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  1. Can you make recommendations on a Sandals' resort TA? I'm in need of one quickly!!
  2. This ivory, soft satin, halter V-neck dress has an intricately structured bodice with detailed beaded trim on front and back. The A-line silhouette features beautifully draped bustle and is enhanced by a built-in bra and an attached crinoline slip. The back features alternating satin and crystal buttons down the center seam into the chapel train making this an ideal wedding dress for any bride. BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN!!! http://s912.photobucket.com/albums/ac330/tlogan14/
  3. After reviewing the website and loving the photo gallery, I have questions. This seems to be too good to be true so, will someone please clarify for me. Do you really get the different themed wedding packages (amber, sapphire, ruby) that are shown in the pictures for only $1925?
  4. In addition to the $1500 resort credit that can be used for the wedding packages, cheap caribbean are running vacation package deals.
  5. Greetings, I have been a member of this forum for quite some time and I am now officially engage!! However, my FI is afraid that his family will not travel out the country for the wedding. I really, really want a destination wedding and must convince him that this is the best option for us. I see that Iberostar has 3 different option and can accommodate every price point and thinking this will work for our guests. However, I am wondering about the differences in the 3 properties and would love to see the 2011 Pricelist. I want to get married Oct 22 or 28, 2011 if it's still available. DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Also, consider Timber Top www.yourcabin.com. I go there twice a year and love it.
  7. I was once a member using the old plan and I recently joined again. I'm trying to adjusted to the new plan.
  8. Greetings, I am considering Ocean Lodge for my island wedding and I thinking it's gorgeous. So, I'm sharing some pics for everyone. http://www.vfmii.com/exc/aspquery?command=invoke&ipid=1179245&ids=76981
  9. The villa is gorgegous so, please post pics of your wedding once you return!!
  10. Please post pictures of your wedding. Quote: Originally Posted by Tonir Yanks, I'm doing villas, so I cannot recommend resorts. I think it's an individual choice about how you envision the week and your wedding. I want to spend time with everyone (but not be right next door or in constant access of my future in-laws). Just something to think about! There are several websites that specialize in renting villas in St. Thomas. One is vrbo.com and mclaughlin anderson (I think) is the name of a management company/website that my parents booked their villa through. I'm staying in Sea Star which is 5 bed/5 bath on the beach with a pool. Here is a link Sea Star - Caribbean Vacation Packages including caribbean vacation rentals, parties and more. The villa owners for Sea Star have been amazing to work with and I highly recommend them. I'm also having my reception there. The owners hosted their daughter's wedding/reception there for 200 people! Mine is only 35 There's also a villa RIGHT next door if you want more guests to stay closer. It's called Casa B for short. PM me if you have any questions! Happy planning! Toni
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