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I miss BDW! :(


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Oh I have been so busy- I'm working 2 jobs for the price of 1 right now. Who knew I was so cheap!!?? But seriously, I can not wait for my work to hire someone for the position I have been covering for the last month. I'm so used to having nothing to do that when a whole shit ton of work falls on my lap, I freak out because I can't be on BDW!


Also, I've been on vacation a few times this summer and I'm getting ready to go camping tomorrow for 5 whole stinky days. I'm so excited but then I know I will come back to a zillion unread threads.


Is it sad it makes me so sad to feel like I'm missing out? I know we have probably had a million noobies in the last month-

HI NOOBIES!! welcome3.gif


And probably even more near bridal freakouts that I wasn't able to give my wonderful advice for that probably would have sounded something like this "Be chill- it will all be merry" or "tell that bitch to step off before I go bridezilla on her ass." pokestick.gif


I'm even more sad to think about all the gossip and funny chit chat I've missed. Poor me. sad.gif


Just wanted to note- I still love you all and I can't wait to join back in on the festivities!! friday.gif

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Originally Posted by Chiquita View Post
Awww.. we will all still be here when you get back.. heh!! Have fun camping.. we love to go camping.. hope you have good weather :)
I love camping too. Soo fun. It's suppose to be really nice so that I'm very thankful for. Plus we bought this new 3 person tube for our boat (it's huge- 96"!) I can't wait to get tossed off that thing. I should probably make a chiropractor appointment now!
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Originally Posted by azhuskergirl View Post
Aw, as long as you're back posting again before I leave, so you can make me smile as I furiously try to finish packing & stuff! cheesy.gif
Deal. Just don't pull a me and glue menu cards together on your way to the airport! You got 23 days. Get it all done and drink a friggin mai tai on the way to the airport instead!
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