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Jessyg20's VERY LONG & DETAILED Planning Thread

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OMG you have really outdone yourself ~ but it looks like there is no stone left unturned!!!! WOW!!!


OK, there was so much to look at I know I'm going to forget some things I wanted to comment on..


First ~ I can't wait to hear all about your Punta Cana wedding! I hope you get Utsey as your guide on the busride from the airport to the resort - he is awesome!


I love your veil!!!


I love your cake inspiration (same as mine - but mine didn't quite turn out like that, lol) ... and the hang tags on your fans look suspiciously familiar, he he. :-)


I think you will be so pleased with your mugs - I think we wasted money on ours (insulated travel mugs instead of what you're using).


I can't wait to hear all about EdenH ... it looked unbelieveable while we were in Punta Cana!!!!




Oh, and nice job packing and enlisting the help of others to get everything there!!!

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