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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by amee Anyone know any place in MoBay to get decorative things, like vases, votives, candles etc? Not in MoBay but pricewise you are better off bringing those things down from the states. You can easily get candles in the votive glass as a boxed pack of 9 for cheap at Walmart or Michael's. Wrap them between your clothes and you're good. Things like that are much more expensive in Jamaica.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jenjoe08 Thank you!! That is really helpful information. We will be staying at the Ritz Carlton. Going down this weekend in fact (counting the seconds!), so we will be sure to check it out. How was your trip? My I know both a massage therapist and a girl who works in the Salon there very very well and can recommend them to you if you are getting those services done on property for your wedding. I can send you a private msg w/ their contact info if you'd like. I've been going to the Ritz there for the past 5 yrs and know everyone there, so when I say these 2
  3. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and had my wedding in Jamaica on Jan 18th. We had a quick civil ceremony at the courthouse here because the paperwork will be much quicker. Our Jamaica marriage was legal also, but I know I'll get my FL certificate first!
  4. You should also check out Sandy May.... she doesn't live in Jamaica but spends a lot of time there and you can check to see if she's on the island when you're getting married. She's FABULOUS and very reasonably priced! Sandy May Photography
  5. I'm from Jamaica and very familiar with MoBay. You can buy most of your OOT bag contents at the local supermarket for much less than what's sold in the hotel, souvenier shops, or airport. Not sure what resort you'll be at, but the supermarket in the Blue Diamond plaza (east of the airport, across from the new RIU and the Burger King) has small burlap bags of blue mountain coffee, mini liquor bottles, small rum cakes, and lots of snack foods and candies that are traditional Jamaican brand items that will make your OOT bags more authentic and unique than the ones just just contain your typical s
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by pugmomjenn Hi All, Does anyone have any suggestions for a photographer for Ochos Rios? We are probably going to be booking at Couples Sans Souci for October 2009. Still waiting to hear from Stacey Clarke, got Mischa Earle's price list. If anyone has any price lists for Stacey or anyone else that would be great. I'll take all of the help I can get! Thanks! Jenn I am not sure if she's on the island in October, so you'll have to ask, but you should seriously look into Sandy May Photography. Sandy's based in MN but spends winters in Jamaica doing wedding p
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by PoeticJustice We are getting married at the Ruins October 11 and it is a very popular venue locally in Jamaica. The staff is very friendly and works with your budget. There are 3 or 4 different banquet rooms to choose from and they have an array of choices for your Reception dinner. In addition they check in with me on a regular via email and they are eaisly accesible by phone: How did your wedding go? Mine will be at The Ruins in 1 week (yikes!) and I'm dying to hear how yours went there in October. Any pointers? Any mishaps to warn me about? Things you ch
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jessyg20 bashigyal, Thanks FLL girl!!! I ordered the bubbles from wedding channel.com and the luggage tag inserts I made them on vista print. They are business cards. Send me you're email and I'll send you a better pic of it from vistaprint. thanks!! will message you my email address.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Erica053009 Has anyone ever used or heard anything about the below photographer...My WC suggested him but I don't know how much I trust her, but I do trust you girls Jamaica Wedding Photographer, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Port Antonio, Jamaica Wedding Thanks Excellent photographer who's very well known on the island. I've attached his pricelist for you...he's a little steep, but quality of his photos is great. Saab Wedding Price List.doc
  10. Is there one? I went to Alfred Angelo to try on a bridal gown and they gave me this lovely soft stretchy strapless longline bra to use, as I wasn't wearing the right bra at all. But I've not been able to find this bra anywhere. Can anyone recommend a longline bra for me that has a little boning in it for support and lift, yet isn't restrictive and binding? It has to be one that fits a busty girl though....I'm a 34DD and it's hard to find strapless bra in that size. Thanks everyone for your help! :-)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by katrina well imo, unless all of your guests have already been to a DW, the fact that you are using some type of straw fans is already unique... just because it's common to all of us on bdw doesn't mean it's common in the "real world".. just my 2 cents! Very true. I guess with this specific product it's different for me as I'm Jamaican with lots of family and friends there (same for my FI) and so it is very common at outdoor weddings there to use those fans. Not so much as a wedding favor, but for practical purposes, they do. So that's why I thought of tryin
  12. As an update, I ordered from them and you were right...they are good quality and LIGHTENING FAST! I placed my order on Monday afternoon, had my proof emailed to me w/in 2 hrs, shipped the next day and received them on Friday. A total of 5 days turnaround and I payed the $20 extra for each item to be Rush processed and to have next day delivery. Totally worth it! Thick, quality card stock, beautiful typeface and perfect print job. I actually then chose to go to Michael's and get a coordinating color cardstock to back it and then added ribbon embelishment at the top to make it a semi-DIY job and
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by katrina i just clicked on both of the links and the only difference i could see between the two was the handle Yes it seems it's just the handle (looped vs. straight) and that the end of the bamboo fan is pointed vs. rounded on the other. Didn't know if there was a difference in the actual straw used...the bamboo one just looks a little nicer, classier, and less common and I always like to use "different" things than others do just to be more unique.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jessyg20 Fans, Tears of Joy, and Bubbles: Jessy you have MAD DIY SKILLZ!!! You really rocked it, girl. Good for you! I would love to know where you ordered the Bubbles from. And how did you make the inserts for the luggage tags? Do you have a template you wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks for the inspiration!!
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