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  1. What is their most recent airline "policy" on carrying on your dress? Will they hang it for you or do you need to hold it or put it in a overhead bin? i am starting to stress about this travel issue!
  2. I want to take advantage of this deal, too, but I really am not sure what sizes to buy!! How did you decide on sizes?? Or did you just guess or buy several of the most popular sizes??
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride What about a cigar cutter? Or a cigar? (or both depending on your budget) Golf balls?? Beer/Liquor? Our guest list doesn't have many "young" guys - just my brother in law, my future brother in law and the best man. All other guys are older uncles, fathers, etc. Most are 60+ in age. Cigars would be fine for the younger guys, but the older ones don't smoke at all. Not sure what to do with them . . .
  4. I have been trying my hardest to find someone who can play live music for the ceremony. I really don't want a steel drum for the ceremony and would prefer to use some sort of string type instrument. Does anyone out there know of a vedor who does this sort of thing??
  5. I am getting pashminas for all female guests, but I don't know what to get for the men . . . anyone have any ideas?
  6. Update: We told both sets of parents this weekend, and both are thrilled!! We have moved the wedding date up 11 weeks, to May 2nd. Same location. We expect to have a few friends back out (mostly mine because they will still be teaching in the middle of the college term). Overall, I am relieved and now need to get invitations out ASAP and figure out if my dress is gonna fit me in two months!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine you're over two months, gosh I thought you just found out. If you will be 7 months when you have the wedding scheduled I personally would move it up if possible but consider your guests and how much money they will lose. The only reason I say this is there is no way I wanted to travel to a foreign country when I was 7 months pregnant. For me traveling was not entirely comfortable my entire pregnancy. I did go out of town during each trimester and it was difficult. I did just find out, and I am already that far along. I didn't have any sickness symptoms at all, and I barely had a monthly visitor to begin with, so I really didn't have any signs until my boobs starting getting huge!! I already need to go bra shopping! I do not want to be that far along and in a foreign country. We are going to move up the wedding for sure; the question is whether to do it in April or May. I have been told May is really rainy in Jamaica, so we are leaning toward April. However, if we do it in April, my friends will not be able to come for sure. And I just found out that step-monster in law will be in England in May. I would love to have it then . . . but my fiancee's sister would also be out of the country at that time and he wants her there. I will move up the boudoir shoot, too. I just didn't budget for it this soon. Oh well, some things are out of my control for sure now!
  8. For those of you who were pregnant when you got married, did you have to change your original plans due to your pregnancy? I am pretty sure I will need to move up my July wedding date due to the fact that it would make me about 7 months at the time of the wedding. I really don't want to be that far along when I get married, anyway. Did any of you who experienced this situation have to drastically change your plans? I am determined to still have my wedding in paradise! I know that people will not be able to attend that originally were going to attend if the date is moved. Of course, people were bitching from the start when we first wanted a destination wedding. Now, in moving up the date, I can already hear all the crap that we are going to hear about being irresponsible, insensitive, blah, blah blah . . . as if we planned this pregnancy just to piss people off! I also just booked a boudoir shoot right before I found out that I was pregnant . . . did any of you find yourselves in this situation? I was supposed to do an April shoot, which clearly is out now. Do I push it up to do it ASAP before I get too far along? I really, really was excited to do this for finacee because he would never think I would do something like this! Any words of wisdom would be appreciated as I really never thought this would be something we would have to deal with!
  9. We have our first doctor appointment on Monday, March 2nd, which is only one week away, thank God! I have done one of those due date calendars and it looks like I might be 11 weeks along now. That is further than I thought . . . which certainly means we will definitely be moving up the date. My man has really handled this whole thing so well! I think he is excited, too, even though it throws us into a bit of a tailspin. He keeps looking at my belly and rubbing it! He left to go back an fly another trip, and kissed my belly before he left today. We were already having family drama on his side with the fact that we were doing a destination wedding, so this is likely to bring more, especially given the fact that I am pregnant and we are not yet married (his family is VERY Catholic and can be judgemental). I can only imagine what the future step-monster-in-law will do with this information. I am sure that I will be blamed for this "change of events". Screw her. I am upset with the fact that some people will not be able to come now - all my friends will still be teaching college if we move up the date. Also, some of fiancee's family has already bought tickets for our date, which is going to piss them off. Amazingly enough, we did not buy tickets yet, so we don't have any issues with that. I am thinking I might still be able to wear my dress if we get married the end of April. The question is, when do I get it tailored now? I haven't done anything yet.
  10. So I have been glued to all the pregancy websites this morning, and now that I have read a bit more, I do have concerns about this being classified as a high risk pregnancy. I had a past LEEP procedure (2002) and cone biopsy (2007), so my cervix might be weakened as a result of this. That could mean problems carrying the baby to term, and I cannot imagine the doctor letting me go to Jamaica if this is the case. Additionally, I think I might be further along than I had thought (maybe 8 to 10 weeks now), which puts my possible due date in mid-September, only 2 months after our planned July wedding date. I need to keep all my options open, I think.
  11. I told fiancee last night. I started by telling him that the year 2009 has been stressful so far (we had family drama on his side and we have both been working too hard and too many hours), but that I know this year will be one of the best because I will get to do the two things that I most want to do in the world: be his wife and have our baby. I told him that I think even though this wasn't our timeline, it clearly was God's timeline and that it has happend for a reason. I showed him the two positive pregnancy tests. His eyes got wide and he said, "So you're pregnant now?" and I said "yes". Then of course he said it was surprising because I had been on the pill. He then hugged me tight and wouldn't let go. He then switched gears and starting asking if we should do something else for the wedding because of needing to save up for the baby. For the last few months we had been talking of buying a house, and I think that is where his thought process is in terms of how to take care of us. He did note that we (he and I) are spending more than we thought we would due to subsidizing some things/people at the wedding. I told him that I am sure there are many options available, but that I didn't want to "cheapen" this experience of getting married. I totally think that I would be fine with the plans as they are, assuming that it wouldn't cause any pregnancy complications. Also, and I don't even want to think this right now, but I would hate to cancel our Jamaica wedding and then have something go wrong with the pregnancy. If that were to happen, I would NEED to have that wedding to look forward to. One thing I do know - I do not want to have a stay at home Pennsylvania wedding. No way. For those of you who have had this happen, what alternatives did you consider? I have thought of keeping things as is with the four villa rentals at Bluefields Bay, moving the date up at the villas, or cancelling the villa and having a more intimate wedding at the resort where we are honeymooning (Royal Plantation in Jamaica). Given the drama surrounding the wedding already, I think I would be fine with a smaller group of people at the villas, if anything. There is just so much to consider! And . . . after the initial conversation about having the baby . . . he then wanted to "get it on" !! Guess that isn't a bad reaction at all!
  12. Thank you everyone for your support! I did do another test this morning and it was positive. I have to call for a doctor appointment. My last period was mid-December, so I am pretty sure this is the real thing. I just got back from a 6 am to midnight trip to NYC with my college students. Nothing like a tour of Ground Zero to make you a basket case when your hormones are already out of whack! My God . . . I could not stop crying during the tour. Granted, I am sure I would have been emotional, but today as people talked of their families, it REALLY hit home. I am preparing to tell fiance tonight . . . I had a four hour bus ride up and back from NYC to think of how exactly to do this. Not sure yet, but I am sure the words will come. I will keep you posted!
  13. Thank you all very much! I am going to take another test this morning and if positive, will tell fiancee tonight. Hopefully, I can get in to see a doctor soon for confirmation. I am still in shock that this happened! I have been on the pill for so long, and take it each night with my other medication. I do know that this will be a blessing; it just changes the picture quite a bit. I am a person who likes to be prepared for things, so the thought of this happening now has me a bit freaked out. Once I get my mind around it, I am sure everything will be fine. Although, I don't look forward to informing my fiancee's side of the famiy who is VERY Catholic and is upset that we are even living together now. But that is a story for a different time. I know that I will definitely be able to use support from the ladies on here who have been through this. Thank you all for your information and support!
  14. I am not sure if I should tell him on the phone. The thing is, I have to be up at 4 am to take my criminal justice students to NYC, and I will not be home until late tomorrow night. He will be home then. I really think I should wait until tomorrow night when we are together to tell him. He will embrace it after he gets over the shock. I just know if I tell him on the phone tonight, he will be freaking out. I didn't use a digital one, just one from First Response. There is another test to use, so I am going to take it, too. And I only put the test in my cart at Target as kind of an afterthought because my boobs had been so weird lately. I really thought I would feel something more if/when I got pregnant. I totally expected to be sick . . . Ah . . . and I just booked a boudior photo shoot and put down a deposit!!!
  15. Yes - I have been on the pill!! I am going to take another test and I already put in a request for a doctor appointment (online). Should I take the other test right away or wait until the morning?? I know that we can handle this . . . but . . . wow. My parents are gonna lose it - my younger sis was 4 months pregnant when she got married and my Dad was livid. Are you keeping your wedding plans the same??
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