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  1. Today we were emailed (randomly) and asked if we'd like to upgrade to SDRF (from SGOR). After speaking to the woman in customer relations she not only upgraded myself and fiance', but everyone else coming along also. It seems like they over booked SGOR and were trying to get people to move. So, now our wedding (8/10/09) will be at SDRF and I am wondering if anyone has pics of the wedding locations. Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I'm confused about the credit card thing. We've paid for everything, so why do they want 400.00? Also, if you give a cash deposit do they give it back b4 u leave?
  3. Paul'sSoulMate

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Lisa Old Navy has plus sizes on their website (I'm a 16-1, but not in the stores. I love shopping there. I am an Old Navy fanatic!!
  4. Paul'sSoulMate

    Help! What 2 do next?

    Good idea!! Honeymoon stuff. I love this site you guys are so helpful!
  5. Paul'sSoulMate

    Wedding 8 April 2009 at ROR

    Your pics are great!! Were they taken by the resort? Just wondering because I'm worried about their quality. Also, I noticed that you have a single band on and that's what I plan to do. SO, what did you wear until the wedding? Did you have an engagement ring?
  6. Paul'sSoulMate

    Help! What 2 do next?

    Thanks guys! I think that I went full speed in the beginning now there isn't much to do. I sent the documents 2 weeks into Feb., and they have contacted me already to verify everything. I may write my own vows becuase it sounds so cool! I guess with all of the free time I'll just stay in the gym. :0)
  7. Well I have booked everything and paid, but I am not sure what to do next. I am going with the standard package, but will have a flower and cake upgrade. My dress came in yesterday, I picked it up and my FI has all of his clothing. Now I'm like what do I do next? We only have 4 people going, so there is no big reception, and no oot bags because we are paying for guests to get spa treatments and a candle light dinner. I just feel like I'm missing something. Any ideas or help would be great!
  8. Paul'sSoulMate

    New Ocho Rios Bride

    Welcome!! I hope that you find everything that you need on here. Please post pics when you get back!
  9. I'm wearing invisible braids because lace front wigs don't do well with water since they are glued (or that special hair tape) around the edges. If you don't blend the makeup right or if you sweat too much it comes up. The invisible braids look like strands of hair and can be styled anyway you want especially if you get straight hair. I'm going to Orlando on thursday to meet with the stylist and I may go ahead and get it done if I have time. if not I'll get it done on the 21st so that I have my hair the way I'll wear it in Jamaica during my fitting. I'll post pics once it's done and then you guys will have a better idea of what it(invisible braids) looks like.
  10. Has anyone gotten married during August? If so how was the weather? I have been worried ever since my friend asked "well, what about the hurricanes?" today. Everything is booked and paid for myself and guests, so I am wondering if I should have a plan "B" or if the resort will give us an indoor location to have the wedding if we need it.
  11. I'm in! This is perfect for my 8.10.09 wedding!
  12. We ordered my rings online at Fine Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Watches, Earrings and More at Ice.com and I had a great experience with them. I had it in 2 days and the express shipping was less than 10.00.
  13. I contacted him by email. He is really cool, and his pricing is great! He sent me a contract confirmation after I paid the deposit and the cool thing is only 1/3 of the package price is due as the deposit. The rest is due the day of the shoot. Of course he'll take it b4 that day if you want. He even threw in a little something extra, which meant the world to me because Sandals won't let him in unless I pay for him as a guest.