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OMG - I heart Elizabeth Medina - Our Pics!

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So some of you know that I was hoping to have some photos done while I was in Mexico photographing a wedding. My husband was able to go along with me and I thought it would be fun to get some shots of the two of us while we were there.


We have been married 12 years and we really don't have anything - our wedding photos were terrible.


So...I hired Elizabeth Medina. She did a fabulous job - I am SO unphotogenic - and I really love what she got. We had a great time meeting her and her family and hanging out with them.


I'll try to add a couple of pics here later, but here is the slideshow if you would like to see. The pics were taken at the Fairmont Mayakoba.


Jill and Brian

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What fabulous pics!!! If you truly are "unphotogenic" then Elizabeth definitely worked some magic! However, I have a hard time believing this given how AMAZING you look wink.gif


I am soooo happy that we chose her as our photographer.


CONGRATS on the beautiful pics/memories :)

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wow jill those are awesome! your dress was adorable :) you two are an inspriation, you look so in love after all these years! em did a fantastic job.

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