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  1. Does anyone know of any operations out of Playa del Carmen. Our resort is only 10 minutes form there, so it would be ideal if we can find a snorkelling excursion from there!
  2. Thanks Raegs! I've emailed Alexandra! Fingers crossed i will hear back from her.
  3. YAY!!! More 2010 brides! I just got engaged a few weeks ago, and have been up to by eyeballs in hotel brochures and trip advisor reviews. I think I've finally settled on the Blue Bay Grande Esmeralda in Riviera Maya. I hear they are a little difficult to get in touch with, but they will do anything for you once you get them on the line. Does anyone have a list of their additional services, or menus, or pictures of weddings in the gardens instead of the beach? Can't wait for advice from anyone! And I'll try to give whatever advice I can provide as well!! PS Happy Easter
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    Struggling Newbie!

    Palm Springs seems like the best option for you... and it being within driving distance is a major perk!
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    Welcome to the Forum Sarah!
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    Congratulations Jessica! Welcome to the forum. Happy planning
  7. I'm a 2010 Bride!! We're hoping for the first week in May. Waiting for the hotel to get back to us! I feel like we're a little early, but I am always an early planner. Can't deal with the stress of last minute stuff.
  8. I've never heard of anything like that... I think if the pearls mean that much to you, you should use them.
  9. I also vote for the first one... the long train on the second one is going to get dirty REALLY quickly in the sand.
  10. wow! I like the LOVE in the sand. It's so simple but magical
  11. That sounds like such a cool idea. I had never considered something like that before, but it would be pretty glamorous!
  12. Must Have: Friends and Family Gorgeous Dress Great Food Don't Care: Crazy spa packages
  13. The only concern that has really been on my mind is the blood test we have to take before we can get married. Do you go to a hospital, or is it done at the hotel? Is it clean? I may be paranoid, but I worry that it's not as safe as here in Canada.
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    FI quit smoking- Help me!

    FOOD!!! It's the best way to get over a mantrum. Keep some of his favourite snacks around, and if you notice he's getting testy, offer him a snack. Sounds silly, but it really does work
  15. Hi ladies! You all seem to be such a wealth of information!! I think I'll be picking your brains for a little while I just got engaged about 2 weeks ago, and we've decided on BBGE for our wedding. I'm wondering though, if anyone knows about their 'garden' weddings. I've been on trip advisor scoping out reviews and pictures, and I've only seen photos of beach weddings... Any insight?