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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by amanda50388 I heard Now Jade is good, but that does have kids or if you book a fun for less deal it will be cheaper and you don't find out where you are going till week before you go. We did the Azul properties and ended up at Azul fives, it was okay, but they also do a fun for less El Dorado deal. They say most likely you will end up at El Dorado Royale with it being bigger, I would just start researching and looking at reviews. I don't blame you on the picky part, I am scared to try any other resort other then Karisma properties, especially since you know what you are getting. We did not care for Now Jade at all, but loved Now Sapphire. We did upgrade to the Preferred Club and had an oceanfront room. There is a Preferred Club/Adults Only pool that was nice and not crowded at all, plus there is also the Preferred Club beach. You also get to eat at the oceanfront restaurant and sit right on the deck overlooking the ocean. The food was excellent at all the restaurants and there is a nice little coffee bar that makes great coffee/frozen drinks and desserts/sandwiches. It is not nearly as large as EDR, but there is still plenty of room. We used the hobie cats several different days. All in all, one of our favorite places to stay!
  2. When we were there, one of the men was wearing sandals with his dress pants, and he was turned away. We also saw others being told the same thing. He borrowed closed-toe sandals from my husband and had no problem being admitted to the restaurant.
  3. Our daughter didn't think she really wanted the whole cake cutting/feeding thing, so they just used one of the desserts they had at their private reception and the pics turned out really well.
  4. Go Tigers! We live in Springfield now, but lived in Columbia for a while also. We were at Seaside for 5 days and really enjoyed it. You will have plenty of options on restaurants. It is so much more laid-back than EDR and much quieter. We enjoyed walking around the grounds in the evening, and the swinging beach beds were heavenly. The resort is quite a bit farther south of Cancun and takes a while to get to, but if you are going to do any side trips (Coba or Tulum) they are much closer than EDR.
  5. My husband and I have been to Seaside Suites and our daughter got married at EDR. Seaside is MUCH smaller with fewer restaurant options. However, the food is still great and they have swinging beach beds which are absolutely amazing and our favorite. We also had a swim-up suite while there, so we had the best of both worlds. Seaside has a whole different vibe to it, but it is relaxing, beautiful and on the beach, so you can't go wrong choosing it.
  6. I used this website: SudokuOnline.us - Printable Sudoku Puzzles to make the sudoku puzzles, then copy and pasted them into an excel document so I could make them the size I wanted for the book. For the word search, I believe I used this website: Make your own Word Search with Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker! using their names and relevant words from the wedding. I copy and pasted this one into a word document and resized.
  7. This is the location of the weddings right outside Jaal-ha restaurant. If you look closely you can see the framework of the gazebo; once decorated it is very pretty. This area is fairly private with beautiful sand. There were chairs set out for about 60 at one of the weddings we saw. In the background you can see the beach beds in the VIP area. As you can tell, the resort was VERY empty when we were there. We used the Hobie Cats alot.
  8. BBGE - Looking south (This is the area with alot of seaweed in the water) The pool is HUGE. There are lots of chairs that sit in the edge of the water.
  9. Beach at BBGE BBGE taken from Hobie Cat (The large building is the Jaal-ha restaurant & the wedding gazebo is on the right side.)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by cda023 I have a question....I was all ready to book the BBGE, but then I started reading that their stretch of beach wasn't so nice. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks! We were there in mid-May and the beach is very nice. The sand is raked every morning and is a pretty white color. The water is best from the middle of the resort and to the north towards the VIP beach. There was quite a bit of seaweed in the water close to where you get the hobie cats and kayaks. It seems to stay in that area. We spent alot of time on the beach (VIP area) and also in the water and loved it. We did go to Playa del Carmen and of course the water there is awesomely gorgeous, but you also won't be unhappy with BBGE. I'll try to post some photos for you.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobeMrs.L Can you please msg me the templates? Thank you! I'll need your email address to send them to you.
  12. Jill (J&M Wedding), The templates are on their way to you! Also, I bought the books at Hobby Lobby when they were 1/2 off.
  13. Mandee (Barefoot in the Sand), I just emailed you the templates. Have fun making the books.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jojo MelanieS, Thanks so much for the tips! Do you remember where the two wedding parties had their reception? Was there an actual gazebo for the ceremony or was there a chupah type set up for the beach ceremony? Thanks again! So sorry to take so long to reply. There was NOT a gazebo, it was the chupah type. It is located outside of Jaal-Ha next to the VIP beach. The reception we saw was on the opposite end of the beach by the Columpios Bar. They had a large stage set up for dancing.
  15. We used the hobie cats every day - they are free to use as long as you have some experience with sailing. We did a "refresher" course for $17 and then took one out every day after that. It was great fun. Also, the pool is huge and very nice. There were two weddings while we were there. One was very small and another had 60 guests. The gazebo is on a quiet section of the beach and we saw them raking the seaweed from the sand to make it nice. Both weddings had the gazebo decorated with white. The large wedding had a beautiful reception with a dance and fire dancers. They had huge round balloon-type lights that were really pretty.
  16. My husband and I just returned from a week's stay at BBGE. It was running about 25% full. They are not using buildings 6, 7, 8 at all or the pool or snack bar at that area. Breakfast and lunch buffets are at the Jaal-ha restaurant, and dinner buffet is at the Festival restaurant. We also had Italian, Mexican, Steakhouse, Seafood and Oriental food each night. They convert one of the 3 a la cart restaurants into a specialty restaurant. We did have problems with mosquitoes on our patio area. They are everywhere in the grass outside the rooms. As long as we stayed away from that we were ok. Also, it seems a bit noisy - you can hear doors slamming and people walking by, but by turning your fan on high it filters out most of the noise. The beach was very nice. Here's a big tip - go to the VIP area. They have a private bar and covered beach chairs; it is very private and nice, and no one asks you if you belong there.
  17. Here is a link to a map that shows locations of all reported swine flu cases. I noticed that there were no new ones reported in Mexico today, and there are no cases in the Cancun area and locations south. H1N1 Swine Flu - Google Maps
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by iceapple Do we have to pay for their travel cost? (Vanessa/ Claudia )? Vanessa lives in Mexico. We paid for her to stay at EDR for 3 days and split the cost with another bride who was also getting married at EDR. If your resort doesn't charge for outside photographers and Vanessa doesn't stay at your resort, I don't believe there is an extra charge for travel.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by deefalvey Melanie, I know its been said about a thousand times, but these books ROCK!!! Is it possible to have you send me your templates? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks Deanna! deefalvey@yahoo.com Deanna, I just sent you the templates. Sorry I was such a slacker and took so long after you requested them. Have fun making the books.
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by wendygw Hi Melanie. Your welcome books are wonderful! I can see why they were such a big hit. I am a Mom too but of the groom. The kids are getting married in May and I'm wanting to help them out but they live in Iowa (which is quite a ways away from me) so there is not a lot I can pitch in with. After I saw your books I was thinking they would be a great project for me to do long distance. I would so appreciate it if you could send me the templates, I know my future daughter-in-law would love them. If you get a chance my email is wgwobst@shaw.ca. Thanks so much. Wendy, I just sent you the templates. The books would be a great way to be involved in the wedding from a distance. You are going to be a great mother-in-law!
  21. Oriental Trading Company Sale! Hurry and place your order online by 11:59 p.m. CT, February 16, 2009, to save $10 on your purchase of $30 or more. Enter key code WC97773 during checkout.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Rhonda Thank you SO much for sharing this!!! I am getting married at EDR in May and will find this very useful! You don't know how much time you have saved me trying to put something together!!! Thank you!!! Rhonda, so glad the book will help you. I would recommend updating the conversion chart as the rate is now 10 pesos = .71 rather than .95 as it was last May. I copy/pasted the chart from this website: FXCheatSheet® - Currency Converter for Travelers
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