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  1. Hey everyone...sorry I have been absent since our return. It has taken some time to get my kids back in to a return and do my million loads of laundry. I am going to write a full proper review with pics but I just wanted to let everyone know that our wedding was amazing. We were married on April 30, and despite the whole H1N1 virus all 54 of us had a great time and returned healthy. I was not even worried the least about it when we were there and I was travelling with my 3 year old and 10 month old. So as soon as I get all the pics I want together I will write a full review. And Candy is great once your there, never felt like she was disorganised at all. Anyways I will try and write my review in the next week or so. sarah
  2. I have thought about this as well...I wear my glasses all the time (since I was 4) and thought about not wearing them. But since I wear them all the time I think it just wouldn't be me without them. If I wore contacts a lot or something then I probably wouldn't wear them, since I don't I guess why would I not wear them on my wedding day.
  3. Nurse2005

    Happy Vacations Closes Their Doors?

    did you book with them
  4. I think it depends on the resort. My wedding coordinator said we didn't have to bring them. It depends too if you are adopted or have been previously married. If your WC never asked when you met with her then I think your good.
  5. Nurse2005

    Over the counter tooth whitening??

    I use Crest whitestrips, just the cheapest...classic I think they are called. I notice a difference after 3 days and I only use them once a day (my teeth are sensitive to them) the first time I tried them my teeth were so sore I thought something was wrong. I asked my FMIL who is a dental hygenist and she told me to use Sensodine toothpaste. So now whenever I use them I use Sensodine toothpaste at the same time and have no problems. I don't use it all the time just when I am using the strips.
  6. I will be heading there in a week. Our wedding is April 30. So I will definitely post a review when we return.
  7. Nurse2005

    dress needs to be let out!!!!! =(

    A seamstress should know if it will be visible. THey work with the material all the time.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by bclrgrl Can anyone tell me when I should start working with Candy, and if she will send me everything I need to actually plan the day? I'm not sure when I should start actually making plans. Also I would love to hear about photographers, as we need to get on that for sure! With the weather here in Vancouver right now, September can't come soon enough! Candy only sent me stuff yesterday and our wedding is on April 30. I had discussed some things with her assistant but I don't think anything was written down because she was asking me some things that I had already told them I wanted. So I don't think they really take note of anything until right before. I know that other people said they also didn't make there choices for things until 2 weeks before. So you are probably okay to wait awhile unless you are wanting some things that are really out of the ordinary that they may need to work on. They do 4-7 weddings a week, so I guess they just take care of things as they come.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by annieanddaryl Hello ladies, can someone please post or send me the current WC's email address and name? I can't access the form on the hotel's website. Also does anyone know if you have to arrive at the hotel 2 days before getting married? Thanks! annie Candy's email address is grupos1.bbge@bluebayresorts.com You have to be at the resort 3 business days before for a civil (legal) ceremony, and I think 2 days for the other one.
  10. Hey Jo...yes I can't believe that it's 2 weeks till we leave. I am actually using Vanessa Vargas. I will definitely let you know how everything goes. Anything that you would like to know while I am there? Anything that you want pics of?? Just let me know before I go. Sarah
  11. Nurse2005

    Worried about call from the MD....

    I wouldn't be too worried about the pap, they would not have results in 2 days, takes like a week minimum. Even blood work that is awfully quick turn around time for routine stuff. Probably something minor but there are always a million thoughts going through your mind when you have to wait.
  12. Nurse2005

    Getting Married at BBGE? - May 2010

    Welcome...we have a BBGE thread so check it out.
  13. Nurse2005

    Getting Married at BBGE? - May 2010

    Welcome...we have a BBGE thread so check it out.
  14. Hey Jo...my shower and stagette was so much fun, got lots of nice gifts. My bridesmaids kept the whole beach theme and dressed me up ridiculous, but so much fun. They had people come in and airbrush our toes after the gift opening which was fun. Anyways wedding stuff...she didn't say anything about having to pay to bring my own sashes, when I asked her if they were supplied or if we could bring them she said I would have to bring them. If they will charge to put them on I will just send my little cousins down to tie them on. I think the cake flavours are vanilla, almond or white chocolate can't really remember, we are having a tres leche cake. When I called and asked the said they could make it. And yes the surf and turf is steak and lobster. It was the meal that seemed most accomodating to everyone. Three more weeks, definitelty counting down...just hoping everything I ordered will make it in time. I am waiting for my shoes and personalized cups for everyone down there. sarah
  15. We even ordered my engagement ring and band online, and I love it.