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  1. Been there heard that! Congrats on choosing PV! I too was the villan for choosing to go so far away, no one could afford it, blah, blah, blah! In the end those that went had THE BEST time ever and raved about it when they got back! Hold on cause it's not going to be any easier. You will be defending your choice till the day you get married but just think that this is about you and your special once in a lifetime day. As long as they've been given enough time to plan and save for the trip, they have nothing to complain about! Enjoy your wedding day. Once they get to PV they will love it!
  2. I had my hotel lay palm fronds in the aisle like next to the chairs and left a strip of sand in the middle as my "aisle". Hope that makes sense. I guess it would depend on what time of day you got married also. They didn't charge me anything.
  3. Sounds wonderful Tammy! Can't wait to see your end result! BDW is a Godsend to so many brides and grooms. You are amazing!
  4. As far as the Flamingo went, the WC's were very acommodating with whatever we wanted. We had 30 guests and arranged them 10 per table. We took down our own vases (2 per table), table number holders, table numbers and I even went as far as having place cards and a table seating chart. We had small activity bags for the kids which came in helpful because our service was very slow. By the time we finished our food, the second table in our party was barely getting theirs. We did our toasts up there and it was very private. Really, they will do anything you ask them to. Don't worry about a thing! Here is a picture of our table set up Here is a picture of our sign in table. Before the wedding I gave them our sign in book, pen, pictures etc. to place on the table. We used the flowers from the arch and the BM's bouquets to the table to jazz it up. I hope this helps!
  5. Trobin, Do not worry about the RIU Vallarta. Everything will be great! If the drinks aren't strong enough, they have no problem adding more alcohol. If the liquor bottles are faded, it's probably from the sun! I can not comment on Security being in a guests room. I seriously wouldn't think anything of it. Holly, The sand is hot anywhere at 4pm! LOL!!
  6. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! WHAT A PARTY!!! I am SO glad everything worked out for you! Wonderful! It looks like you guys had an amazing time! You looked beautiful! Congratulations girl!!
  7. Just to chime in, the stuff at Walmart is different than what you would find in the US. Great idea to start at Costco.
  8. HA...it's been forever but I couldn't leave you hanging Danielle! Hugs and kisses to my November 2008 Bride Friends! Love ya!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by SunWorshipper09 Thanks Ruth! The Wedding Coordinator at the RIU also suggested the second floor at the Flamingo Steakhouse. Did you have a dance later? I know some people rented the speakers and a bar tender. We are considering this. I have to look a little more into it. Did you see anyone get married in the gazebo? We had our dinner at the Steakhouse. The set up was nice. They provided a book table and we had 3 tables of 10. The only thing was the service was extremely slow. We ran an hour into the time we reserved the pool bar for and they did not exted our time there, so that kind of sucked. Quote: Originally Posted by Amelia Hi, I'm getting married at the Riu Vallarta, hopefully at the end of May of beginning of June 2010. I was wondering if anyone had their wedding there and regretted not paying extra for certain add-ons to their wedding, or wished they added more to it? I wish that we would have rented the pool bar for longer. We were having such a good time that we could have stayed longer. I also wish I would have been more specific as far as what pictures I wanted from the photographer. Quote: Originally Posted by Mary04 Hi. Does anyone know if gratuities for the wedding planner or justice of the peace/minister are included in the Riu Vallarta package price? If not, how much would be appropriate to tip? Thanks! Mary They are not included. We tipped the minister and planner separately. We also brought gifts for the wedding planners as well. I think we tipped the minister $50 and the planners $100...maybe more. We also tipped out our bartenders and the waitstaff who served us dinner. Quote: Originally Posted by jmiranda Oh yes I am I cant believe that I leave in 10 days! I just hope tha everything turns out beautiful. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!
  10. Ours was 'You're in my Heart" by Rod Stewart. I love the opening lyrics (since we met in a psyc class)...."i didn't know what day it was when you walked into the room....I said hello un noticed...you said goodbye too soon". Awww....I luv that song!
  11. I can't believe this thread is for real. I can't believe I'm even posting to this thread. Seriously I can't believe anyone would think that a change of hair color would be so detrimental. This is hillarious! My son's passport pic is of him when he was 2 years old. By the time it expires I seriously don't think customs is going to care that he looks different. Get back to wedding planning ladies and quit sweating the non important stuff!!
  12. Okay...I have been reading this for days and Froggy...come on girl.... You found a photographer on craigslist and paid $0 ZERO dollars for him to take pictures. Then when you didn't hear from him you flip out! Really - what did you seriously expect? If someone hounded me like you have hounded him I wouldn't have called you back either! Mich - YES Dear - she is complaining about paying him! If anything the photographer should be threatening legal action against her for non payment for services! She got a free BD shoot and a free book - who cares what size it is - you pay for what you get and since you've paid for nothing how can you complain! She is lucky she got that much. Learn from this...next time ~ sign a contract or use one of our talented photogs here on BDW. I ABSOLUTELY 100% agree with EVERYTHING Yari said.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by alkoch Thanks for all the info ladies - I got engaged at the RIU Negril and am thinking about the RIU for the wedding. JMiranda we want to do a church ceremony too and have the ceremony back at the hotel - if you don't mind me asking what were the prices they gave you for the reception? I want to have dinner and dancing in a private space. Thanks for your help! Once you go onto the RIU's website you can get the costs for each space. Quote: Originally Posted by Chica & Octi We are going to the Gazebo. It looks like such a beautiful setting and our wedding is at 1pm so I think a little shade will be a good idea! OMG girl - that gazebo is stunning! We have lots of pics if you need to see some. Quote: Originally Posted by Chica & Octi Thanks guys! We had to change our wedding date to December 5 at 3pm becuase they had no availability for Nov 21. (We were advised to try and not travel on the Nov 28 weekend due to Thanksgiving!) After lots of stress and worry we have finally settled on December 5 and it is booked and confirmed!! I'm soooo excited! December is great too. The weather there is perfect. Congratulations on booking a date!
  14. So I had to call my insurance company to get a replacement card and had them change my name because I got married (7 months ago). Welll...since I am listed as married instead of single my rate dropped $120 over six months! I thought I'd pass along for those of you who need to do this as it is something I never thought about. I missed out on the savings over the past 7 months. Unfortunately they won't retroactivate my savings but I'll take it now!!
  15. IMHO - Tungsten rings aren't expensive, so buy two just in case! I don't think we paid over $100 for DH's band. It was way less than we anticipated.
  16. Wow...where to start with the compliments! Your flowers were beautiful, that BD book was INSANE (You go girl!) The dress, clothes, OOT bags and all the little details were just perfect! You did an incredible job and I'm sure your guests loved it all! Amazing!
  17. Nice job - your pics look great! I like the idea of giving them to him the morning of. Congrats!
  18. Well....I'm in the running with my girl Abbie...I'm an every 3 week girl and then I wash the whole thing. Sheets, mattress pad and I wash the mattress. My bathroom counter is a mess...I'm not even going there! Ewwww....
  19. I must say that I LOVE this show! I am almost loving them more than my OC Housewives! I can't wait for the reunion show! I love that Teresa had to flip the table to get at Danielle - although I would have loved to see them scrap it out! HA ha!! And Caroline....she is total Mamma Bear! My kind of lady! I agree Jacqueline is the most normal. Teresa's daughter cracks me up - she is a little character! Danielle needs some serious help. I thought it was great that even her daughter pointed out to her that the men only wanted her "goodies". What kind of mom tells her kids so much information about her relationships? Expecting these men that she was only with for sex to "stick around"? WTF?? She is a freakin' donut! She needs some help is all I can say about her. Dina's relationship with her daughter seemed so sweet. My heart broke for her when her daughter left and when her daughter was calling her from Greece. I'd like to see who Dina's husband is. I'd also like to see what bit part Danielle says she had on the Soprano's.
  20. This is a great show. I think they do fabulous cakes! That bridezilla would have gotten an arse whoopin from me! I would have never made her another cake!
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