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  1. There is no mention of it in the initial contract, but when we contacted Kelley she added it in there. Also, there is a $10/person fee for the tips that are calculated in the contract. Kids over 2 must be included in this count. If you are planning to add the extra hour it is also an additional $10/person, but the kids do not need to be included in this count because the extra fee is to cover the open bar. Hope this help! Please let me know if I can answer anymore questions. It was my sister's wedding, but I did most of the planning ~Lety~
  2. My sister got married at LC Last month. Kids 2 and under are free, and kids up to 12 are $25 each (1/2 off the adult prices).
  3. Does anyone know what clipart was used for the stick figures? I do not have enought posts, but I think I can re create it if I could find the stick people
  4. Paradise village in Nuevo Vallarta also has a Marina where the catamaran can pick up guests. We decided to stay here for my sister's wedding because it is more convinient. The guests can just walk down to the marina, instead of having to take taxis to the vallarta adventure office. This way we also ensure no one gets lost in a taxi!
  5. Your wedding was beautiful, you did a great job!! I was wondring where you purchased the frame for your sand ceremony?? It is exactly what we have been looking for. Thanks for your help!!!
  6. @ Nessa, Yea I agree, I think she will be great! We will def post pics on here when we return!!
  7. @ Nessa0308, Yes my sister's wedding will be Eva's first LC wedding. She is getting married in Oct. We were nervous because she had not shoot a wedding there before, but we asked Kelley and she said she heard good things about her. Kelley mentioned that one of the best PV photogs actually referes clients to Eva if she is booked. We thought that had to be a good sign lol!!!
  8. Another option for a local photographer is Eva Sica. My sister booked her a few months back and her prices were very reasonable. She shoots with her brother, so there is always 2 photographers. Her website is photoshootsvallarta.com.
  9. Hi! Did you hire Tom & Eva to photograph your wedding too? My sister has booked them for her LC wedding in October and I was just wondering what your exerience was working with them for your Engagement shoot. Eva is super nice and responsive though email, but I wanted to know what you thought of actually working with them, and how you liked the pictures. Any feedback would be great!!!
  10. Wow these look great! I really like they format! Would it be possible to give me an example of the wording you used? I cannot read it and I don't have enough points to open the attachedment. I was interested in the top welcome portion mainly. Thanks!!!
  11. Wow these look great! May I ask what program you used to design/print these I love the idea of the RSVP Card being attached!! Great Job!!
  12. Hi All, In all pictures I have seen of weddings everyone walks down the aisle on those square mats. Has anyone gone down without the mats, just barefeet in the sand? It is what my sis really wants, but since I have not seen it I wondered if perhaps they don't allow you to walk down in the sand barefeet. Any input would help here!!! Thanks!
  13. Wow, your wedding was beautiful!! I love the idea of the pashminas!!! What did the sign that was in front of the basket say
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