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  1. Hello Ladies!!! Oh how I missed you all!!! Can't wait to hear all of the amazing stories!!! We're wives ladies!!!! Whewwwwwww Whoooo!!!! *fist pump*
  2. Hey ladies!! Here's the final product! Thanks for all your help!! Sleep Masks Tags.pptx
  3. WoW! Ladies, I can't believe it's time!! We picked up FI's tux tonight and I cried right there in the stored, I'm sure embarrassing him like crazy! LOL I was a mess. I finally picked the song I am walking down the aisle to. I've listened to it every day since then and not one single time have I made it all the way through without tears. Guess that means it's pretty much confirmed that I will cry on my wedding day. I am finishing sewing the trim on my veil tonight and about to start painting my monogram on the aisle runner while the FI is at his "semi-bachelor party. I finished all my DIY projects except the welcome passport books. Going to work on those over the weekend. I have a bridal luncheon with the work crew tomorrow and a bridal shower with the ladies from my church tomorrow night. Seems like my list is not getting any shorter. I assigned my shadow box for the sand ceremony to my dad and hoping he can cut a hole in the top to pour the sand in. We'll see how that goes. Worst case scenario, we'll just use a vase and I will have to carry it back home by hand, but I prefer the shadow box. Getting my mani/pedi on Tuesday and we leave at 3:30AM Wednesday morning so only one day of work left (Monday) and then a free day Tuesday to tie up loose ends. My God mother was so precious to rent us a limo to go to the airport in because anything otherwise would probably mean we miss our flight! LOL Only thing left is to find FI a band. I know, I know, sounds crazy but, let's just say that it didn't work out with the others we had so we're just going to buy a new one that's not that expensive for the ceremony then get a real one when we come back. It's been a crazy experience with that boy's ring, I tell ya! Oh, and my mom is stressing over the AHR reception because she wants to have it the day after Thanksgiving but most of the event facilities are closed for the holiday so now she is back to square one. Guess that's all for now. Have to go and get back to work!! Miss you ladies! Can't believe our time is here!! Let's pray for good weather!!
  4. .................... I still havent figured out hw I'm getting my stuff down there. {sigh} 20 more days...............
  5. http://www.dreamessentials.com/a_mask_snooz.aspx  They were great quality!!! Â
  6. Thanks girl! I appreciate your support. It does suck! I've missed you gals as well. I'm super excited but super nervous too. The check list you have, Are they generic or did you create them to suit you? I've been looking for some generic check list that cater to DW's but I can't really find any. I keep feeling like I am missing something. Thanks for the compliment on the sand ceremony book. I really enjoyed making it! Glad you were able to mange your weight situation to get the results you wanted. I am so happy for you. I know that was a big deal for you to achieve and I wanted you to be happy with the way you look in your dress. Everyone deserves that! Congrats! Â
  7. From the medco health store online. I got the 2 pack for under 1.50 (so, .75 a piece) Plue they were the ultra, with spf, and I thought that might be important for a destination wedding. I love them!! http://www.medcohealthstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=218295&catid=150928&trx=PLST-0-SEARCH&trxp1=150928&trxp2=218295&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-PLST-0-SEARCH&fromsrch=chapstick Â
  8. This plan is amazing!!! So many great ideas!!! Love the table numbers and people!! SO cute!!
  9. Love the fans!! I really wanted to do fans but didn't have time to order the faftia kind so maybe I'll go grab these at the last minute.
  10. Everything is fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Enjoy your wedding!!!
  11. Hey ladies!! Just thought I'd share some pics since I am getting anxious to make my planning thread but can't do it for another couple weeks! LOL Â Enjoy!
  12. Thanks girl!! LOL It's harder than it looks! Â
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