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  1. Just saw this little search video about weddings on YouTube (click to play):
  2. ehegwer

    Aruba Wedding October 2010

    I recommend the private island at the Renaissance.
  3. I'm getting into this discussion a bit late - but here my 2¢ Yes, some photographers use an IR camera No - hardly anyone uses those on the lens filters anymore Most of those images looked like they have been heavily Photoshopped using TRA actions. But... When shooting outdoors, in full sun, on the beach, traditional Photojournalistic techniques don't always work. What I'm talking about is that magazine style look where the background is blurry, and the subjects are sharp and in focus. That is accomplished using a big aperture (f1.2, f1.8, f2.. What this does is lets in a ton of light to the camera. In bright conditions - like a beach this means the sky and surf are blown out, or at least the colors are washed out. Many photographers turn to the actions to hide these defects (and make the image more dramatic). If this is the case, the colors aren't recorded in the camera, and even the original digital negatives won't be much help - as I suspect is the case. Feel free to PM me and PLEASE keep us posted! Hope it all works out for you.
  4. ehegwer

    Photog Review Jean-Marcus Strole

    do you have a link to your gallery? I know everyone wants to see them now.
  5. ehegwer

    Tattoo's in your wedding photos?

    REally, how many pics do you think she will be in? Probably only a few. Talk with your photog, and express your concern - I know from experience that it is very difficult to remove them in Photoshop.
  6. ehegwer

    Help! What 2 do next?

    Sit back and surf the web! (I'm sure someone else will have something for you to do.)
  7. What a great find! Do you know where you are going to do the shoot?
  8. ehegwer

    Hello DW Brides!

    Venice is absolutely incredible in the Fall (I was there 2 Septembers ago). Are you having a traditional Italian wedding, or American style?
  9. Crest WhiteStrips. I've heard that the teeth whitening stores (I won't mention names) don't do any better, and just cost $$$ more.
  10. Love your Gown. I was at a wedding where the bride wore a similar one. I'm sure you looked amazing.
  11. ehegwer

    Hi from the Newbie

    Aruba os simply beautiful that time of year! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
  12. ehegwer

    Where do I start?

    Hi, I'd recommend talking with Sonia Gallina from Wedding Italy | Destination wedding italy | Wedding venues italy. E
  13. ehegwer

    Private Event Menus at the Riu Palace

    thanks for sharing!
  14. ehegwer

    New Texas Bride

    Welcome from another Texan!
  15. ehegwer


    Welcome to the Forum. It really is the Best place on the web to help you plan a DW. Everyone here is very helpful. Cheers, E