to catch up on posts as soon as I get home...
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