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  1. Hello soon-to-be-brides! Married life is fantastic although we are still dreaming of our most amazing experience in Tulum. The best advice I have is to not be stressed out and enjoy every second of it! To answer a few questions: Cermony - we had our ceremony under a huppa right in front of the palm tree and it was perfect! Nacho Alcocer, who Jackie recommended, was our oficiant and he was amazing! We paid for the bamboo runner which I thought was a nice touch. Dancing/Lighting/Music - although we ate under the grape tree, which was beautiful, we had our band set up under a small little palapa right by the water and we paid for a wooden dance floor ($200) which I recommend. We had tiki torches and luminarias and we had enough light. The whole set-up worked really well. Also, we used our Ipod (no DJ) in between live music and had one of the guys from Ana y Jose in charge of it and it worked out great. Hair/Makeup - i did my own makeup and had my sister help me with my hair. One caution: it is pretty windy there on the beach so if you are not going to wear your hair up, I would recommend a pretty simple, flowing style. Just know that unless you have tons of hairspray, it will get messed up (but hey, you are at the beach and it ends up looking sexy ) Food/drinks - once again, I cannot say enough about how amazing the food was. We had the veracruz fish and chickep with the tortilla soup (amazing) and salad and had the tres leches cake for our wedding cake. Also, instead of paying $50/bottle corkage fee for champagne, we did a tequila toast and it worked out well. Here is a link to a sample of some of our pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding: Picasa Web Albums - josh - Destination W.... Hope this helps and hope everyone has has a fantastic experience!
  2. Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... -African Drummers - rehearsal dinner Picasa Web Albums - josh - Kristin and J... -Cabana Copal-Bar Tun Tun - rehearsal dinner
  3. Hello Everyone! We had the most amazing wedding at Ana y Jose Beach Club last Saturday and I would like to let everyone know that the entire event was perfect! All of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to! Thanks to Jackie, Claudia, Frankin and all the other A y J staff - the service was impeccable. The setting for the ceremony was unbelievable and our dinner was held under the grape tree and was simply magical. The food and cake were delicious. We had the most amazing band play at our reception that I would HIGHLY recommend - they are called LaFeMi (myspace.com/lafemimusica) and we booked them (as well as some drummers for rehearsal dinner through Elizabeth from Cabana Copal (eperez@enchanting-group.com). Also, I wanted to let everyone know that we had an amazing (and very reasonably priced) rehearsal dinner the night before at Cabana Copal/ Bar Tun Tun. We booked everything through Maria Lidia (mlfiorentini@enchanting-group.com) and we could not have been happier with the presentation, food and ambience. I have tried to attach some photos here so I hope it works. If anyone has any other questions, I would be happy to answer them.
  4. Gr8ful - I am getting married at Ana y Jose February 28 and I also agree with Sarah that I am confident that Jackie is worth the extra money. Ana y Jose came VERY highly recommended by several friends of friends that have been married there over the last few years. Because of this word-of-mouth recommendation, I have felt confident and comfortable in the contract and deposits I have made thus far. As far as the food and drink budget, we are splurging on open bar for the entire event and are going to serve wine only with dinner. I will happily update everyone after the big day with any more questions.
  5. Does anyone know what the table set-ups are like under the grape tree or in the Palapa for the beach club (we are trying to decide between the two for the reception)? I have a friend who is doing my flowers and we are trying to figure out the configurations for tables/chairs. How many of you are going to have a legally binding ceremony at AnaY? We are still trying to figure that out too. I really wish someone would be able to convince Jackie to start a blog with us as it seems like we all have the same questions and it would be easier (and hopefully quicker ) for her to post once rather than answer us all separately. Thoughts? Thanks again Sarah for setting this up - very helpful!!!
  6. We decided to do our rehearsal dinner at Cabanas Copal (Bar Tun Tun) and they quoted us a very reasonable rate of $19/pp (not including alcohol) - the coordinator there has been great and she responds immediately to all my questions - Maria Lidia (mlfiorentini@enchanting-group.com). I have spoken to two girls who have been married at Ana y before and they both raved about it and had excellent experiences (although they did caution that Jackie is hard to get a hold of at times).
  7. Thanks Sarah! I am getting married at the Beach Club February 28, 2009. Has anyone been in touch with Jackie lately? Also, on their website, it says they will be getting an ATM machine on the property soon - does anyone know if that has happened yet?
  8. Hi Sarah ! We are getting married at the beach club and we are still deciding on the location for cocktails and dinner. We decided not to fork over the extra $4000 for a private reservation. I'd love to speak to you more about this!
  9. Niels408 - Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Hope you have a fantastic time!
  10. Hey fellow DW soon-to-be brides. I am getting married at Ana y Jose in Tulum, Mexico in February 2009 and would love to chat with others who are also getting married in Tulum.
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