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  1. Oooh.. I will have to check out these new cast members! Thanks for posting up about them I too picture Crystal with dark hair... hmm. Sookie book #9 comes out in paperback on March 30th for those waiting to get it. The #10 book in hardcover is out May 4th. Awhile back someone had mentioned another vampire series to read called the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. I bought all these books and read them and have to say the are FANTASTIC. All 7 books. FANTASTIC. They have taken over as my favourite vampire series but I won't really post more about them as this is the True Blood thread That being said, I'm really looking forward to season 3!
  2. Haha.. that's awesome I just got the book of short stories from the library.. A Touch Of Dead.. so I'm going to read that this weekend for my Sookieverse fix!
  3. Speaking of Eric.. hee hee... Alexander Skarsgard plays a marine in Generation Kill, another HBO show (mini-series). My hubby loves shows like that so we were watching it and he keeps calling Alexander's character Eric instead of Brad! Too funny.
  4. Well I was married there in 2008 but I'll add my name to the list for reference Nov 5/08: Lisa + Jayson @ Mokapu Beach + Seawatch (Chiquita) Feb 11/09: Trish + Bill @ Makena Secret Cove + Kimo's Restaurant (mplscold) Sep 26/09: Jackie + Jeff @ Fairmont Kea Lani (PaddleAddict) Oct 12/09: Rina + Yuriy @ Kapalua Bay + Son'z Restaurant at Hyatt Regency (rina) Oct 14/09: Deb + John @ Kalaeokai'a Estate + Five Palms Restaurant (da.schmoopies) Nov 12/09: Karina + Cory @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (1sunshine) Nov 18/09: Vanessa + Jared @ Maui Tropical Plantation (brightesthour) Feb 10/10: Laura + Jim @ Maria Lanakila + TBD Reception (laura&james) Feb 11/10: Jane + Mark @ Makena Secret Cove + Capishe? (hawaiidreaming) Feb 25/10: Adam and Sandra @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (sehender) Mar 10/10 Ruth & Erik @ Makena Cove & TBD (madiamondgal) May 4,5 or 6?/10: Leah + Dillon @ Royal Lahania (photopia) May ??/10: Susan + David @ Grand Wailea + TBD (just4susan) May 22/10: Huey + Isaac @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (Huey) June 7/10: Brenna + Doug @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Old Lahaina Luau (Brenna) June 12/10: Autumn + Mike @ Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (asharp) June 17/10: Krystall + Nick @ Olowalu Plantation House + Old Lahaina Luau (azulskies) July 28/10: Lisa + Al @ Olowalu Plantation House (lwav8176) July 29/10: Julie + Brent @ TBD Ceremony & Reception (jewels0729) Aug 9/10: Lisa + Daniel @ Wailea Golf Club (lower knoll) + SeaWatch Restaurant (pjlisa) Aug 14/10: Liz + Michael @ Merriman's Kapalua Oct 19/10: Amanda + Patrick @ Kula Botanical Garden+ Ruth's Chris (Amanda81)
  5. I read somewhere Amanda returns on November 17th.. Violet is a bit creepy.. I like her.. heh. Too bad if it's true that her and Augi are leaving
  6. Yay for fairies!! And I better throw in a Yay! for Eric too Laura22610.. what is this vampire series Black Dagger Brotherhood about? I'm always looking for new stuff to read!
  7. Wow I feel the opposite of you guys.. heh. I'm totally bored with the show this season. I really liked season 1 and 2 and it's been all downhill from there. Hubby is losing interest in the show too. I hope it picks up pretty quick otherwise it's gone from my series recordings on the pvr!
  8. I think the books get better as the series progresses too. The first couple of Sookie books were just okay to me.. but I really started to enjoy the series in book 3 so I'm hoping for good things for the tv series too Go Eric! I'm also watching the Vampire Dairies right now to tide me over. I have the House of Night books but haven't started reading them yet.
  9. Ooooh.. I'm liking Jane and Amanda coming back
  10. We are almost finished watching season 5.. it's definitely a bit darker now and not as much to do with "weeds" heh
  11. That Russell guy is EVIL. Will make for an interesting show. I bet all those peeps are watching this tonight and cringing how they were taken in by him.. heh
  12. I agree! Let him make his own travel arrangements and flight schedule if he doesn't appreciate yours. It's his money he'll be wasting
  13. Lisa, I bought that box set and the #8 paperback which isn't included.. totally good price and you will read through them very quickly as they aren't all that long!
  14. Oh and just to get a pet peeve out there, it bugs me that Jason was able to be "turned" by Maryanne while Sookie can't. Are they going to make Jason totally human while Sookie is not?
  15. Hmmm good questions Erin! I'm wondering what they will do about Claudette and Claude. Claudette was suppposed to be in season 1 but they cut her part out. (ie: when Sookie threw the chains around that Rattray guys' throat - that was Claudette helping her and hiding in the bushes but we never got to see it!) Not sure who I would cast for Alcide or Quinn. I really liked Alcide as a character and don't like Quinn at all
  16. The Bill/Jessica thing at the end was weird to me too. However I took it as a more father/daughter type scenario.
  17. PVR is set tonight! Woot woot!
  18. Haha Rachel I agree!! Bill is not even a big part of all the following books.. it's all ERIC!! They better not be changing it all that much grrrrrr. The dancing was cheesy.. made me cringe a bit. Bill could have been kidnapped by either a queen minion or Lorena is my guess. All the favourite quotes you guys gave already are my favs too I'm pretty much looking forward to season 3 because this is where the books got good for me. Hopefully that means the following seasons will be awesome!
  19. Me and hubby just starting watching this.. we are in the middle of season 2 right now. It makes me laugh every episode so far! Andy is probably my fav character at the moment.
  20. That was my thought too Jessica.. I wondered if Ashlee's character was Sydney's daughter.. heh. Violet I think her name was.
  21. Sorry getting my names mixed up I guess.. I was talking about Michael's son.. not the guy getting engaged.
  22. Okay thanks Christine. I thought maybe we were supposed to know who his mom was.. and I was lost.. heh! Quote: Originally Posted by Christine I am thinking that Jonah has to be in his early 20's which means that his dad would have gotten him mom preggo before Jane and he were married (so basically even before the first Melrose aired).
  23. Most of our guests snorkeled and most of the guys that joined us went for a surf lesson in Lahaina. We threw a bbq for our guests as well as a luau. Some of us went on a helicopter tour and went up to the crater etc etc. There really is alot to do there! We basically decided what me and hubby wanted to do, and then extended an invite to everyone if they wanted to join us or not.
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