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  1. This doesn't have anything to do with anything, but are you guys really saying that where you live a mani/pedi is like $10 bucks?? For real?? I would die!!! I pay $50 for my pedi and usually $35 for my mani!!! Where do yas live cause I need to move!!! lol
  2. I'm sure it will be wonderful! One of my friends got married there 2 weeks after me, and her pictures were really nice. She used the resort photographer as well. Hope that makes you feel better
  3. You've never been? OMG!! I love it there, I would move tomorrow if I could!! Its beautiful, the people are sooo nice! The beach is to die for! Don't worry, everything will turn out just the way you hoped for. Mine was more then I ever thought it could be
  4. Theres lots to do. Don't worry you and your guests will have a great time!! And they accept American money. Thats all I ever use there.
  5. They charged you extra for the wheel chair as well?? As far as I'm concerned you shouldn't have had to pay for it in the first place. Thats crazy! I didn't know my parents were paying for it, we had all the cash with us to pay for it, and when we got back from our meeting with Carolina, Dad was like, umm Wasn't I suppose to go? I was like no Dad, were just did wedding stuff, he said, well how am I suppose to pay for it if I'm not there. I almost cried in the middle of the beach! lol He's so sweet. I argued with him for a couple of minutes about him not paying but he just walked away from me! haha About the hair, I made my appt the day before the wedding. I'm pretty sure brides take over in there because it didn't really matter what time I said they were going to let me in. I got in at 11am and my ceremony was at 4. My photogh arrived at 2. And they charged me $122US. Which was insane but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Tipping..........I forgot!! OMG! I couldn't believe it, I said to Mike the morning of the wedding, put some money in your pocket to give to Carolina after the ceremony and he was like oh yeah for sure. Well the guy ended up wearing his BFF's underwear because he forgot his own in our room and I was getting ready in there, so needless to say we didn't have any money on us to give to her. And its IMPOSSIBLE to catch her in her office, we tired sooo many times. I got to talk to her once about my sand ceremony stuff a couple of days before we left but that was only because I was in the pool beside La Uva, and she was setting up for a reception, I just busted right up in there, LOL. But we always tipped everyone else. If we got back next year we are going to take her a gift
  6. Tracy, they charged you $20 to pay for the wedding by credit card?? We were going to pay by cash but then my dad wouldn't let us pay, he wanted to. (hehehe ) And they didn't charge us any extra. But don't be afraid when you look at your receipt and its 20,000 pesos, my poor father almost passed out, then he realized what was going on. lol Poor dad was a little stressed out that day. lol
  7. I just used a glass water bottle for my sand ceremony, and had no problem getting it home, it has a stopper in the top and I just filled it with beach sand before we left put the stopper in and then put band aids around the top to keep it on there (which I haven't taken off cause I think it will take from the moment..hahha...I'm so gay) I wrapped it in one of my dresses and put it in my carry one, which was just my beach bag so they considered it a purse and it went through the screening thing, they never opened it all. I had no problems getting it home.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzshortstuff Does Grand Palladium charge a day pass for the photographer? If so, do you know how much it costs? Thanks in advance! $60US for a day pass for the whole day (9-6)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by PuntaCanaNikki btw congrats on the pregnancy.... and don't worry the sickness will soon pass and be a memory in the past I promise..... So, I couldn't stop throwing up AT ALL!! and I was dizzy, so I went to the hospital, and I have extremely low blood pressure. 94/60....Normal is 120/80. Theres nothing they can do, and I just get to keep throwing up Quote: Originally Posted by jerzshortstuff Awesome thanks for the info! Also, has anyone had the beach wedding? We really want to have the ceremony on the beach but it seemed like the Carolina was trying to talk me out of it. I tried getting a 5pm time so a lot of people won't be on the beach but for now I'm stuck with 2pm. Any recommendations for 2pm on the beach? Do I ask them to set up closer to the water? Our whole reasoning for going away was to have our feet in the sand while we say our "I do's!" I know people will be around and watching, but that's ok if we have some stragglers in our pics! hehe Shes not trying to talk you out of it. I'm not sure if you've ever been down south, but theres ALOT of people on the beach right up until dark, doesn't matter what time it is. I think she just wants you to be prepared for old ugly speedo guys in the background. Don't ask to set up closer to the water, thats where all the people from other resorts who go for walks walk, right along the water. And Tracy, Mike is home, Hes working in Halifax everyday 7:30-3:30!! I love it
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Thanks Court, you got back to the girls before I did. I've been thinking about you, and how you've been feeling. The baby is officailly taken over huh! lol So you decided you wont find out the sex?!?!! And I almost forgot, no were not finding out the sex. We figure its the only real surprise in life, we might as well just wait
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Thanks Court, you got back to the girls before I did. I've been thinking about you, and how you've been feeling. The baby is officailly taken over huh! lol So you decided you wont find out the sex?!?!! OH its taken over, and over and over. I've been soo sick!! We didn't get to do anything at all for Canada day, I was in bed (or throwing up) all day. And sleep, well I just can't get enough sleep at all. Quote: Originally Posted by PuntaCanaNikki Which place is best to do the Gala Dinner La Uva or International? Gala dinner?? Do you mean private reception?? I don't think any of us did that. Its cheaper and just as nice to have your dinner at a semi private a la carte (which you don't pay for) and then your private beach party at $9 per person.
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