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  1. Hey, I used Rafa for our wedding in Dec. '08 down in Tulum, Mexico. He was amazing! Here's his site info RAFAEL IBAÑEZ & then if you have FB he's on there & answer's quickly on all questions. He can accomodate to what you & your fiance are looking for in a package & does a great job! Please feel free to ask me any questions about him or his work! I think he is very reasonable & much cheaper than alot of photographers out there. Good Luck! Laura
  2. I voted! You look amazing! can't wait to hear the results!!!
  3. We had our reception on the beach, but that was after some circumstance made us move our pool side reception to the beach by the seaside grill. Ours was set up in a large circle surrounded by candle bags w/ tea lights in each. And then we added a bonfire to the middle since the candle bags didn't give off much light. They also have a few large spotlight type lights on the outside of SG that they can point out to where your reception is. They can also set up the microphone & speaker out on the beach as well.
  4. Thanks guys!!! I love the video, i can't even tell you how many times we've watched it and are excited to get the rest of the videos..full wedding vid & our TTD (which was soooo fun--you can see a snip of it in the highlights vid when were standing on top of the dumpster truck in the Mexican village). I'll make sure to post them asap when we get them. If anyone has questions about StillMotion please shoot me a message, seriously they were the best group of guys & so talented and SO WORTH IT! We had tons of family who couldn't be with us in Mexico & these videos will help them feel like they were there; plus its amazing for us to have these to show our kids or just to look back at!
  5. SgBrown... I wouldn't worry about the upgrades until you get down there. To be honest, the whole checking in process was the only thing we had problems with while we were down there. I was a bit disappointed at the organization of their front desk. Also, the kept telling my guests they could pay a $30.00 or $60.00 fee to upgrade to a room, some did #30 some did $60 & the ones that paid more seemed to get a worse room than those that paid the $30, & then others they told they were getting "the honeymoon suite" which seem to be their way of suckering people in bc then they really just ended up in the same room as others that didn't pay any upgrade at all. Once we found all that out, we tried to complain or have people moved or get their upgrade fee back, but it wasn't worth all the confusion, etc. it caused. They didn't do anything to resolve the situation & luckily our group just let it go & stayed in the rooms they were assigned. Basically, i'd wait & see what you can work out once your there. Alot of our guests just paid for basic rooms & some were put in the old area & some on the new dreams side though they paid the same thing.
  6. Hey Ladies, I got married on Dec. 7th & Rafa was my photographer, he is amazing to work with!!!! You will be so happy with everything he does I haven't gotten all my pics yet, since our wedding was barely 2 weeks ago, but there are some teasers from our wedding he put on his facebook, if you have an account. Look at "Josh & Laura" album... He is really great, exceptionally talented, you WON'T be disappointed at all! Once he sends me the pics I will post them!
  7. I was lucky enough to get these same guys to come from Canada to Mexico to do our wedding & my TTD...here is the highlight video. I haven't gotten the full wedding one or the TTD yet since we just got back last week but i'll post those too once they are done! These guys are amazing...it was the best choice i made for my wedding to have them there! Laura + Josh // The All Brevis Wedding // Mexico on Vimeo
  8. Hahaha, mine too...they kept saying my name that way out in Mexico, so it was perfect when he said "La-ooo-rah" instead of Laura. It was so much fun!
  9. Having these guys at our wedding at Dreams Tulum was ultimately the best decision i made for my whole wedding. They are amazing & such great guys! The did our whole wedding, reception & our TTD shoot the next day so this is just a quick "highlight video" they sent me b/c i was so anxious to see something! I will also post the wedding & TTD video once I get it from them! Laura + Josh // The All Brevis Wedding // Mexico on Vimeo
  10. Welcome! I was just married at DT last Sunday (Dec. 7th) & it was amazing! You'll find so much info here, but if you have any specific questions please feel free to shoot me a message!
  11. We're on our way back home to Denver! Our wedding was amazing, everyone at DT did a great job and even though there were some kinks...Lizet & Landy made sure to smooth them all out! Once we get home & somewhat settled I'll have my review & picks posted as well! I was lucky enough to be there & see Amy's wedding, which liked she described was INCREDIBLE!!! Amy~ you were gorgeous!
  12. Thanks SBlake, do you remember at all what they quoted you for a price? I am struggling last minute to get an email out b/c were traveling all day tomorrow & then not sure if our cell phones will work once we are at Dreams Tulum, plus limited internet access. I really really appreciate your help! And can't wait to share everything once were back on the 15th Woo-hoo, can't believe its really here!
  13. I am searching the thread, but can't find the recommendations you ladies gave for the rehearsal night (sunset) dinner cruise...FI just decided he wants to do it & we leave at 5am tomorrow morning to head down there, but want the cruise for Sat. night...so would appreciate the help so I can send the company a quick email to let them know we want to set something up. Also, have you guys read that its a good experience? Worth the money to do this for you guests? Thanks ladies, down to the wire..gone in 12hrs! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  14. Congrats & welcome! There is so much info on this forum for you, so enjoy it! I leave in 2 days for Tulum, so any questions you may have or want me to look into, let me know!
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