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  1. i checked Other and Four Seasons b/c we got married at Kona Village - but i am 75% sure that they are connected with 4 seasons somehow (parent company or something??) i can't remember. we HM'd at private places that weren't part of a big resort.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BeachBride83 Hi Everyone! Can you help me figure out how to unsubscribe from a thread? I cannot figure out how to do it~thanks!!! Which thread are you looking to unsubscribe from?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by weddinggirl72 Hello, Does anyone have the email address or phone number for Si Senor restaurant in PV? I am thinking about having my welcome dinner there and would like to contact the owners/managers. Hi weddinggirl72, your threads were merged as we do not allow the posting of duplicate threads in multiple forums. please re-read the FAQ (below in red) before starting any additional threads or making any posts. thanks, bdw mods
  4. Ana that dude is a loser - unbelievable!!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kroth84 We are happily getting married in October at Esperanza Resort. Is there anyone who has gotten married there? Getting married there? Went to a wedding there? Any insight would be fantastic!! thanks Kate Kate, Please use the search function before posting threads like this. You may want to re-read the FAQ (link in red below). Thanks, Alyssa
  6. i got a new PC - i got a Lenovo (used to be IBM) laptop - i can't wait for it to get here!!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by nikicrosby Hi Ladies, Does anyone have a price list for the Renova Spa at ROR? I was hoping to be able to send one on to my guests before we head out.....but can't seem to find it on their website! thanks Nikicrosby, please utilize the search function before starting threads like this - thanks, bdw mods *thanks Maureen!*
  8. ladies i need to buy a new laptop (fast) mine is totally busted! anyone have any good recommendaions or know of any good deals?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva Oops...sorry about the multiple postings!! I didn't know which forum to place it in since it affected three different areas. Now that I see that it has been placed in the Travel forum...that makes perfect sense and I should have posted it here in the first place. Again...sorry. no worries!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva Just an FYI...since the Domincan Republic borders Haiti I just wanted to post this....there has been an earthquake in Haiti within the past hour measuring 7.3 on the richter scale and they have issued an tsunami warning for neighboring Caribbean locals including the Dominican Republic: Tsunami Fears After Haiti Earthquake A tsunami watch has been issued in the Caribbean after a major earthquake struck the island of Haiti. Substantial damages and casualties are expected following the quake, which measured 7.3 on the Richter scale, and two powerful aftershocks which followed. A hospital and a three-storey building in Petionville have reportedly collapsed. A reporter for the AFP agency said a tractor was already at the scene trying to dig out victims as people fled onto the streets of the impoverished country in panic. No details on causualties were immediately available. The epicentre of the quake, which was initially reported off the coast, was located inland, only 10 miles from the capital Port-au-Prince. It was followed by two powerful aftershocks, measuring 5.9 and 5.5 on Richter scale. The tsunami watch is in effect for Haiti, the neighbouring Dominican Republic, with which it shares the island of Hispaniola, Cuba and the Bahamas. A US government official in Haiti reported seeing houses that had tumbled into a ravine. "Everybody is just totally, totally freaked out and shaken," said Henry Bahn, a visiting official with the US Department of Agriculture. "The sky is just gray with dust." Mr Bahn said there were rocks strewn all over the place and he saw a ravine where several homes had been built. "It's just full of collapsed walls and rubble and barbed wire," he said. Earthquake Hits Haiti: US Geological Survey Issues Tsunami Warning | World News | Sky News Thanks for posting this. just an FYI we don't allow repeat threads in multiple parts of the forum. the other 2 you posted were deleted and i moved this to the Travel Forum. please make sure to review the forum rules (FAQ in red below) so you have a better understanding for the future. thanks!
  11. did you contact the BDW TA's via the form at the top (banner)?
  12. Hi Beth, Your other thread was removed as we do not allow posting of the same thread in multiple forums. If you have any questions, please re-review the FAQ's (red link below). Thanks! Alyssa
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by meseh your ring is beautiful Meseh, Your last 13 posts on this thread were removed as they are considered spamming the thread. please re-read the rules and learn how to use the MQ (multi-quote) feature ASAP before posting anything else. Thanks, BDW Mods
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Cagrl20 Can someone email me the info, please? I don't have enough points to open up the file. Thanks and my email is *removed by mods*. This is against the forum rules. unfortunately you will be receiving a temporary 2 week ban - please make sure to read our rules when you come back. Thanks, BDW Mods
  15. OMG thanks girls!!! i have been running around the last couple of days and totally offline - aawww i feel so special
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by jennypenny23 Hey! Can someone explain the idea of a "sand ceremony" to me.... Ive been hearing it being mentioned here and there.... What exactly is it? And can I do this for my Riu Montego Bay wedding?? hi jennypenny, please re-read the FAQ's (below link in red) and learn how to use the search function - you can easily search for answers to questions like this - there are dozens are threads already on sand ceremony's and all the details that go along with them. thanks, bdw mods
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by laurenvuitton Hi Ladies - Hoping I can get a few recommendations for a DJ in Riviera Maya area? Please let me know who you have used! Thanks so much There are countless threads on DJ's in Riveria Maya - please re-read the FAQ (see below in red) and use the search function or browse the Riveria Maya forum, wedding reviews, vendors, etc. thanks, bdw mods
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by jam8x2 I haven't narrowed it down yet so any suggestions are welcomed. I am not even sure which part of the island I want to stay at. ok - well there is a lot of info on here already so i suggest just reading through the threads in the Kauai forum and let me know when youo have specific questions
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by jam8x2 I am booking my honeymoon soon for 5 days on Kauai and I keep going back and forth between beautiful cottages that are steps away from the beach and resorts that offer a multitude of amenities. I am having trouble deciding which I would rather have. Anyone have any thoughts? which hotel vs. cottages? we did both for our HM on Kauai so i may have some insight for you
  20. if you haven't read this, please take the time to do so. thanks!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by KJT1985 I KNOW he has a problem and nobody is taking it lightly. But he's also not a homeless bum who's doing illegal things to score. He's not a meth addict or somebody who has needle holes in his arms. and this means that his issues/problems are less important? where do you think "homeless bums" and "meth addicts" start out? Everybody is worried about him mostly because of the mental health issues which are brought about by the drugs - not just because of the drugs alone. I'm angry at him for doing this to himself and the family because it hurts me. We grew up together, spending every week together with our families at a lake. We were born the same year. It HURTS for him to be doing this and not thinking of how its making everybody feel (not just because its fucking with my wedding). I'm angry at him in general - even taking the wedding out of the situation. No, I won't act out to get attention. But I don't think its wrong to feel like I deserve some every now and then either. Thanks to ALL of you for your comments. Sometimes I need people to help me refocus and remind me its not the end of the world. Mods- I actually feel like maybe the best thing would be to delete this thread altogether. This thread has been closed at your request but i have to point out that you keep starting these controversial threads and you really just want people to coddle you and tell you what you want to hear. you are not open to any other opinions except those that confirm youor complaint. maybe you would be best sticking to wedding planning threads on here since this seems to be a recurring theme.
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