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  1. We don't know if Joan is blind yet...the surgery might help. I am glad Jeremy didn't kill himself too.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine I thought it was great and set up some good story lines for the season, I am really looking forward to this season. Me too...very excited about it.
  3. I loved it Christine! What did you think?
  4. I was really disappointed with the finale, I found it to be boring. I wanted more umph.
  5. I am so addicted to this show, I love it! I can't stand Tamra...way fake for me. I honestly don't think Simon is that bad. I think it's the editing. As for Vicki, good riddance, I hope this is her last season. Lynne is such an idiot parent, the way she let's her daughters speak to her. I can't wait for next week's episode.
  6. Oh no, that stinks. I think it is sweet you feel bad, it shows that you will make a great step mom to her. Remember it was her responsibility to check on the date and she is old enough to do so. Senior prom is a super big deal, but so is a wedding. She has quite a few months to get over it, but the question does come into play...would your FI let her stay home and go to prom if she really wants to go?
  7. Matthew is so cute! I love the mohawk!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by katrina i think this thread is confusing being "allowed" to go, with being "able" to go. we are not allowed to go, but we are able.. kwim? Exactly...I think the fine is $30K if found out that we (US citizens) visit Cuba illegally. I have known people that have gone with no problem, but it is a total gamble and considered illegal. Unless you get a visa for education or work. I am so jealous of Canadians being allowed to go to Cuba, I have always wanted to visit, but will want until we are legally allowed to.
  9. This is tricky. I say talk to your MOH and tell her what the other BM is planning on doing and have them work it out. I think one official bach party would be awesome. Now for party #2, don't call it a bach party. It can be a happy hour, take you out to dinner, party hard sorority pre-wedding celebration then you could invite only your sorority sisters and girls not invited to the wedding.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Lashawn WOW!!! I was pissy? well my apologies. "How selfish of you" sounded like a character attack to me. ALL of my post have been positive and congratulatory and never negative by any means. I was defending myself against being called selfish. Of course I wanted opinions, but again I felt attacked. AGAIN I APOLOGIZE!! You felt attacked, seriously? I simply stated that I felt you were being selfish. Which is an opinion, not an attack against you personally. BTW, thanks for the rude PM last night. For someone that doesn't care about my opinion, or is positive and congratulatory, oh and never negative you sure make it a point to rude and mean. " At the end of the day... your opinion of me DOESN'T matter!! I wouldn't want to know you either. Good day!" Wow, such resentment and anger. Very sad.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Lashawn What are you talking about selfish!? Exactly how am I being sad or selfish in this situation I almost wanted to say but I value all opinions. I don't like being called selfish by someone who knows nothing about me. I wanted advice not to be called names. If you have nothing nice to say then you know how the saying goes. To the other ladies.... thanks so much for offering constructive advice. I know that there is a way to conquer this less than ideal situation with everyones feelings in tact. It is genuinely hard to choose, so I will have 2 MOH's!!! What a great idea. I don't want her (future step-daughter) to feel as if I care less about her than I do my really good friend. Guess you didn't like what I had to say and well that is tough. You asked for advice and I gave it. Now if you want to live in a world and think it is okay to demote your stepdaughter that is fine. BUT I think you are being selfish...period. I didn't say you were sad, I was merely stating how sad it was for your stepchild that you would even entertain this thought. You are right I don't know you, nor do I want to ever know you. How in the world does anyone think it is okay to hurt their future stepchild in that manner and then try to justify it? I have a stepdaughter and included her in my wedding so I felt like I was speaking from the heart, with someone who knows how delicate having a stepchild can be. This is a child you are talking about, your FI's child. She should take priority over your BFF. I know this is not what you want to hear, but the truth hurts.
  12. Sorry for not agreeing with the masses...I do not think it's ok for you to demote her at all. How sad! This is your future step-daughter. You already asked her and she agreed, period. I feel that it's pretty selfish. To add a Jr title is a slap in the face, she is 14 not 5, she knows what is going on.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Jessica men. I wonder if they even screened this guy before letting him on the show? Geez. I was thinking the same thing. Quote: Originally Posted by starchild This is totally disgusting, I can't imagine that level of sickness. Murder is sick enough but what kind of state are you in that you can go through with pulling one tooth at a time and removing the fingers? That is above and beyond sick. What a tragedy!! Actually they said her teeth were knocked out, so I am assuming that he punched them out. What an a hole. So horrible.
  14. Kora and Natalie are so beautiful!!
  15. Congrats!! Matthew is beautiful.
  16. I would be hurt too, but I wouldn't let it get you down for longer then one day. Just remember the DW mantra, " Your wedding is the most important thing to YOU and only you." Even the closest people in your lives will make decisions that will shock you.
  17. It is funny how this question pops up almost immediately after the ceremony. It's like slow your roll people...plus it's so personal.
  18. Congrats Heidi and Alyssa!! Woot woot!
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