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  1. Tks Eureka!! Yes, our colors were pink and orange, I just loved the way the bridesmaids Watermelon dresses popped againist the ocean, it was gorgeous. Your idea of different colors of Gerber dasies sounds so pretty...it will look amazing!! I'm not sure I can help with the getting legally married in Mexico part, we married ourselves here in Colorado and had the symbolic ceremony in Cancun. During our ceremony, our minister still had us sign a certificate so guests wouldn't be wondering, which was nice. He was the BEST, he had so many beautiful things to say and everyone was blown away by
  2. Hi all Moon Palace Brides!! We are finally back from our destination wedding and I couldn't be more happy about how everything turned out. The resort was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Our beach wedding was magical and I can't wait to receive our pro pictures and DVD. Future brides....you will have the time of your life so enjoy!!! PS: Order a Mexican coffee...the presentation was awesome!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Camie78 One thing to note soon2bemsleblanc, (and I am not sure if this fits your scenario) is that we had to bring a copy of our marriage certificate in order to get 'married' in Mexico (we had the Catholic ceremony). So there were two waiting periods for us which really surprised me: 1. A 3-day waiting period after we applied for our marriage license before we could get married. 2. After the 3-day waiting period, we got married and then it was about 3 weeks until we got our marriage certificate. If this situation applies to you, then you will wan
  4. Camie, thanks for the list of good and bad decisions. I would also love to see the swine flu shirts you made! Eureaka and Tina, we are also getting married before we leave. Our plane departs on July 9th, so we are going to get hitched on 7-8-09. The blood test really turned me off to that whole thing. And its a secret to our guests...my mom would FREAK if she found out! Nibsmom, hopefully you hear back from your WC soon about moving your time. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  5. thanks for sharing! I almost decided to get married at the Surfrider, its so beautiful!
  6. Hey ladies! I just wanted to share some uplifting information relating to the swine flu. We had some guests back out due to the scare and therefore did not reach our 10 rooms required for the complimentary private cocktail reception. I emailed my WC Rosy Lily about this and asked if it was possible to still receive this. Just heard back from her and she said YES, she will be able to provide us with this!!! This is a huge relief for us and also a reminder that it never hurts to ask!! Take that swine flu...
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Camie78 I am so sorry - I feel your pain totally. For peace of mind, there is a very nice doctor's office on the Nizuc side that is open 24 hours a day and it is $80 for per office visit. I only knew of one person who went there during our stay... There was a woman who was in her mid-50's who was super drunk on our wedding night (she was not part of our crew) at the Sunrise lobby bar. The lobby bar is a sunken area and she tried to step up onto the main walkway in-between some planters (short cut to the bathroom) and she missed a step, fell and broke both of h
  8. Thanks for the post Camie. I also believe the swine flue has been blown WAY WAY out of proportion...its really irritating My sister and also MOH is on the fence about coming and bringing her 2 year old baby. She says she doesn't want him to get sick in Mexico because of the health care there being so poor. I have ran out of come backs to all of her arguements so I really don't know whats going to happen. Anyway...less than two months to go!
  9. congrats Amanda and happy planning!!
  10. Congrats and happy planning!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Camie78 Horse carriage ride... I think it came down to me just not being into the whole fairytale type wedding and being the center of attention. Personal preference - I just didn't need all the hoop-la with it I guess. I totally get that...I get nervous just thinking about it. Thanks for the advice on the cake...I was debating between small and large and now I know I can go with the small and it will be fine. Can't wait to see more pictures from your wedding!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom MP also told us there is a three day minimum, but our travel agent worked it and I have a few guests only staying for two. So, maybe something can be worked out for just one night. I was wondering about the rose petals as well...I would like to do a pink/orange color too! Our colors are pink and orange too! My fiancee loves orange and my bridesmaids are wearing Watermelon colored dresses from Davids Bridal! I just sent a request to our WC about orange and pink rose petals.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b Camie and all recent brides, I will probably have more questions but would like your opinion. We are going down with a crew of party people. We originally chose the Sunrise side since that is where most of the bars/dance places are but I really think I would prefer the new Grand side or Nizuk. How much of a hike is it to each of the areas? How bout at night? How many bars and do you know the hours are there in the Grand section? I know about the Roof Top Bar, I was actually thinking of everyone meeting for happy hour there on Friday night. Our bi
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